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  1. Rettere

    I Want to Recreate this Scene in Legion

    Why are they arm wrestling when an ATAT is so close?
  2. Rettere

    Hey Mel, you out there?

    Wait Mel’s minis is a side project of Mel Gibsons????
  3. Rettere

    New RRG!

    I heard a rumor we would now get to choose what set of objectives/conditions we bring to a game. Is that I the RRG anywhere now? I can’t find it.
  4. Rettere

    Chewie is Next

    I'm still holding out hope for a Luke-only equipment card called Backpack Yoda. Comes with a 1 pip command card called "Hit in the Head with a Hackeysack"
  5. Rettere

    The Return of VADER!

    In terms of killing RG’s fast, It’s still better to shoot Vader and let them roll Gaurdian saves, rather than shooting the red shirts and letting them gain cover from suppression...
  6. Rettere

    Han Solo Sculpt

    So Ugly. That is all.
  7. Rettere

    LOS Question

    Suppose I have a trooper squad with only two guys remaining. The leader is hiding behind full obstruction cover and has no LOS to the enemy, but the second trooper has LOS to an enemy in the open. Can I shoot the enemy even though the leader can’t see anyone?
  8. Yeah I gotta agree the butter bucket doesn’t seem that special since we already have the ATRT laser. Especially since I don’t even run the ATRT laser because I am solidly in the ‘ignore the ATST’ camp.
  9. Yes, I’m ignoring armor and cover equally. I’m not calculating damage against troopers (or any unit) I’m just calculating the expected number of hits+crits rolled. It’s a limited metric but I think it is the metric that highlights the unique thing that the Eweb brings to the table for imperials, while the rebel turret doesn’t really give them anything new and unique.
  10. Good point. ATRT rotary is 27pt/hit compared to turret at 22. Speeder bike is 24 compared to Eweb at 19. so actually a similar efficiency bump. But still 19 is a level of efficiency that imperials just can’t get otherwise. 22 for the turret is nothing special for rebels.
  11. Yes this totally neglects defense, but I consider that a wash since the Eweb is basically as tough as a naked stormtrooper and the Radar turret is squishier than a rebel trooper squad.
  12. I think we are going to see waaayyyy more Ewebs than Radar dishes on boards. If you calculate the points cost per expected damage inflicted per attack, the Eweb gives imperials unprecedentedly cheap access to decent dice. (Compare 19 points/hit for the eweb vs 24 pt/ht for speeder bikes, or 25 for a 6 man DLT squad. If we look at the rebels, with the new turret you are paying 22.4 pts/hit vs a 6 man z6 squad costing you 19 points per hit. So my takeaway is that the Eweb is giving imperials access to a heavy weapon that is far more efficient than anything in their current arsenal. Whereas the rebels are getting something that is less efficient and less mobile, while specializing in area denial and anti vehicle. Finally, the Eweb can be added to a list simply by dropping 5 extra troopers off of your squads... a radar dish will require the rebel to drop an entire squad from their list to fit it. Formula used: (sum(total number of hit/crit/surge sides on entire attack pool))/(8*point cost)
  13. Rettere

    E-Web and FD canon announced

    So dO we think the rebel turret will get cover from a barricade or no??
  14. Rettere

    Clone war

    A clone never tells his secrets; if you have a clone you have the best friend possible.