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  1. someone, anyone, please.. find me one of those "King in Yellow" posters. i will pay you in strange gold artifacts if i have to.
  2. thank you for making me aware of that game. can't say the actual gameplay looks that amazing to me, but the trailer from the game is spot on. feels like something pulled straight from one of my dreams and that i'd create if i had the ability. im definitely going to follow it now in hopes that it turns more into a Lovecraft noir type feel game-wise. got me really hyped for 3rd edition now, which i'm also on the fence about aha so maybe i just need to give them both a chance. also, it should be noted, everyone i showed the trailer to were also amazed by the visual influences, so i think it's a great idea to spread the word about this game, whether or not it becomes an amazing game in it's own right, it should help to spread the genius we all enjoy that is Lovecraft.
  3. i would like the Male Asian character, that sounds awesome.. maybe a rogue, yakuza/triad, since we have 2 asian females that fit the bookworm and martial artist niche. also, yes.. an American Native type character would be epic, i dont know how i could look over the fact there isn't one growing up next to a reservation ffs.
  4. i mean.. i can see that.. but Ace in the Hole is a net GAIN, while this is straight LOSS. If and when you draw it, you'll be wishing you spent 6 XP elsewhere. if it was 4.. hmm, it would have it's uses.. but 6 XP? that's a big ask. the one time you need ace in the hole, outweighs the 2 or 3 other times you might come up with a situation you would need borrowed time.
  5. couldn't agree more.. card should reflect exactly what you described.. it's almost as if the devs forgot about Ace in the Hole, which is, in every single possible situation i can think of, a better card. it's fast, free, and gives you +3 net actions. as a matter of fact, this card gives you -1 action from playing it, AND the 1 cost it takes to put into play...so my initial, "oh this is cool" feeling, is completely destroyed by this 6 xp binder filler. they had better support it.. i mean, what situation can you think where you'd rather spend an action to give yourself one later when you could just spend it NOW. 6 XP? you've got to be kidding me.. further goes to prove my point that there are 2 teams working on these cards.. one team is making absolutely overpowered cards for some strange reason, and the other couldn't design a proper cardboard box. honestly, Soakman, others on here and BGG, and myself make 100x more balance and useful cards. of course i'm being a bit of an *******, as usual, as there are still some really good, and imo well balanced cards, such as Skeleton Key, but there is absolutely NO reason we should pay for useless cards in packs. weird? interesting? hard to use, but strong? i'm all for it.. i love rebel deck-building.. but no brainer bad binder trash?.. come on. the designers are out of touch with their own game, and/or player base. too bad, card art is on point. /end monthly rage post
  6. well that's both an awfully presumptuous, as well as incorrect statement. i think everything else in your post can be easily disregarded by strong deck builders out there.
  7. ?? I was sure it was level 2.. i guess Roland won't be loading up his rifle after all
  8. i don't want to be "that guy", but ... did barricade, the new just make Springfield a good weapon? Marksmanship + Springfield + Barricade... notice on the card, it even prevents Elite enemies from spawning on you, which means no nasty surprises.. safely shoot from a central location 4 damage... wow I'm doing this
  9. i agree.. the 1st scenario with 0/0/0/0 is going to feel very ... very awkward.. especially against a difficult one such as curtain call. exactly. hopefully we start seeing some 4 and 5 XP survivor cards soon that blow us away. survivors are really going to need another weapon. as awesome as fire axe is, it's resource intensive to keep it going.. even though it works well with dark horse. they're gonna require something that doesn't cost xp, or doesn't break, and at least provides an extra point of damage. had an idea so i propose a favorite of mine from Call of Cthulhu LCG, Length of Pipe/Lead Pipe.. Length of Pipe Survivor Asset. Hand. Item. Weapon. Melee. Illicit. Cost 3. Test Icons: Combat Action: Fight. Place 1 damage on Length of Pipe. You get +1 combat for this attack. This attack deals +1 damage. You cannot assign damage to Length of Pipe. 3 Health / / - Sanity and just for fun.. Log Splitter Survivor Asset. 2 Hands. Item. Weapon. Melee Cost. 3. (2 XP) Test Icons: 2 Combat Action: Fight. You get + 1 Combat for this attack. You deal +1 damage for this attack. Free Action: During an attack using Log Splitter, take 2 direct horror: You get +3 Combat for this Skill Test and this attack deals +1 damage (Limit Once Per Attack.)
  10. dumpster fire? that's a bit much.. granted he could've been 7/7 without too much trouble i think, but over the course of a campaign, having a 4/4, or 5/5 investigator is gonna be realllly nice. his weakness is ... sorta a boon as well. you get a trauma to carry over to the next scenario, meaning with 1 of each trauma, he starts 1/1/1/1, 2 of each, 2/2/2/2, ect. i think getting 3 Trauma of each will be pretty difficult by the end of a campaign, but he can always use "I'll See You In ****!" before resigning for a freebie! the rest of his deck is made of things that will allow him to step in front of other investigators, as well as the nifty ability to include 2 ward of protection as well as the level 2 ward of protection.. i'm think gonna play him as a Guardian like support Survivor, with "heroic rescue" and " let me handle this". it's funny actually, as i'm not much of a survivor player, but he may change my mind with the faction. tanking face and eventually trying to get yourself hurt is.. well awesome.
  11. this is a permanent red-gloved man in a way, that boosts not only 2 but all 4 of your skills. in a Jenny Barnes Deck, she's a permanent 6/6/6/6, because let's face it, it isn't hard to get 3 horror on yourself during a game, and after there's 3 on here, you just soak it with your other assets. that's a 6/6/6/6 BEFORE all of the allies, assets, and other boosts the character is getting. is Mark going to want to run this? well, **** why tf not? it's absorbing 3 sanity he would've otherwise lost, which he never wants to.. he doesn't really need the accessory slot... and now he's got 8 fight.. 8. he doesn't even need a weapon in standard! in fact, why spend 3 on elder sign if this exists?? because of the discard 10? might as well spend the extra 2 xp for the insane boost. this effectively makes elder sign pretty pointless to play. and if it ever does leave play, with the exception of pulled into the beyond murdering you.. it's basically a dud... Red-Gloved man is a 5 xp card, and i think.. hey you know what, it's actually pretty balanced considering.. but look at this card for what it is. it's unique at least, so... won't be 4 to a table.
  12. it's a forced ability, but 1st is step 1, and the 2nd is step 2.. damage is "placed" after being assigned.. which means that this card is absolute stupid backwards broken. another homerun from the balance team at ffg. This and ST. Hubert's just make me cringe . . i guess no one is forcing us to play them tho. 1. Assign Damage/Horror : Determine the amount of damage and/or horror being dealt. Place damage and/or horror tokens equal to the amount of damage and horror being dealt next to the cards that will be taking the damage/horror. W hen an investigator is dealt damage or horror, that investigator may assign it to eligible asset cards he or she controls. To be eligible, an asset card must have health in order to be assigned damage, and it must have sanity in order to be assigned horror. 2. Apply Damage/Horror : Any assigned damage/ horror that has not been prevented is now placed on each card to which it has been assigned, simultaneously. If no damage/horror is applied in this step, no damage/horror has been successfully dealt
  13. i think the real issue is the abilty to have a ton of cheap allies in play to absorb damage and sanity loss. . it would've make a lot more sense if he was a lot stat investigator, such as Ashcan Pete, maybe 5 health 6 sanity, or even 6/6. He's an elderly man after all, is he still really as tough as say Skids or Yorick? i had the same issue with the theme with Wendy Adams in the core box, so i guess i'm just beating a dead horse at this point. Still, even if they did make him a 5/6 or 6/6, his stat line, it's just tailor made to have him be good. 4 Willpower AND Strength, and a 3 for Intellect which, in addition to his allies that will inevitably be piling up over the course of a game, will only get higher. even if he can only take Guardian allies, he's got 2 cost guard dogs and 3 cost beat cops he can put into play for a free action. id be surprised if Leo ever takes damage... i do agree that we're able to ignore certain cards, such as Leo De Luca, which i do, but Leo Anderson is a favorite of mine and i just like some balance.. i also just wanted the Springfield 1903 to be good, but i guess that i'm asking for too much. oh, and one more small thing, i think it's stupid Mark Harrigan has a Tommy Gun on his card art, but can't use it. again, left hand, right hand...
  14. FFG has a real problem with the left and right hand to be honest. . one has no f'n clue what the other is doing.. I knew beforehand Leo Anderson would be strong, as everyone knows he is always ally heavy in most games he's featured in. That said.. he is a gruff older man with an 8/6 spread, 3 possible allies from his signature alone, and with Charisma that gives him even more capability to pick up stronger unique allies. Some allies are in general, busted, and the abuse i can already foresee here is already obvious without seeing some of the new allies that will be introduced this time around. i really feel like they have 2 creative departments working on this team, one is pumping out extremely powerful cards, and the other is between making okay cards and binder filler. You would've thought they learned their lesson from the LoTR LCG to not create issues where you would permanently see a card being played from the core box until it's death. Leo de Luca isn't the Louisiana Lion, he's the steward of Gondor. maybe balance is just impossible.. i dunno.. but, sometimes you should just know these things before you decide to print them.
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