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  1. Hi there, Just a quick question: is True Grit worth it to be saved without needing to burn Fate Points or are you better off with the Tier 1 defensive skills: Iron Jaw and Die Hard? For context, I boosted Toughness to 51 and WP to 52. We are about to face a Nurgle Marine, so I want to increase the tankiness of my character, as he is the only Melee capable one and has now 15 HP. For more context of the character build see attachment, this is before a 2100 XP increase (of which I have invested 600 xp (from GQ bionic Leg)into Hammer Blow, to be able to put down an enemy once I get in contact). Zariel 3.0 2018-01-25.xls
  2. Okay, I'm back a year later. We are currently operating in a sector of the Emperium that has been cut off because of heavy Warp-storms. We have been sent in with a small fleet of Imperial Navy to hunt down a Heretic that our Inquisitor has a beef with; and hasn't been able to get a hold off. My character hasn't changed much: he gained another 1000xp and has chosen to pick up the +10 Parry (400), Peer (Imperial Navy) (200) because I believe it will enable our mission here I believe and Linguistics (Cell Cant) (200) because we to hide what we are saying while around other people or in combat. So I have regretted not taking any additional wounds, as it is clear now that I am lacking those. I had to burn faith after falling down a ladder rather hard and being set on fire afterwards. By the blessing of the Empurrah I only lost 1 Toughness permenantly in the burning process. Now I come to you with a question regarding survivability. I have noticed that I could upgrade my Toughness to 51 for 750 xp, which is less then buying 4 extra wounds (800xp). As one extra toughness reduces all incoming damage by 1 point, it is on par in damage soaking after 4 hits. The question is of course, will my character survive 4 hits all together ;-). With only 9 wounds, this might prove tricky. As long as no armour piercing is used the damage taken is reduced per hit... This analysis makes me think I need to take extra wounds ASAP. What are the other survival (or melee) things my character needs? Is Catfall worth it, just for the damage reduction of falling? I do realise now that Acrobatics is a cheap skill to me. Although I only have 33 Ag, could it be useful to tumble around in combat? I would like to know your opinion of what talents are worth taking. As general talents that are good to have. I have ruled out Frenzy as I lack any Aptitudes for Battle Rage, although Flagellant does seem nice and has nice synergy. What I am considering now are:Some Sound constitution (2-3, 400-600), Jaded (300), One on One (450) or Crushing Blow (400), Quick Draw and maybe Takedown (200). For more investigative usefulness I want Face in a Crowd (300) but I don't know what else to take, other than boosting Fellowship to 46 (500). Boosting Fellowship seems less expensive that individually boosting the skills, Charm (300), Command (400), Deceive (300) and Inquiry (300). Sure you only gain +5 in general instead of +10 to a specific skill but it is applied to all 4 skills. I would also like to gain Forbidden Lore (Deamons) (150) just because it is fluffy and it comes at a discount. Zariel 2.0 2017-05-20.xls
  3. Nice to see there are still some people keeping the dream alive! 40k Is my favourite setting and roleplay is the core of it for me. Even when I played 40k on table top, it was all about those epic moments when characters would challenge each-other. Forging the narrative. And power gaming ;-)
  4. Have you finished version 1.9 yet? I love the work you put in this so far.
  5. I don't recall anything that says you cannot fire out of close combat. I'd be inclined to allow it but with a -20 penalty due to the melee confusion and not being stabbed as you said. This would only be limited to pistols though as you are still considered to be engaged in melee with the enemy combatant. I don't see any way you could bring your lasgun around and fire on a different target if someone's swinging an axe at your head. I think the passage covering this was in the 1st edition DH rulebook but was never included in the second edition of the rules. It's consistent with the table top game rules, which FFG often uses as inspiration for their RPGs. I'll check when I have access to the hard copy of the rules at home. I'll double check later when I get home. First edition did explain this, but I do not remember if 2.0 did or not. I can safely say though, that all the RP follow that rule set (rogue trader, Only war, Black Crusade), so its a safe bet. If a player really wanted to shoot outside of their melee combat, I'd allow it, but grant whoever they are engaged with an easy +30 free attack action.This ruling reminds me of DnD rules on shooting out of melee and it triggering a "free strike". It does seem cool to apply this but I personally feel that it can create a new inconsistency of actions, much like overwatch does. Normally you can make one attack per turn, it can be a Swift or even Lightning attack that inflicts multiple hits but you can't attack multiple times, unless with special talents: Devastating Assault comes to mind. So basically what I am saying is that when you allow ranged attacks from melee, but they trigger a free attack, this leads to the character making the free attack to be able to make two attacks that turn. It does not seem wrong at first but imagine the theoretical situation that he is engaging multiple targets and they all decide to shoot out of melee, he would get to make an absurd amount of attacks. That and the fact that you were never able to shoot out melee in 40k TT makes me want to rule that. I don't like rules that break the one attack per turn, without any talents being needed. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Yeah, I believe that the build around Devestating Assault works as long as you don't face more than one opponent. I tried using it but I didn't realise that you have to "all in". Like Venkelos suggested, you still need to have a ranged option as well. For when the enemies are outnumbering you. Combat Master will take away their bonuses but they can still hit you. I have been dependent on good armor and found out the hard way : one good damage roll and you might be facing critical damage. So surely include Hardy and True Grit and a ton of hitpoints ;-) To counter a blob of enemies, I have picked Whirlwind of Death. I prefer the safety of a re-roll and chose Blademaster for it. Even if you you get your chance to hit high up, you will still be able to miss that crucial attack. I do like your idea for a build but I wouldn't ignore reactions completely. Parry makes good use of the high WS you want anyway to hit reliable. Being a one-trick-pony makes your character rather easy to counter and then you have no alternative. I do applaud you for coming up with this idea, it needs just a little refinement.
  7. Ok, so if I feel like 11 is a holy number for wounds, I should basically go for it. I think I have a basic good build. I only 'need' a good quality shield and parry +10 and the rest is less of importance for combat effectiveness. Sure True Grit and T at 50 are very effective too but quite expensive: True Grit at 600xp and T 52 for 750xp. Together a whopping 1350 xp. I guess I rather pick 2x sound constitution for 400xp, get parry +10 for another 400xp and have about 500xp to play around with peer or some further skills boosts. As I'm out of cheap characteristic boosts, I rather focus on some essential talents and skills first. Then I should prioritise WS if I get into melee a lot and T if I don't because it makes me survive longer to get into melee BTW, is S worth investing in? I feel as a characteristic it is a little undervalued. Sure as melee fighter it adds (some) damage and I am more prone to being grappled, so I shouldn't completely disregard it. But since I have a bionic left arm, I might as well try to get our Ad Mech boy to fix a good quality one for a S boost, right? And this would also increase the damage if I wield my chainsword with it, right? I feel my character now will learn more about the politic ways as in the Inquisition it isn't possible to simply kill the enemy of the God-Emperor. Apparently you have to take into account the opinions of all stakeholders and not only what Imperial Creed says about a subject. Ad Mech, Noble Families (corrupt or not), Administratum and what not for stupid organisations who don't care as much for living by the God-Emperor's word. lol The secret ambition of my character is to become a Saint by spending his life in servitude of the Emperor (and KILLING FILTHY HERETICS). Sadly there are too many cool talents I want to pick, like Purity of Hatred, Deny the Witch (just the name), Jaded (just because), Crushing Blow (yay for more damage!) and hatred for all enemies of the God-Emperor (but I think I will concentrate on 'just' the heretics as I can role-play that about anything is heresy )
  8. @Alox many thanks for your feedback. Funny that you mention counter attack. I used to have that talent because I liked the fact that you can gain an attack out of the normal sequence. Yet, this is rather uncertain in getting a hit at - 20 WS, sure you get the +10 for standard attack but you need to make a successful parry to begin with. So that is why I dropped it in favour of more reliability in Swift attack combined with Blademaster. You are right about the cost attached to it but perception is a very important characteristic stat anyway. So I don't consider it a complete investment towards inescapable attack. The point about Combat Master and Whirlwind of Death is valid. These are pretty situational and I haven't encountered a situation when this would be important, yet. From background perspective, this does seem to fit and I like to play his personality as aggressive. Being a priest and having the divination of "violence solves anything" But I like the idea of taking in account all the costs for each talent, together with a score for effect, situation and fluff fit. I might be able to math-hammer the priorities Only thing I find difficult to get a grip on is how many wounds is reasonably safe?
  9. Okay, I never really checked the actual weight of a real weapon and it does seem that those of the 40k universe following FF is a little too much rounded up. If a trained human needs two hands to wield a 2-3 kg Zweihänder than for sure making a chainsword 6kg and one-handed is a little over the top. So yeah that Exterminator might not need to weigh 1kg but I honestly don't see it easily fitted into the hilt of any melee weapon, it could be and extension of it. Because basically, the hilt is is an extension of the blade as those two need to be one for structural stability. So yeah, for a warhammer, this can be done, as it isn't particularly known for it's balance but for blades, which are used to parry, I do think the balancing of the blade is key. Anyway this is a future fantasy setting, so I shouldn't be focussing too much on realism but my question is more oriented on the wording in the rules. "...Rather than firing the weapon as normal, the wielder may discharge the exterminator cartridge as a Half Action, ..." As I do agree that is is an awesome cool sight to be spewing fire out of your warhammer or chainsword. I can't imagine how I would 'fire' my chainsword as normal ;-)
  10. I followed this debate for too long not to give my 2 cents. I would nerf overwatch as it breaks the game mechanics in a way that is over the top. A round should typically take about 6 seconds in which all characters perform their action simultaneously. This isn't simple to put realistically into rules without simplifications and abstraction. I have verified the 6 seconds with running, it would take an AG Bonus of 10 to reach the 100m in 10s but running doesn't take into account that you are already running or just starting to run. Sure a good simplification but maybe not necessary as you could simply get a +50% bonus if you where already running last round. This would mean for an above average human ( AGB 3) that they would run at 16,2 km/h which is pretty fast indeed if you take into account that you are armoured and carrying weapons around. RAW this would be only 10,8 km/h. But I digress. So every character acts in initiative order, in order to be able to roll and apply the results of each action. Overwatch lets your break out of this initiative order to take an action each team a condition is met. My problem with the RAW is that it doesn't limit the number of attacks, so a gun with a large clip size will totally rule anything and there is no limit on the "kill zone" but a 45° arc. It is humanly impossible to keep watch over the full length of such an arc, as it will reach as far as the eye goes. So my house-rule would be the following: you can take up to two times a standard attack , semi- or full-auto attack. Each enemy can only trigger the condition once per half action and twice per full action. Your declare a kill zone, which comprises an 45° arc and you define a condition: "I see an enemy in my KZ", "I see an enemy move out of cover", "I see an enemy take aim for a shot",... You chose the type of your attack. You will need to be aware (and if needed make an appropriate awareness test) of when your condition is met to have your attack triggered. If these conditions are met, you my chose to make your chosen attack action. There is a focus area in your kill-zone, defined by a declared distance + and - ±15m, which can be larger the further away the distance is. Outside this area of your character will get a penalty of -10 if he wishes to shoot at a target within 15m of the focus area and -20 within 30m of the area. The focus area of your overwatch will change to the area on which you took your shot. If you wish to shoot a target further than 30m outside the Focus Area, you loose one half action and thus only has one attack during his overwatch. Any reaction action will break the overwatch. So key to me are: your focus vision and aim is limited, your shots are limited to one bonus and you may choose not to take the overwatch shot. To avoid being forced to take a bad shot or shoot at a unimportant target. Sure this seems a lot more rules but it feels a lot more intuitive and is still manageable. I put in the number of 15m as it would be the typical distance a humanoid should be able to cover in one round. This is an estimation and mainly to make the point that the focus area is limited. PS: I've read multiple in this thread that snipers should be overpowered. This is true in my house-rule as I believe that the main advantage of a sniper is range. They can take shots well over 400m without being easily spot by vision. Take into how long it takes for a human to close the gap (± 17 turns) and the sniper should be able to get 34 shots (forgetting clip size) in before people are getting in the 100m range (at standard human running speed). By then the sniper will have run away to hide or get into another position. Or you have run into an ambush, set up by the comrades of the sniper :-D Sure you can start to design your encounters to allow for this, but this isn't much fun if you do it each turn.
  11. If I recall it correctly, the Exterminator mod can be added to any weapon, except pistol or thrown. In the description it says "... instead of firing your weapon you can fire the Exterminator...". Right? But shouldn't this upgrade be limited to ranged weapons? Or did I miss something? It would make sense because adding 1kg to a melee weapon would seriously unbalance it...
  12. Cheers Magnus, thanks for the feedback. Should be easy enough to procure and solves the issue of the empty bionic left arm in melee.
  13. Ah, okay. Maybe I can make it a personal goal for my character to search for such relics. To restore them in proper order and have them worshipped in a cathedral
  14. Thank you both for the quick answers. Oh cute, where can those relics be found? I guess those are unique items which can't be simply procured.
  15. I'm wondering is the WS/BS bonus from a custom grip stack for talents like Crushing Blow when calculating the WS Bonus? Or are boni only calculated of 'raw' characteristic stats?
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