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  1. Technically, the fact that "spray" is a quality listed under storm of iron doesn't mean that "spray" is also the quality that should determine magnitude damage based on range. The Devs might have wanted to give all spray weapons--flame or not--the bonus of hurting hordes slightly better, just as they gave it to any semi-automatic weapon. In this scenario, the flamer doesn't lose out, since it's both spray and flame. In other words, it could have been a design choice to boost all spray weapons a little bit, but still make flamers the only spray weapons that deal magnitude damage based on range.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, the Doom Blaster is a master-level NPC, equipped with four heavy mortars. That it can destroy a very large horde with a single shot doesn't seem particularly unbalanced. It also isn't particularly game-breaking. As an NPC, it's not the sort of things players are going to be able to have direct control over. It seems like it might play a role in a scenario where the players are controlling large numbers of minions, or in a scene where two large hordes are duking it out. Against PC's, the devastating quality is meaningless--it's not like Black Crusade is going to see players' cohesion drop. In other words, devastating works just fine, as far as I can tell.
  3. So, this issue cropped up recently in one of my Black Crusade games. One of the characters was considering taking a noise weapon with the spray quality to counter hordes. However according the Core Rules as Written (pg. 349), spray doesn't have an impact on hordes--the necessary quality is Flame. Now, as written, "A flame weapon used on a Horde hits it a number of times equal to one quarter of the weapon’s range (rounding up), plus 1d5. So a flame weapon with a range of 10 hits a Horde 1d5+3 times." With flamers, this makes perfect sense, as the spray quality gives them an in-built limited range of around 30-40 meters. (damage @ 30 meters= 10+1d5) However, other non-spray weapons can have the Flame quality, too. These create major balance problems, as far as I can tell. Inferno Shells: Inferno Shells (pg. 173 of Core) give a weapon the Flame special quality. They can be used in any SP basic or pistol weapon. If we take the RAW, an auto gun (100 meter range, average availability) with inferno rounds (scarce availability) will be able to do 25+1d5 magnitude damage against a horde. Similarly a stub rifle (120 meters) will do 30+1d5 magnitude, due to the flame quality. For comparison, a Legion Heavy Flamer (very rare) with High Grade Promethium will be doing 13+1d5 damage against a horde (50 meters/4). Hellish Blast: Hellish blast (pg. 221 of Core) is an exalted psychic power that has, among other things, the flame quality, a blast radius of psy rating, a distance of 30 x psy rating, and a minimum psy rating of 5. If we use the range of the power to calculate magnitude damage, the power will be doing 5 magnitude damage from blast and 38+1d5 magnitude (30x5=150 meters/4=38) damage due to range. Alternatively, if we treat the radius of the blast as the range of the flame, it will be doing a much more reasonable 5 blast damage and 2+1d5 magnitude damage from flame. Flaming Melee (i.e. Flaming Gauntlets) Flaming Gauntlets (pg. 61 of Tome of Fate) give unarmed attacks the Flame quality. How should this be interpreted? Should we go with range=point of origin? In other words, a punch has range of 0, and therefore does an additional 1+1d5 magnitude damage due to flame vs. hordes? Extrapolation: I think there are two issues at play here. In Deathwatch, Flame weapons had the in-built range limitation of the "spray" quality, so basing damage on flame and range didn't run into these problems. For weapons like incendiary missiles, they didn't have the flame quality--they just set things on fire. In Black Crusade, however, Spray and Flame are two different qualities. I see two different scenarios. 1)The Spray quality was the intended feature that was supposed to do Range/4+1d5 magnitude damage to hordes. However, despite the introduction of the spray rule for Black Crusade and non-flaming spray weapons such as Doom Siren and Spore Caster, "Flame" was mistakenly carried over as the key anti-horde quality. This would make sense, as spray severely limits weapon range, and counts as auto-hit across its 30 degree arc. Solution: Spray should replace the Flame entry on page 349. 2) It was intentional to make Flame the operative characteristic for horde magnitude damage, as the Game Designers didn't want to extend anti-horde qualities to noise and other spray weapons. However, the entry on flame was carried over without considering psychic powers, inferno bullets, and melee weapons. Solution: Flame damage to hordes should factor in the point of origin of the flame. A flamer remains unchanged, as the flame will originate at the full range of the flamer. However, inferno rounds and melee attacks will be treated as having 0 range, and so do 1+1d5 magnitude damage, while blast weapons will do only the radius of the blast/4+1d5. Thought? Input is welcome!
  4. Thanks for checking my work . When I started my post, I was thinking to myself "Don't forget--single shot=no Storm of Iron." When I got into the number crunching, I must have forgotten not to include the storm. Personally, I just started a DW game with a Space Wolf Devastator. For fluff reasons, he's using a missile launcher instead of the heavy bolter. As rank 1, I'm glad to see he's not terribly behind the curve.
  5. Hellfire shift the Heavy Bolter to a single shot weapon with blast (3) and devastating (1). So, you would get: Heavy bolter--3 Hits Explosive--+1, 4 Hits Slaughter the Swarm: +5, 9 Hits Devastating--+9 damage, (9 Hits, 9 Dmg) Storm of Iron--x2 (18 Hits, 18 Damage) Unrelenting Devastation: +5 (8 Hits, 23 Damage) Tactical Experience: +1 dmg, (8 hits, 24 damage=32 Damage if everything hits) Separately, since Slaughter the Swarm and explosive boost hits with the weapon, shouldn't they come into play before we double the damage dealt with Storm of Iron? --------------------- Thought Exercise with a standard Devastator: Heavy Bolter--6 Hits (Requires +5 DoS) Explosive--+1 Hit, 7 Hits Metal Storm--x2, 14 Hits Storm of Iron--x2, 28 Damage (if all hits damage) Unrelenting Devastation, +5 damage =33 Magnitude Damage (19 Damage before Storm of Iron, 12 damage w/o Metal Storm) Missile Launcher--5 Hits (requires 0 DoS) Explosive--+1, 6 hits Devastating--+6 damage, 6 hits, 6 damage Unrelenting Devastation: +5 Damage, 6 hits, 11 damage =17 Magnitude damage Technicallly, the missile launcher can top on another 6-12 damage to an adjacent horde/hordes, due to the 5 meter blast proximity. However, while it does the same amount of hits even at 0 DoS, its hits may not be guaranteed to do magnitude damage (2d10, Pen 4). Also, if allowing for scatter as per tabletop, the frag missile can miss and still hit. (is there an errata out there as to whether frag missiles scatter?) So, on a good day, the missile launcher is a lot worse than an optimized heavy bolter once the devastator hits Rank 4. Before that point, it's a bit of a toss-up between burst/max damage (heavy bolter) vs. reliable damage/flexibility (missile launcher).
  6. For the record, I would absolutely love an Eldar version of Only War.
  7. One important point--a hit may not necessarily cause damage. It might be academic given that bolters put out a fair amount of damage with tearing, but there's a difference between causing a hit and actually dealing damage--only shots that hit and defeat armor and toughness will reduce magnitude. This is different from devastating damage (reduces magnitude for every hit, regardless of whether it dealt damage) and unrelenting devastation (directly causes magnitude damage).
  8. In tabletop, I use my Long Fangs as missile-launching snipers. In Deathwatch, I use my Long Fang as a missile-launching sniper. For 10 Requisition, a tactical marine can't go wrong in nabbing a Soundstrike ML.
  9. Orks don't fall to Chaos because they're plants. Obviously. Also, just because the Grey Knights aren't out hunting down manifestations of lesser Gorks doesn't mean Mork isn't magically making the red ones go faster.
  10. I'm still pulling for Devaronians to be included. That being said, I like that we've got two unexpected Correlia-centric alien species incoming. Plus, new freighters!
  11. I'd love to see Devaronians. They're also a favorite of mine, and their concept of Grace (see Tales From The Mos Eisley Cantina) would provide some amazing roleplay options, some nice light side/peace/balance-seeking tie-ins, and an iconic race to add to the playable pantheon. Some interesting facts: Devaronians see further into the infrared than almost any other species, have denser bodies than humans+fast healing, and benefit from heightened senses. They are also prone to predatory instincts that they consciously counter, while having deep empathy for the lives they take--hence the notion of grace. Fun takeaway quotes about Devaronians, courtesy of Kardue'sai'Malloc--"The Butcher of Montellian Serat"--and Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina: "My people believe that to kill something, you must cherish it and love it as it dies. There is no barrier between you and the thing you are killing, and you die as you kill." "A human once tried to tell me that humans were carnivores. I did not laugh at him, despite his molars and his pitiful two pair of blunted incisors, and a digestive tract so long that the flesh he ate rotted before it came out the other end. With a body designed like that, I'd take up leaf eating."
  12. 1) Thank you for the species menagerie. It's an amazing document. 2) In the game I'm GMing, we've got an Ithorian and a Duros--courtesy of your document. Best, Rev
  13. Maybe I'm not the norm, but I'm having my players earn their ship. I've given them a restricted credit line of 100,000 credits with which to buy a ship, and having them run through various shady vendors who will offer fairly gimped ships that need a lot of mechanics checks to bring up to the base stats of the book (i.e. a YT-1250 with less encumbrance, handling, strain, and hull than a YT-1300). They also have the option to purchase a starting-ship equivalent that they can only afford if they take odd jobs for store credit from loan-sharky vendors.
  14. Maybe I'm missing something, but can't someone with two levels of "Tinkering" add a weighted head to a truncheon or brass knuckles? Edit: Never mind. Reread "Tinkerer." Higher ranks give you more items to modify--not more hard points to add as I initially thought.
  15. Thanks for that link, Fang. I also really liked the vehicle chart you put together.
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