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  1. Yeah I would also say the whole point is a PS11 Han... but you are right that the new Han is not as good for this as the old one. Here's my current thinking, if I can get my hands on old Han. [ REBEL SQUADRON (100 points) 1 • Han Solo - swx06 - - Veteran Instincts - Rey - Navigator (52) 2 • Gold Squadron Pilot - Y-wing - Twin Laser Turret (24) 3 • Gold Squadron Pilot - Y-wing - Twin Laser Turret (24)
  2. Yeah it's the Force Awakens one... but I don't have the other one, so have to make do with weird setup shenanigans.
  3. Thanks for the input everyone. Yeah I definitely want to be less predictable. I like the idea of dropping Kyle and the sloop title in favor of something like Navigator... What do you think of this? [ REBEL SQUADRON (100 points) 1 • Han Solo - swx57 - Millennium Falcon - Veteran Instincts - Navigator (50) 2 • "Leebo" - YT-2400 - Lone Wolf - Heavy Laser Cannon - Rey - Outrider (50)
  4. I thought the question was for the 'worst' combination I could come up with...
  5. Lando Crew + Palpatine. 11pts for 1 guaranteed evade on an Imperial Shuttle.
  6. So, here is my idea for hunting down PS10 Nym's: 1 • Han Solo - swx57 - Millennium Falcon - Veteran Instincts - Kanan Jarrus - Kyle Katarn - Engine Upgrade - Millennium Falcon - swx57 (58) He moves last, can Sloop & get a free focus, then take an action (boost to get in range or TL if already in range). If not so concerned about PS11, then you could drop VI for PtL and use Kanan/Kyle every turn instead of just on sloops. Two questions - do you think this would be any good, and if so, who should his wingman be?
  7. Hey all, new player here trying out different things. I threw together this casual ordnance list and looking for advice. Basic idea is to chain Airen + Dutch to get a bunch of target locks in the start of combat phase even though I have relatively low PS. Ion missile could get me two rounds of torpedos on the primary target. U-wing is just there to block people from zooming into Range 1 before I get the alpha off. Tried to fit a couple TLT's in on the Y-wings for after the alpha strike or while turning around, but couldn't make it work. What do you think? (Yes I know ordnance is supposed to be crap but there are just SO MANY low agility ships flying around the Houston meta right now...) [ REBEL SQUADRON (100 points) 1 • Airen Cracken - Z-95 Headhunter - Crack Shot - Ion Pulse Missiles - Guidance Chips (23) 2 • "Dutch" Vander - Y-wing - Plasma Torpedoes - Extra Munitions - Guidance Chips (28) 3 • Gold Squadron Pilot - Y-wing - Proton Torpedoes - Extra Munitions - Guidance Chips (24) 4 • Bodhi Rook - U-wing - Pivot Wing (25)
  8. If I reveal a green maneuver with BB-8 and Stay on Target on board, can I trigger BB-8 for the barrel roll, then change my dial? They both are "when you reveal a (green) maneuver" triggers.
  9. Well darn, that's what I was afraid of!
  10. Will Cassian Andor (Pilot) Trigger Kyle Katarn (Crew)? Assuming Kyle is on an adjacent ship (say Dash Rendar for example).
  11. Finally checked my mail. Reporting a good trade with @FirstOrderProblems.
  12. I prefer something softer for snuggling such as a walking carpet.
  13. In the absence of a size reference for these images, I am going to assume since it is a First Order redesign that it is at least 2km wide on its short side... and it need to have Mega in the name.
  14. Maybe a noob question but in the first game how did you shoot him dead if you were on a debris field?