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  1. Have anyone tried to use captain Needa on the Onager Star Destroyer. It will make you trade away one defense token to gain evade. so why do you want evade ? Turbolaser reroute circuits. This make you guaranteed to make those crits every time to the super weapons.
  2. https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/2192158/playing-it-realistic
  3. Does everyone feel ok to play with units that are not realistic in a given scenario. I think then of for example using snow troopers in a jungle/desert scenario. I know it is totally legal and at the start when this game came out it wasn’t many units to choose between, so you needed to do this to have some units to choose from. But now as many new units are released we may soon have enough units to suit every theater. I personally replaced my E-web unit snowtroopers with normal stormtrooper just to feel more comfortable when I played out of a snow scenario. What is this community feeling about this ?
  4. When I look at Mel Miniatures: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/mel_miniatures I see some minatures that look very similar to the one released. https://www.shapeways.com/product/99HGQY8W7/legion-tauntaun-trooper And Mel published his minatures before the FFG did. If you see the Dewback trooper. ( Se link below ) I would not be suprised that somthing very similar will come for the Empire. https://www.shapeways.com/product/KLNDWU9J8/legion-dewback-trooper
  5. Wetaas


    Let’s hope you are right and we don’t have problems with production as the super star destroyer for Armada. Then we have to send someone down there and find “New ways to motivate them “ 🙂 The Imperial production capacity has to be maintained at all costs.
  6. Wetaas


    Does It look like We have a large delay of the release of the Death Troopers ? supposed to be released in the first quarter this year. And this would be end of this month. But they are still only in development stage. And as we know how long it takes with shipping we still are many months away from releasing. Or is it only FFG that not very good in updating their website?
  7. Pictures are up again but somehow I cant put more Pictures into this post 😞
  8. Very strange. Even I can’t see them any more. But I am using my cell phone now. I will look on my CPU later tonight.
  9. Thanks again for all the good comments on my post: So many have asked me how I make this. And I found some Pictures that may show this. First of all the reason for making an amateur game board may be mostly for two reasons. First reason is that you want to make something that is not available to buy. The second reason that applied for me was that the cost to keep myself into the game and all the expensive releases (I live in Norway and the price here for one storm trooper unit is 30 $.) There are so many beautiful buildings to buy online or in web pages that if I would to buy this and import it to Norway it would really cost me too much. So I had to look for other options and make my own game board. That was for me a horrifying thought since I had no experience in this or any Idea how I could possible do this. And then would the cost be more than it cost to buy the real nice buildings on internet. I had to find a cheap way to make my own terrain and buildings. So I collected some things I could take for free at my work as packaging material that came with the wares to our warehouse. I used what is called Isolitt in Norway or maybe Styrofoam on English. I cut the pieces I found with a knife and glued them together. I found out later that you could buy whole plates of this in different thickness very cheap. I used what I could find and used even toilet paper rolls. Then I sat down on internet and looked upon pictures of Star wars houses from movies and paintings. This got me some Ideas about layout and style. The Dome of the housing was a Styrofoam ball cut in half that I found in a hobby store for a very cheap prize. Putting this on some of the houses made the buildings look very nice and fitted into the Star Wars theme on some dessert buildings. I then made my own models as you see from the pictures. Of course something was missing. They didn’t look so good only like this. I needed to make them look like brick houses from the movies or real rock formation. I looked a video on youtube about a man who used filler ( named sparkle in Norway ) to coat his buildings. I decided to give it a try. Filler was very cheap to buy and cost almost nothing as the Styrofoam if you don’t collect it yourself for packing materials as I did with most of my city. I used my fingers and coated the models with the filler as it was. I did not use any water to thin it out. After about 24 hours of drying the result was amazing as you can see on the pictures. Now you only need to use sandpaper if you want them more smooth and paint them for that extra nice effect. Hope this was explainable for you all. Enjoy and have fun with your own buildings and terrain.
  10. I am very happy and proud to get so many good comments about my amateur work. since so many are interested, I will try to find some pictures when I made the items so you all may see. I will see if I manage this tonight when I am home from work. when it comes to the filler or what we call in Norway “sparkle” l guess it is many types and brands available and may be different from country to country. Why you got a bad result a really don’t know. But I did not water it out as I have seen other have done. I just applied with my fingers mostly as it was. And after 24 hours drying the good results came. It never looks good when just applied. Just make sure you put enough to smoothen every crack. I will make a new post soon so you all may see work in progress.
  11. I have always admired the skill of others how they made beautiful terrain. And I thought this was something I could never do. But then I just decided to give it a try with components I could find. I used mostly styrofoam and toilet paper rolls. But what made it beautiful was the coating with filler. It is not perfect but I am satisfied for it was supposed to be just prototypes of landscape, but turned out pretty good. I posted this so all we amateurs may see that is possible for us to make a decent landscape with normal things we could easily get.
  12. My New city battle Board. Soon the Empire and the Rebels will fight through the streets 🙂
  13. Star Wars: Legion - Imperial Specialists Personnel Expansion (Preorder) https://www.miniaturemarket.com/ffgswl27.html Star Wars: Legion - Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion (Preorder https://www.miniaturemarket.com/ffgswl26.html
  14. Armada is for the big boys, Generals and Admirals. What would you rather take control of, a small fighter, or a Battle Group with squadrons of fighters and war ships. I know where my place is.....do you.
  15. Wetaas

    New in Painting

    I am one of those who realy cant Paint any good and hate that the miniatures come unpainted. I envy everyone With painting skill and wish I could do just a fraction of what I see others do. So many talented People out there. But I cant let my miniatures be unpainted so I need to just try. The first I need is the Equipment to do so. So I ask you experienced painters what do I need to buy as a starter set, type of Paint and Equipment. I will not start With airbrush only pensel and Paint. Thank you for any feedback.
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