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  1. Steve Solo


    Major Tom was kind enough to pass this link on to me... http://hammerandforgeblog.blogspot.ca Very nice looking asteroid bases.
  2. Isn't that the way you're s'posda play? It's in the Canuck rules. :}
  3. I'm more of a narrative player, so winning isn't super important to me. Anyway.. Me: Ibistsam with heavy laser & vet instincts + 3 x X-wing basics Vs Vader,Backstabber,mauler,+ 2x black squad Turn 1. 2 of my x's bank left, x & ib bank right (circle around asteriod) Opponent Vader + blacks straight...mauler & back bank right...no firing. Turn 2. Ib + X straight, joust with Vader + blacks...1 black gone, ib loses 3 shield. Turn 3. Mauler straight, back hits asteriod(1 dmg)..x's concentrate fire take out backstbbr Nothing with others. Turn 4. X's fly into each other, Vader takes out X near Ib. No other dmg. Turn5. Ib does K turn. Vader + 1 black fly by , backs turned...bye bye 2nd black Turn 6. X's turn remove Mithel, Ib wiffs big time(4 blanks) Turn 7. Ib removes last black Turn 8. Vader caught between Ib + 2X wing...doomed! Great game. sorry if not entirely accurate...beer involved.
  4. Steve Solo

    Gozanti Cruiser

    you should have made the cruisers so you could break them down for casting...I'd buy one. Excellent work.
  5. Wookie Hunter, could you post a link to that Formation Manual you mentioned, I'm interested but was unable to find it.
  6. I'll be trying this out tomorrow night... Horton Salm + R2 F2+ Ion + Protons x 2 Tycho Celchu + Push Limit + Concussion Green squadron + Marksmanship+ Concussion Yes...I am determined to find a way to make ordinance work, but feel free to pick apart otherwise.
  7. Got it....should have read the entire Falcon instructions instead of just the fun bits eh? Thanks.
  8. I'm fairly new to all this but aren't ties NOT allowed to have engine modifications as they don't have the icon on the bottom of their card?
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