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  1. Ok first thing first, you can use dunwhich legacy to get remaining class to the table, with two dual classes and one one mono class you can play 3 players, all classes played with just one core set. Secondly for two players it give you real taste of deckbuilding for people who own only one set. And it looks like it's main purpose. It make someone with one core set to consider whether they need to buy second core set or not. Building deck with 5 cards that you want, its a sea of possiblity that let you make many different characters. Thirldy, it let you counter weakness you draw with correct out of class choices. Remember - you should know what weakness you draw, so you can deckbuild around it. Fourthly , it let you get out of the inherent weakness of the class you have to play. For example skids is a bad at investigating compared to the others, green is about evading and resources, and blue is about protection and cooperation and raw damage. With only one core set, he sucks at it so much because he don't have many cards that help him with this task. It's all good - it's variety of the game. But jenny can take for example arcane studies, and use her resources (that she have plenty) to be good at investigating. That way she counter her weakness. Skid don't have that choice. Yes, you can give rex more cards that help him getting clues... Evidence! or drawn to the flame. But you can also instead make him good at evading, let him use magic, or make him good at combat. These characters aren't pigeholed - they are versatile in their own way.
  2. There are player cards in there - scenario rewards that you get after some of the conclusions of the scenario. Poppla if you think it's bad think about non English speaking players out there. Poland will get their version of rougarou translation... sometime in 2017. So all what polish players could play right now, it's core scenario. To put salt into a wound , everything is pointing to situation in which we will get dun which in early january at the most...So yeah... Yay print on demand scenarios... so great...
  3. FFG dunwich article says "In this way, they may offer you a shortcut to sampling all the new level zero class cards arriving in The Dunwich Legacy, along with a new neutral card and cards with levels higher than zero." Neutral card, not neutral cards. It means that article is hinting for one neutral card. Only thing we don't know is how many copies of neutral card there will be, 2 or 4? There should be 59 player cards total: 4 X 5 X 2 = 40 ( 5 classes, 2 copies of each card) 3X5 = 15 (3 cards per new investigator) That's total of 55.
  4. If there is no trauma points just weaknesses, characters that are mainly about drawing cards could be considered weaker. Also there would be weaker impact of drawing weakness if you get 10 of them in the deck. It's good that developers got both options, trauma and weaknesses to show weariness of mind and body of the person who is investigating the eldritch things. That way it could be used in grim harmony that don't destroy balance of the game.
  5. Some shops got december 15 as a date for dunwhich horror in preorder they're offering. Also article about dunwhich ends with "The Dunwich Legacy is scheduled to arrive at retailers late in the fourth quarter of 2016!" on ffg site. So it should be out before end of the year unless hurricanes, pirates, or other unrelated yogsothery create delays.
  6. page 7: When exhausting, sacrificing, or otherwise using cards to pay costs, only cards that are in play and under their owner’s control may be used, unless the cost specifies an out-of-play state. It means that unless it says otherwise "card you control" means cards that are both controlled by you and are in play.
  7. It was answered during AMA on reddit by Matt Newman (one of the designers of arkham LCG) : "1)We placed the Mythos Phase at the beginning for a number of reasons. One, it mirrored the quest phase from LOTR, which we thought would be helpful. Two, it was important that the Upkeep phase was the final phase of the round, for the sake of intuitiveness. We also liked that the Mythos Phase could give you effects that mess with your current round ("Until the end of the round, you cannot something something!") as opposed to wording it for next round, which is awkward."
  8. Survivor may look a bit similar to the rogue class. But where rogue is really good at gathering resources he also got a weakness - he is really not the greatest investigator. Survivor is good at a bit of everything - a jack of all trades , master of none. Need damage? Wendy can dish out some damage temporarily, need to evade? You were lucky that time, Someone dealing damage? You just happen to have leather jacket to save you. You just failed that gathering clue test? Look what you found anyway!
  9. If the rumors are true, and core set is released in october, that means we would get one month (december or november) without release. Does this ever happened with other lcg? Or maybe core release is pushed to november. Or maybe even ( i really hope this isn't the case) bi-monthly releases.
  10. Yes, there are 4 copies of each basic neutral assets (knife , flashlight, emergency cache) and 2 copies of each of the 5 skills ( guts, perception, overpower, manual dexterity, unexpected courage).
  11. 10 basic cards per investigator class , 4 advanced (cards that cost xp) cards per investigator class. Add this up - you would get 14 , multiple it by 5 ( number of classes) and you would get 70.
  12. Also game scales the gameplay - you need to gather number of clues multiplied by number of investigators to advance to next stage of scenario. Also bosses have health dependent of number of investigators in play.
  13. Hmmm, I did read all the comments and it seems that you're forgetting a one crucial fact about the game. You're focusing only on player cards without thinking that the mythos cards are also needed to play a 4 player game. Lets talk about $ - for example price of the game cards will be set to 30$ so rest is tokens , manual, box and such. There is around 200 unique cards splitted in half 100 for players and 100 for mythos. RicoD wanted full player set so it's around another 100 cards so it's +15$ price. Now game costs around 55$ for full player set... And i cannot use this full player set to play with 4 players. Why? Because each round each player need to draw a mythos card from the deck, So it's almost certain that we need to use another set of encounter cards. If that's true i need to buy another core set to play with 4 players. So price of 4 player game pack is 110$ - and that's a lot for a game. Many buyers in my country, are having no more than 100$ for a game rule. Normally, to play a 4 player game i need to pay only 80$ (i am saving 30$). And how many cards i have still sitting in box and being unusable? Act cards,agenda, special cards and location cards only. In other words - i am not using only doubles of the scenario specific cards - it's only approximately 50 cards. 50 cards - out of around 500 cards. i am not using only 10%~15% of all my cards that I do have. I think that sounds like a a good result for that price.
  14. One player against others doesn't seem to work that well in the cardgame and boardgame format. Mansion of madness is a good example of that and we all know how the second edition works now. Even descent has expansions and app that make it into cooperative game. It's no wonder to be honest. People who are interested in that kind of experience will just buy the books, take out some pencils , print character sheets , roll some dice and run an rpg game. And people who are into the rpg games don't have that dedication to buy all the stuff and play it, because spend their time and money in the world of pen and paper games. I am an rpg player and i want to have a game that i can just pick and play, not preparing for hours. Look on sells of expansions that turn cooperative game into one is evil being versus players - it is most likely expansion that sells the least of copies out of all expansions. Like ghost stories for example.
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