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  1. A tractor beam barrel roll can put you on a rock so why can’t Anakin?
  2. Suppose I shoot a full health Y-wing (2 shields) with Plasma Torpedoes. I roll two hits. They roll no evades. Which occurs? 1. Attack hits. Trigger Torpedoes, lose a shield. Then they take the two hits from the attack. Result: YWing is left with zero shield and one hull damage. 2. Attack hit. Defender loses two shields. Trigger plasma torps for no effect since no shields remain.
  3. If I put it under my ship, is it still in the play area? And is it still touching my base? Those are the only conditions on the card.
  4. Vader is stressed and executes a 3-speed white maneuver. He is still stressed but boosts with afterburners. Can he now spend one force, after boosting, to get a target lock? I am pretty sure the answer is NO but want to know why to explain it at LGS. To me it seems obvious that the 'even while stressed' on afterburners only applies to the boost and not to any followup actions, but other people don't seem to see it that way...
  5. R2 on wedge. You won’t regret it.
  6. Looks cool! How much use are you getting out of R4 on wedge? I am running R2 on wedge and loving it, particularly with Biggs having and R2 as well.
  7. I thought so too at first. Then I got to the store and held the ships in my hand and just felt ‘bleh’ about spending my money on anything relating to those movies. I even liked the space battle scene at the start of episode 3, but couldn’t get over a gross feeling while holding the expansions. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Lol in the meantime I am going to enjoy dropping four bombs in one turn with Paige on a VTG bomber!
  9. Neither. I planned on getting republic but when I got to the store today I saw the models and was reminded how much I hate the prequel movies and couldn’t bring myself to buy them.
  10. So the official rules thread says: Does this mean that a Resistance Bomber with VTG and Paige Tico can now drop FOUR bombs in one round? Systems phase, one for each primary shot, and then one more when it dies????
  11. Rettere


    Wrong forum, nvm.
  12. I would focus on Han first unless you can guarantee a kill on Poe. If you don’t finish Poe off right away he will escape and regen. And get those blocks in!
  13. What’s the falcon Poe list look like?
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