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  1. Thoughts on this: -Ahsoka with VI, Captured TIE, Masterpiece, Sabine, BMST, Cluster (27) -Miranda with Extra, Thermal Detonators, Prox Mines, Adv SLAM, C-3PO (42) -Warden with Extra, Thermal Detonators, Seismic, Bombardier (31) Total Points: 100
  2. Wes with VI and R2-D2, accompanied by 4 Greens with Opportunist, Chardaan, title and VI Tarn with R7 and Integrated Hobbie with R2-D6 and PTL
  3. I beat an RAC + EU + VI + Palp Deci who had Whisper (VI, FCS, ACD, IA) watching his back with Super Dash (but with MC instead of HLC) and Chopper with TLT, FCS, IP, Zeb and Hera. But it may have been a case of having the right tools for the job. TLT's are great for stripping shields, and it helped I got 3 crits with one of Dash's Mangler shots.
  4. Last night I played a game that featured Ghost vs. Decimator. Me: Chopper with TLT, FCS, IP, Hera and Zeb (49) Dash with PTL, MC, Kanan, and Outrider (51) My Opponent (as best I can recall): RAC with Palp, VI, and EU Whisper with ACD, FCS, and IA (came out to 99 points) So he had initiative. When we got close enough for the shooting to start, Whisper was not in range. RAC took out three shields on Chopper with his opening salvo. Dash took off two of his shields with the Mangler and Chopper's TLT took care of the other two. The next turn Chopper did a K-turn which brought RAC in his firing arc and Dash turned behind him. By this time Whisper had got close enough to be a factor, and Chopper lost his remaining shields and took three hull damage between his opponents. Chopper and Dash concentrated their fire on RAC, resulting in 6 hits, including three crits, one of which was Blinded Pilot. The next turn I got a bump with Chopper on RAC. When Whisper de-cloaked and moved, she didn't have any targets in arc and Dash behind her waiting to pounce with the Mangler, so she cloaked. Dash got three more hits, including a crit, and using Zeb's ability and with RAC being unable to fire this round because of the Blinded Pilot, Chopper got 4 hits with a Range 1 primary attack, destroying the Decimator. Next round, Whisper manage to knock three shields off Dash. The following round Chopper got Whisper to bump on a move after de-cloaking, and the two finished her off. In the beginning, I recognized Whisper for the red herring that she was (albeit a very stealthy and dangerous one) and concentrated fire on RAC. It was my first test run on this list, and I really liked having the Mangler on Dash. I've used HLC on Dash before and, while the 4 attack dice and hits are nice, it lacks the ability to really rock the opponent's world with crits (plus there's the R1 donut hole to worry about). I may go with Manglers on all my Dash builds going forward.
  5. At my FLGS game night last night, I was anxious to try out some of the new stuff from Imperial Veterans. Here's what I ran: Countess Ryad with TIE/x7, Stealth and Expert Handling (I wanted to put Juke on her but realized when I got there one of my Jukes is missing) Glaive Squadron Pilot with TIE/x7, Stealth and Juke Omega Leader with Juke and Comm Relay My opponent fielded Palp Aces with Vader and The Inquisitor. He started the game by moving away from me, and I made 3 straight maneuvers with my ships, earning free evades for my defenders and took an evade with OL. In fact, the whole game I made 3 or greater speed turns with my Defenders almost exclusively. Took some fire from Vader on the next turn, but my ships were very difficult to hit. The Countess' ability to turn straight turns into K-turns was invaluable, allowing me to line up some good shots on Vader, who fell to combined fire, but not before he knocked a shield off her ship. OL lost his shield to Vader and took a hit from the Inquisitor, but the dark sider got tag teamed by OL and Ryad. At that point, my opponent called it. Palp merely delayed the inevitable with his ability, and I lost 1 shield on each Defender which was of my own doing (scraping asteroids). Expert Handling was actually useful, allowing me to shake off a Vader TL. Damage Report: Countess Ryad - 2 shields Glave - 1 shield OL - 1 shield, 1 hull This may well be my go-to Imp list going forward, I just need to get another Juke for Ryad by hook or crook. With the new expansion, IMO the Defender is again the 'muscle' ship it was envisioned to be when it was brought into the game.
  6. What size magnets do you use? I'm thinking about doing the same thing to my stands and ships but I want to be sure about the sizes.
  7. 3x Torp Scouts definitely have that Velveeta factor to them.
  8. True, but I'm OK with that. I could see Rebels getting an N1, which would be similar to a TIE l/n but with shields and a less good dial? N-1's with Princess Leia, Shara Bey, and Queen Sosha Soruna (like they did in the Shattered Empire comic series) would be cool.
  9. I'm still hoping for a Rebel Veterans expansion with Norra Wexley in her Y-Wing. FFG did include Maarek Stele in Imperial Veterans, after all.
  10. Everyone who said they'd quit the game if prequel ships were introduced, put your money where your mouth is please.
  11. Norra Wexley from Aftermath and Shara Bey from Shattered Empire are part of the game now.
  12. I see they've got Norra Wexley into the game as an ARC-170 pilot, cool.
  13. Time for everyone who said they would quit the game if a prequel ship was introduced to do so, lol.
  14. As far as who to pair him up with, I had some ideas: Darth Vader (29) -PTL (3) -TIE MK II (1) -TIE/x1 (0) -ATC (1) Countess Ryad (34) -PTL (3) -TIE MK II (1) -TIE/x7 (-1) The Inquisitor (25) -Either PTL or Predator (3) -AT (2) -TIE/v1 (1) -Prockets (3) Omega Squadron Pilot x2 (18) -Adaptability (0) "Echo" (30) -ACD (4) -FCS (2) Maarek Stele (TIE Advanced) (27) -Calculation (1) -Homing Missiles (5) -Guidance Chips (0) -TIE/x1 (0) -ATC (1) Maarek Stele (TIE Defender) (35) -Calculation (1)
  15. How about something like this: Lothal Rebel with Han, Hera, Dorsal, FCS, and Plasma Torps (46) Red Squadron Veteran (2) with R2 Astro, Integrated, and Adapt (54) Increased firepower, survivability, and additional special maneuvers.
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