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  1. Rettere

    Are you buying republic, separatists or neither?

    I thought so too at first. Then I got to the store and held the ships in my hand and just felt ‘bleh’ about spending my money on anything relating to those movies. I even liked the space battle scene at the start of episode 3, but couldn’t get over a gross feeling while holding the expansions. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Lol in the meantime I am going to enjoy dropping four bombs in one turn with Paige on a VTG bomber!
  3. Rettere

    Are you buying republic, separatists or neither?

    Neither. I planned on getting republic but when I got to the store today I saw the models and was reminded how much I hate the prequel movies and couldn’t bring myself to buy them.
  4. So the official rules thread says: Does this mean that a Resistance Bomber with VTG and Paige Tico can now drop FOUR bombs in one round? Systems phase, one for each primary shot, and then one more when it dies????
  5. Rettere


    Wrong forum, nvm.
  6. Rettere

    Falcon and Poe counter

    I would focus on Han first unless you can guarantee a kill on Poe. If you don’t finish Poe off right away he will escape and regen. And get those blocks in!
  7. Rettere

    Falcon and Poe counter

    What’s the falcon Poe list look like?
  8. Rettere

    Hyperspace Rebels

    Cool list! How many proton torpedoes are you managing to shoot usually? Any thoughts on swapping the gold squadron’s torpedo for ion+gunner (and maybe intimidation??)
  9. Rettere

    Wave 4 Announcement

    New B-wing model, same crappy B-wing performance on table.
  10. Can Vader (or Poe) fly over a rock, trigger afterburners, then chain an action after the boost even thought they lost their normal action from the rock?
  11. Rettere

    Tali is Heart, Tali is Hope.

    I'm also warming up to Tallie instead of Lulo... I've been running her with Crack Shot + Marksmanship and toying with Homing Missiles. Being able to focus+reposition and still have 3 greens is really good compared to Lulo who seems to dissolve if he ever gets in hot water.
  12. When do nubs count vs not count? Any reference in 2.0?
  13. Rettere

    Vader + Alpha (x3)

    I like it! I love Vader and have been trying lots of wingmate options for him. I like the idea of three interceptors! That said, I think you'll get a lot more mileage out of supernatural instead of afterburners and hate. Vader doesn't have enough HP to proc hate very much without regretting it, and getting blocked means he dies fast (so pre-positioning is huge for him).
  14. Rettere

    Petty Officer Thanisson&Captain Phasma

    So, there is one other possible interpretation. Since 'at the start of' is during the phase but has to occur "before anything else", its conceivable that "at the end of" has to occur after everything else . This would mean that "at the end of" is still "during", but that no further triggers that chain onto an 'at the end of' effect could be triggered. This isn't supported by the current RRG but FFG could rule it this way. They have ruled this way on other games. And it sucked.