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  1. If you can remove one of the seeker droid dice, not only does it stop the effect of that die, it also lowers the power of the other seeker droid dice. So target one of them with a removal effect. Or you can have a big removal spell like Block, or Force Misdirection ready for after they focus. And probably most importantly, target the Seventh Sister first, try and take her out before the droids get too strong.
  2. Ok one more time...... A cycle consists of a pair of Starter Sets, the accompanying set of Booster Packs, two expansion sets of Booster Packs. So Legacies consists of "pair of Starter Sets, the accompanying set of Booster Packs" then the rest of the cycle will be released in the form of two more expansions. Going by FFGs current release history, those two more expansions will be released in approx. 4 months and 8 months after the release of Legacies. Thus completing the Legacies cycle. Then, around December '18, the next unnamed cycle will start and Awakenings cycle will rotate out of standard. I can't lay it out any simpler than that, and this was all pulled from the article and time estimates are based on FFGs release history so far.
  3. The Standard format consists of the two most recent cycles and all products that are part of an unreleased cycle. So the next two sets released after Legacies will be part of the Legacies cycle. Awakenings cycle won't rotate out until the cycle after legacies starts.
  4. Awakenings cycle (Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion, and Empire at War) will probably rotate out of standard in December of '18. Assuming they stick to their current release schedule of three sets a year, with the base set being released in December.
  5. Indeed. In the game I posted the pic from above, I made my opponent discard the 4 cards remaining in his hand. Then I was able to reroll the other discard side to a damage side, and resolve for 6.
  6. The rules reference doesn't explicitly cover this scenario, because you don't have two copies of the same upgrade on a character. But it seems reasonable that it could falls under the "unless there is a reason to do so" clause. So in this case you have a reason to track which one is the upgrade die, and which one gets added when you activate the character, so you should track them separately.
  7. You can use Cad's ability even when overwriting. Overwriting reduces the cost of the upgrade, and it may reduce that cost to 0, but you still payed the cost.
  8. I am enjoying playing the Sister as well. I'm having some pretty good success with 7th Sister / Gamorrean Guard / New Phasma. It has a lot of health, Guardian, and lots of fun tricks, like playing double Feint on your Sister with an ID9 upgrade on her.
  9. 2) is correct. Whenever you gain an action, be it via ambush, or some other effect, it always goes at the end of the queue. So you have to resolve all other triggers before doing your additional action.
  10. For eBossk and IG-88 you are going to be looking to include all the yellow weapons and equipment you can into the deck. Don't plan to heavily around IG-88's special ability, you may use it once a game, sometimes not at all. Most of the time you are going to want his die to be doing damage. You are probably just looking to overwhelm your opponent with damage. As for cheap rares (all $3 or less on Coolstuffinc): Flame Thrower Jet Pack Ascension Gun Relby-V10 Mortar Gun LL-30 Blaster Pistol (a little more $, but should be easy to come by) Other Cards to include Backup Muscle Fight Dirty Armed to the Teeth Add some dice mitigation He Doesn't Like You Doubt Will this combination win tournaments, probably not. But will it win some games and do lots of damage, probably. Good luck. Have fun.
  11. You can put more that one weapon on a character. The upgrades are not limited by type. You just can't exceed three upgrades on a single character.
  12. Do you have either of the starter decks (Rey or Kylo)? Or the new two player set?
  13. You can get Unkars for $2 a piece... http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/Star+Wars%3A+Destiny/Unkar+Plutt+-+Junk+Dealer
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