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  1. Covered in Weasels

    2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    I'll post tomorrow.
  2. Covered in Weasels

    Of Great and Terrible Things

    Balthazar adresses the psyker directly, containing his distaste for the time being. He returns the greeting formally: "Emperor be with you, Astropath Adept Ferris. I believe you have received word that an astropathic message needs to be sent to the Order of the Adepta Sororitas on Juno. We are here to tell you that message transmission can commence promptly."
  3. Covered in Weasels

    2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    I'll post early tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.
  4. Covered in Weasels

    It's been at least a week since the last Punisher thread

    I think it won't be quite that easy to get focus + target lock in one turn. They seem to be toning down access to fully modified shots, so firing a torpedo with 4 dice and only a target lock for mods will be pretty strong offense compared to an average ship.
  5. Covered in Weasels

    Scum Core Set 2nd Edition

    Glitterstim is a **** of a drug.
  6. Covered in Weasels

    Scum Core Set 2nd Edition

    The Pink Panther is Snagglepuss after he gave up his dreams of being an actor and turned to a life of crime. Welcome to Scum and Villainy, Pink!
  7. Covered in Weasels

    Scum Core Set 2nd Edition

  8. Covered in Weasels

    Of Great and Terrible Things

    ((Rolling Fear test +0, target number 32. Rolled 14 for 2 DoS)) The sight of the blind psykers walking past him made the hairs on Balthazar's neck rise. His fingers involuntarily clench on his hammer as he recalls the last time he saw a psyker: floating into the air, eyes crackling with warp-lightning... But the vision passes as quickly as it came, and he pulls himself together. He hopes none of the Novices noticed his reaction to the psykers.
  9. Covered in Weasels

    X-Wing 2nd Edition Forum Party Thread

  10. Covered in Weasels

    Creating Interceptor art: "Targets of Opportunity" (Updated with Art Card)

    This went right into my desktop background slideshow. Excellent job!
  11. Covered in Weasels

    [2E] Draft Format with Quick Builds?

    You could run it like a Rochester draft in Magic the Gathering: https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Rochester_Draft You lay out one "pack" of randomly determined cards on the table, then players take turns picking cards to add to their building pool. After drafting a few packs of cards, players would assemble the quick-build squad of their choice. Factions would function kind of like colors in MtG, as a player with a really good Imperial pilot would then be encouraged to draft other Imperial squadmates to use that pilot in their list. Having the choices visible to all players allows people to counter-pick and strategize against the ships that have shown up in the pool. This would work best with a pretty large group of people and enough cards that one is not guaranteed to get all the available ships in a faction.
  12. Covered in Weasels

    Force Stacking?

    I'm quite sure they will not allow stacked Force regeneration. I want to believe the year of playtesting caught broken things like the potential for massively regenerating Force batteries.
  13. Covered in Weasels

    Force Stacking?

    I believe this is consistent with other new upgrades that modify ship stats. For example, the 2.0 version of Shield Upgrade has the "+ 1 (shield)" icon in its rules text box.
  14. Covered in Weasels

    What 2.0 ship are you most excited about?

    Absolutely the Firespray and the Starviper. Possibly both at the same time.
  15. Covered in Weasels

    Of Great and Terrible Things

    Balthazar felt the hair on the back of his neck begin to rise as he sensed the taint of psychic activity. His fingers flexed on the grip of his hammer, held in front of him like a combination of walking staff and warding talisman. He made the sign of the Aquila with his free hand and began to murmur litanies of warding under his breath. ((We have a very, very psyker-phobic group -- as would be expected of any honest Imperial citizens ))