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  1. I'm not asking about exceeding the maximum.... I just want to know if I can eat an upgrade I'm tired of even if my opponent doesn't shoot at me first.
  2. Can Chopper eat an upgrade even if my shields are currently at full? Obviously I won't get my shields above their maximum... but what if I want to get rid of my Ywing title for example?
  3. Essentially for 1pt it makes your pre-maneuver boost+barrel roll immune to stress. Fly over a debris or let your opponent hit you with r3-a2 and you are still good to go with two pre-maneuver repositions next turn. It also opens up post-red maneuver repositioning. 8pt bid is not as good as 7pt bid + PT
  4. Insanity or not... at least put primed thrusters on Kylo!
  5. I can't read the title of this thread without imagining Kylo Ren threatening to drop his trousers and show his bare butt to the Resistance.... Thats no moon....
  6. I would not include Dash Rendar on the list of abilities to steal. As a Dash player myself, you will almost always be better off moving+repositioning after Dash than flying through rocks but still letting him arc-dodge you. (You did outbid the Dash list with your Thweek list, right??)
  7. Armada also cancels the attack if there are only zero attack dice. But Xwing doesn't.
  8. Good trades with chief4ryan and humanhydra!
  9. Thanks fab I like your builder a lot.
  10. This would be cool... too bad it's overpriced by 1 point 😂
  11. Misread the title of this thread. I thought it was gonna be about astronaut toilets.
  12. Double post
  13. Deliberately 'forgetting' to trigger a required game effect is called cheating.
  14. Looking to trade for a copy of Rage and Guidance Chips. Let me know what you are looking for... I have an alt art c3PO I will trade, as well as a bunch of armada stuff and plenty of normal xwing stuff.
  15. So, it seems like the consensus, if we are being TOTALLY LITERAL.... is that the Dash player must declare before every individual move and repositioning action... otherwise his opponent can cry foul and call a TO over.... what a pain in the butt. to be clear: Dash player: I'll reveal a one straight and land on this debris field. Opponent: OK roll for damage and take a stress. Dash player: Nah, its Dash so I won't do those things. Opponent: Well you didn't declare you were using Dash's ability before the maneuver so you gotta roll. Dash player: .....