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  1. 5, And the ending left us on a cliff hanger, leaving us waiting for more. .​
  2. Started with wave one, when one of the local war gamer club members asked around who was interested (unfortunately the war gamer club has dissipated). He ended up purchasing four core sets, one for each of us who were interested (he got paid back for each set). I've been playing and collecting and repainting on and off ever since. We now have a group of 10 playing in a social league at the local FLGS, where the owner looks after us really well..
  3. Same here in Australia, I work in the retail industry. It is against the law to refuse to refund or replace. I would think that it would be the same in most countries around the world. However as stated above a little glue will fix a minor production issue. Our local suppliers here only got their Assault carriers yesterday (Christmas eve), and I didn't get in to pick mine up (was working late and they had closed for the holidays) so some of I will have to wait until they reopen after their Christmas break. Those who got theirs for Christmas can let us know how they go in the field. Merry Christmas to all, and all the best for the new year.
  4. With the product on the boat, depending on the speed of the boat, we hopefully shouldn't have too long to wait for a clarification/FAQ.
  5. Has anyone contacted the developers to see if they have anything to say on the matter?
  6. OK. I have re-read the rules reference and the Huge ship rules , and I see where you are coming from. I stand corrected. Yes, it is all about that word free on the card. Thanks, I will await it to be FAQ'd.
  7. In reverse order. The results at the bottom of the card says you (the ship) get either a "free recover action" or a "free reinforce action". These two results are quite specific, and whilst they are free actions, they are "specified free actions", reinforce or recover. To use of either of these two results you spend one energy and perform an action (e.g. Target lock, jam) that is not a "Recover action" or a "Reinforce action", once per round. Where does it say you get a "free action" on the card? Currently, you (the ship) may acquire a free action (e.g. Target Lock) from another ship, or use an action from the action bar as your action to get the "specified free actions" Could the problem be solved by specifying the timing of the action (free or otherwise) used to get the "specified free actions", recover or reinforce, to be in the perform action step?
  8. There are very few players in my area that play any GW products anymore. I'm going to use my 40K/fantasy Collection to improve my painting skills, which I will then use on some of my x-wing collection. I'll then keep the ones I like best, including my imperial knight and slowly sell off the rest (just in case there is a fully revised edition). X-wing is currently my equal favourite, with battletech, both collections currently growing.
  9. Keep up the good works guys. Keep these style of threads going. ObiWonka, it does look like you started something good with your other thread, positivity can be contagious.
  10. I ordered one from my flgs, and ended up taking 2 sets home, along with a few other x-wing goodies.
  11. A long time ago....at a club I used to play at, all the star wars fans, In the group purchased a core set and all other miniature games took a back seat. My 40k/Fantasy collection is now relegated to painting practice to improve my painting skills, till I decide what to do with it. Getting back into Battletech again also.
  12. It's good to see the thinking caps put on again and used constructively.
  13. Country: Australia State: Queensland Council Area: Fraser Coast
  14. I play most of my games at home, teaching family members to play, when I'm not practising for band performances. We two FLGS within 1/2 an hour of us, and we have 2 clubs (more or less). Both stores have successfully held small tournaments (in limited space), and one is thinking about setting up a league. Still waiting to hear whether the league will get up and go. One of the Clubs used to play at recently moved from a local school hall to one of the FLGS and from what I have heard in the last couple of days is that the club has ceased to function as it did before the move. Due to a disagreement with the management of the hall where the other club plays, I will not set foot there ever again. I see the benefits of both, but my preference is for the standalone club as described in an above post, where there are gamers only and it is set up and run well or to play at home. (as I work in a retail store, dealing with the public all day, I often don't feel like going to another store to play, where there are both gamers and public/customers) ​
  15. Flamestalker

    Epic Anyone?

    I like the epic format. It's great thing to see when the snooker table is full of ships, just like the movies. A quick question though. If a Premier Tournament can be supported for Armada, at 2 hours (120 minutes), why cannot Epic Tournaments (only casual in the tournament rules) be supported at premier level?
  16. I prefer the epic format, especially when the snooker table looks so good full of miniatures. Now that I have a raider, I am looking forward to my brother coming home for Christmas so I can enjoy a game with him.
  17. 45 here. Started with Battletech, then 40K, then x-wing, armada, and after 20 years full circle back to Battletech. The local gaming club that I used to play at had a range of ages from 12 to 70 until they decided to move to a FLGS 1/2 an hour away and it slowly dissolved to the stage that it wasn't much of a club anymore. So, I am mostly painting and collecting, playing games these days mostly with family, in between playing my pipes with the local pipe band.
  18. If you haven't already, might I suggest that you put the concept plus a few examples to the designers, to see if they like the idea and see if they want to run with it.
  19. I like this concept, especially for the epic format.
  20. I got a set of 3 books, William Shakespeare's - Star Wars William Shakespeare's - The Empire Striketh Back and William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return
  21. I first started with Classic Battletech 2nd edition, and am currently adding to this (as well as x wing). I also play occasionally Warhammer 40K and Fantasy. I also have a lots of fun board games, the most recent of these are based on the Discworld novels by Sir Terry Pratchett. AnkhMorpork city game Guards, Guards! The Witches and Thud! ( a chess type game) (I originally got into 40K as a hobbyist, I enjoy building models and painting as stress relief (and an exercise in patience) and Battletech has some cool miniatures and as soon as they arrive I will be painting some more of them) Currently x-wing is my favourite and currently looking forward to our local club holding their first x-wing tournament at the end of January.
  22. Wishing everyone a safe and Merry Christmas, and a prosperous New Year.
  23. Struth!! What a cool looking ship. I hear the dark side of the force calling.
  24. Yes, I only had one on Pre order. I have now amended my order to get more.
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