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  1. Here is the rule of thumb on take backs and oh I forgot. 1) if it has not yet made a difference to the game, then go ahead and let him add a token. Why needlessly argue? For example a guy moves an Academy TIE, and forgets to declare and action, then moves 4 more ships and then says, "Oh ya, I forgot to give this TIE a focus, do you mind?" Where is the problem in letting him have it? Doesn't change the game. 2) if the omission is remembered at a crucial point then I object. For instance, forgetting to recloak Whisper and remembering to do it after having activated Soontir Fel is fine. Forgetting to recloak Whisper and when he is getting shot say, "Oh ya, he attacked a target and I forgot to recloak, do you mind?" I would say it is a little late. I don't understand the need of some people to win at all costs. Will it make your life that much more satisfying to have beaten someone because they forgot something? You dont know whats going on in their minds, they could be playing Xwing to take their mind off other worries, like dying relatives, losing a job, etc. If you want to feel good about a win, beat someone at their best, not when they make an innocent omission. Naturally this is all null and void if they do not return the same courtesy to you.
  2. I like running 4x Ywing + 3x Xwing + Wedge. If there are enemy fighters, I overwhelm them. If not, thats a lot of bombing runs.
  3. I would love to buy some of those masks as well!
  4. Thing about the Gallant Haven is that its an Assault Frigate. Assault Frigates are very good at long range, possibly better than VSD. VSD get better once they can come to grips with you in medium to short range (if you took a 1), but the AF excels sitting at range 3 and throwing 3-6 red dice from its side arcs. At this range its evade works and it can brace and redirect. Normally, this means you have to close in on the AF, and thats when the Gallant Haven is worth its points. Fully tricked out: Assault Frigate Mark IIB Adar Tallon Flight Controllers Expanded Hangar Bay Gallant Haven Comes to 101 points. Give it an escort of: Wedge Xwing Xwing Xwing And you have an extremely rough nut to crack. If your opponent moves to jump your fighters, you are defended by Gallant Haven, and then Wedge absolutely decimates things. If you ignore the fighters and come to attack, then the Gallant Haven sends the 4 fighters out on a sortie and hammers you HARD. I run this as part of my list. The other half is either double CR-90s built for speed backed up by an Awing each, or another Assault Frigate, the Paragon, built to maul from the broadsides that flies in formation with the Gallant Haven. Very hard nut to break.
  5. Looks great. Only thing is that in the SW universe, the effect for hyperdrives dont look like that. There is nothing, nothing, something small on the horizon and wham a second later it is ontop of you. The ships never really warp out like that. Best example of this is the Battle of Endor. https://youtu.be/xPZigWFyK2o?t=61
  6. If your opponent let you close into Black Dice range with both a VSD and a Glad on the 3rd turn, he wasnt very good. The Assaults are much faster than the VSD and should have moved away, keeping you in their flank. This then presents you with a bad choice. 1) charge after him with the gladiator and try to keep up with the VSD. This will result in the gladiator being alphaed by both assault frigates which it cannot tank. 2) Stay grouped and engage at long range where you are at a disadvantage. It either cases, you need to play with objectives. They change the game. Thinking what you have works because you played on a 3x3 table without objectives is bad.
  7. Fighters: TIE Phantom TIE Defender Lamdba Shuttle Decimator Kwing Ewing Ghost z95 Small Goranthi Transport Medium Strike Class Cruiset Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser Large Interdictor star destroyer MC80 Liberty
  8. Its my opinion that xwings are the squadrons in the game. They wreck fighters amd can bring significant damage to a ship once you have fghter superiority. Wedge and Dutch are phenominal together. Luke is also great thanks to thr double brace.
  9. Was this played on a 3x3? If so that's a big part of why the Empire won so handedly (beyond the Rebel player not turning into the GSD.) With 300 points, you need the space of a 6x3 otherwise there is not enough room to manoeuvre around the VSDs. When you move to a 6x3 you will notice. Beautiful battle report though! I will definitely get that app for my reports. I think I saw it on Google Play.
  10. I cannot say this enough, the Rebels need to do 2 things to win. 1) stay at long range. Look at the comparison of Neb B vs VSD. Front: Neb B: 3 Red dice VSD: 3 Red dice Sides: Neb B: 1 Red dice VSD: 2 Red dice Rear: Neb B: 2 Red dice VSD: 2 Red dice You have ALMOST the same firepower. When it comes to defense, the Neb has an evade and 2 braces, the VSD has 2 redirects and 1 brace. The Neb can take almost as heavy a shelling as the VSD, provided they are at Range 3. 2) Fighters In the core box, the Rebels have the advantage when it comes to fighters. Standard Xwings vs Standard Ties, the Xwings take it. Now if you can use your commands to issue Squadron Commands, they will mop the floor with the TIEs. Then they can jump the Star Destroyer. Also do not be afraid to use your ships to shoot down TIEs. I always manage to throw some damage with my Neb B onto the TIEs and then finish them off with squadron commanded Xwings.
  11. Zoccola

    Bossk Mangler

    Bossk (35) Opportunist (4) "Mangler" Cannon (4) K4 Security Droid (3) Greedo (1) Palob Godalhi (20) Veteran Instincts (1) Ion Cannon Turret (5) Tactician (2) Hull Upgrade (3) N'Dru Suhlak (17) Lone Wolf (2) Hull Upgrade (3) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder There is the pain.
  12. I don't think scale is as important in Armada as it is in X-Wing, that being said, the SSD is supposed to be 21.11 times larger than a Victory-I Class SD, so that model is a lot off scale. What I can see for Armada is printing out a vinyl mat with a high resolution photo of a SSD. Something like this: http://fractalsponge.net/wp/?p=155 Then use that as the backdrop to a battle. It should be about 4 to 5 feet long to be in scale, so you could run a whole Armada game on top of it.
  13. It uses the same rules as Firestorm Armada, which is essentially the same rules as a dumbed down version of Battlefleet Gothic. Things to look forward to: -every ship looking like a bigger or smaller version of another ship in the same fleet -rolling buckets of dice -very generic feeling ships, "Ooo this ship can fire 10d6 of lasers at 25cm vs this ships that can fire 12d6 at 20cm..." -poor fighter rules -limp rule set -lifeless fluff. Spartan Games has made 3 copies already of the exact same game. Uncharted Seas - naval battles with orcs and elves Firestorm Armada - space naval battles with dolphins and spiders Dystopian Wars - naval battles between steampunk 19th Century industrial powers. All the games use slight variations of the same rules. As for the model quality (I have a Terran fleet from Firestorm, and a German fleet from Dystopian Wars as I am a suck for peer pressure), they look nice I guess. Brittle resin that breaks easily. Lots of mold lines. Everything is designed in autocad and symmetrical and the pieces feel like that, sort of lifeless. Honestly, save your money and buy more Armada/X-wing stuff.
  14. Imagine Epic Armada! SSD is to Armada as the CR90 is to Xwing. That would be sick!
  15. Well look at it this way. I just bought all of Wave 1 of Armada from Miniature Market for 190 USD, which according to Royal Bank Visa translates into 230 CAD. Using the last wave of Xwing as a comparison. Viper: USMSRP: 19.99 Canadian Sales Price: 22.99 M3A: USMSRP: 14.99 Canadian Sales Price: 17.49 Most Wanted: USMSRP: 39.99 Canadian Sales Price: 45.99 There is a new 15% markup because OPEC is screwing with oil production. Armada that cost me 190 USD (230) through Miniature Market, would cost me: 376.85 CAD taxes in. Thats almost 150 dollars difference. I make a lot of money, but even I cannot justify that price mark up. Normally I am all for buying from my LGS, and I have bought all my Xwing expansions, but not at the new prices (with new currency exchange compared to online.) I mean, I bought the entire wave 1 of Armada + an appeasement Coach handbag for my wife, for the same cost as buying the line from my LGs.
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