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  1. Really the discussion over timing, intention, etc is not necessary. We have the Rules Reference Q&A which itemizes when the maneuver is considered blue (During the execute maneuver step and for effects that trigger AFTER the maneuver). If its not on the itemized list then it doesn't work. BB-8 triggers before. Before is not on the list. Therefore BB-8 doesn't work. If the people who write the rules want the interaction to work, just add the word "before" to the Rules Ref answer on this subject.
  2. Lately we have been playing PizzaWing and WingWing in Alameda, CA - meeting at Domino's and ordering wings. Before COVID, of course. I miss PizzaWing.
  3. What's Meatwing, sounds like a game I want to play.
  4. uh... wow. So people are really doubling down on the argument that “before you execute a maneuver” happens “during the execute maneuver step”. I feel like there’s not much more room for rational discussion at this point, other than to point out that for most people, “before X,” “during X,” and “after X” are all mutually exclusive conditions. And two of these conditions are listed in the FAQ entry regarding Leia. And the other one of these conditions is on BB-8. 🤔
  5. LOL now I've seen everything on these forums. "Before X" = "During X".
  6. The exact phrasing in the errata is ... apply only during the Execute Maneuver step and for effects that trigger after that ship executes a maneuver.” BB-8 triggers “before.” Is before the same as during? Is before the same as after? Lol.
  7. BB-8 activates before (written on the card), not during. Before is not the same as during.
  8. This is correct in general, but for this specific case, the interaction of Leia with effects that trigger on a maneuver IS “strictly in the rules” on page 33 of the RRG, and it is clear that effects that trigger before a maneuver are not included: A: R4 Astromech and Damaged Engine (and other constant effects that alter the difficulty of a maneuver, such as Nien Nunb [Crew], L3-37's Programming, and Leia Organa [Rebel and Resistance, Crew]) apply only during the Execute Maneuver step and for effects that trigger after that ship executes a maneuver. There’s not even really any interpretation to do here - the Leia card is mentioned specifically, the word “only” is used, and BB-8 does not occur during the execute maneuver step, and does not trigger after executing a maneuver.
  9. This interpretation would make a ton of sense and is indeed the way I WISH it worked... but the RRG is explicit that Leia only applies during, and for effects that trigger after the maneuver, not before. So when BB-8 checks, it is still white. Does it make sense that it works for effects after the maneuver and not before? No. But those are the rules.
  10. Here’s the link to a rules discussion, I don’t think it works. (I wish it did). edit: the basic argument is that the RRG says Leia and other things like R4 only apply to effects that trigger “during or after” the maneuver, and BB-8 is before and not during or after, therefore it doesn’t work.
  11. So just to be clear BB8 and Leia don’t work together? (See nitrobenz quote from RRG that before effects are not included).
  12. How did the tournament rule regarding Leia and BB-8 interaction?
  13. Flurpy, I'm interested why your aren't considering any other pseudo-mod upgrades in any of your lists. Outmaneuver, Adv Optics, Intimidation? I'm also wondering about Vi Moradi since a 5 ship resistance list will be doing a lot of blocking. I haven't had Rose on the table so I don't know how good she is.
  14. What do people think about this? Jessika Pava (51) Integrated S-Foils (0) Blue Squadron Rookie (42) Integrated S-Foils (0) Blue Squadron Rookie (42) Integrated S-Foils (0) Rose Tico (26) Intimidation (3) Jarek Yeager (33) Intimidation (3) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 The other option would be to swap Jess and the 2 blues for 3 red's with heroic. Could also trade Rose for Vi Moradi.
  15. Has anyone tried intimidate Jarek? SLAM can end in a bump.
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