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  1. I expect ensnare will be quite expensive, probably increasing in price with higher initiative. My initial guess is around 8 points each at the low end and 16 points at the high end. That's very expensive, but I think it's reasonable -- Ensnare completely changes how the ship flies.
  2. Balthazar was indeed surprised to see Ariel so animated. Everyone has something that makes them excited, though the priest had not expected Ariel's interests to lie in fashion. "Yes, that nightweave could be a way to appear presentable at an evening event while wearing camouflage. That would be quite useful. For Balthazar's own fashion preferences, he immediately finds himself considering some bone white and wine colored fabrics. They would make a nice pairing and would diversify his wardrobe a bit without being too garish.
  3. I'm expecting Ensnare to be extremely expensive, maybe even analogous to the 7B Aethersprite title. Turning a tractor token on oneself into a tractor token on an enemy is tremendously powerful, and unless it was expensive I think few people would use any other talent.
  4. Whatever ships they make for the First Order, I hope they keep the same general color scheme as the existing FO ships. The black bodies with white paneling and red accents are uniform throughout the faction. Muddling that up by adding Empire grey and black would make FO fleets look much worse.
  5. "I've spoken to a few members of congregations during our downtime, and several spoke proudly about how they attended service every week! The laity on this planet have much more lenient standards of worship than I am accustomed to." He performs a personal prayer service at dusk and dawn each day, or as near that time as able. Balthazar has been mingling among the populace when able, keeping a low profile but trying to familiarize himself with city life. He's getting the hang of it for the most part but is beginning to find the constant artificial environment oppressive. Thaur is a heavily forested world, and walks through its' shadowed tranquil glades were a common form of stress relief for Balthazar. Walks down a crowded city block don't quite satisfy the same itch.
  6. Exactly. This trick already works for putting a Cloaking device on a Shadowcaster or other large ship.
  7. I hope this combo works the way I think it will work. Huge ship boosts will probably work a little differently than for smaller ships, but the mental image of an invisible frigate is good enough that I want to run this.
  8. But seriously, I think I'd put Leia on Han's ship to give him access to a force token when needed. Otherwise you're putting too many eggs in the Rey basket.
  9. Han and Leia would very much like to be on each other's ship
  10. I haven't left home without Advanced Sensors on a named Starviper since the start of 2.0, and I expect it will stay that way for a while. Other than that I tend to add very little to the chassis, otherwise the points climb too high for my taste. I would like to try Virago at some point because it seems like a useful tool to have, but I have yet to put it on the table.
  11. Playing scum exclusively so far, but looking to start resistance as well.
  12. I think they're suggesting they are hard to use well, but have a lot of potential. That means it's a low floor and a high ceiling.
  13. Balthazar absently rubbed his chest at the edge of his new subdermal armor plates. The installation had gone smoothly, but there was still some lingering soreness in places. It took some time to grow accustomed to a second skin. "Gathering some new clothes would be a wise choice. The only clothes I have worn for years are the vestments of my station, so something less conspicuous would be welcome. Black robes with silver skull pendants are the timeless mark of a man of substance, but they certainly draw attention on the street."
  14. I think if you are going to load up Rey in this manner, including the now-cheaper Contraband Cybernetics seems like a good idea. The main weakness of this Fat Rey build is the need to always lock in blue maneuvers after using Han and making your moves predictable. When you pop Cybernetics you can instead take whatever maneuver and actions you want, including red ones, and STILL clear all your stress the next round. Without Cybernetics I think the build might cost too much for the return it gives you, but with them I think it had potential.
  15. That would be a concussion missile. They added the damage card flipping ability to differentiate it somewhat from a regular old attack, but otherwise it's exactly what you're looking for. If they were a point or two cheaper I imagine they would be very popular. Edit: or are you hoping for something without a lock or focus requirement?
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