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  1. Balthazar steps forward and presents the Inquisition badge given to the Acolytes by Inelia. He looks around, trying to see a camera or some other viewport. He addresses the speaker in a clear voice: "My name is Balthazar Thorne. Myself and these two Sisters, Ariel and Estelia, are here at the behest of Lady Inelia." He holds his breath, hoping for a positive response from their mysterious host.
  2. Balthazar comes to a stop and blinks once or twice in surprise. He wasn't sure exactly what to expect from a secret Inquisition hideout, but it certainly wasn't this. After a moment of contemplation, he turns to the Sisters. "I do suppose we should walk right up to the door. If someone is watching the door they should be able to let us in."
  3. "New player cards arrive in this Mythos Pack, cards with palliative names like “Stick to the Plan,” “Narrow Escape,” or “Ward of Protection.” Looks like we're getting another version of everyone's favorite "No thank you, Mythos Deck" card
  4. Balthazar remembers reading about the grand cathedrals of Desoleum during his studies on Thaur. As the group wanders through the streets, the old dusty maps he scrutinized through the long hours of the night are made manifest in physical form all around him. He takes care to point out any buildings of religious import or statues of saints to the Novices. "There is a statue of Saint Ignaltus, patron saint of workers who might crush their hands in machinery while toiling for the good of the Imperium. This statue shows him in the moment before his martyrdom, as his sleeves are caught in an autofabricator and he is dragged screaming to his untimely end. Though his death was tragic, the long hours of work by Ignaltus and his peers assured that the foundries of Desoleum never fell silent even during the Great Plagues of M39.804. As you might imagine, a vast number of workers here speak prayers in his favor before every shift." Balthazar beams with reverent pride as he recounts this story for the Novices. After passing several statues devoted to oddly specific saints, Balthazar leads the group to the secret Inquisition hideout.
  5. Still running around like a headless chicken right now. I'll get something up ASAP though.
  6. I'll get a post up tonight. A family member has been very sick and I just finished a major school project, so I've been off the grid for a while
  7. ((Balthazar doesn't have training in Navigate (Surface), but he has a base Int of 40. He's probably the best one for the job.)) ((Rolling Navigate (Surface), target number 40. Rolled a 38 for one DoS.))
  8. Mark Harrigan's ability instructs you to draw a card when "damage is placed on a card you control." Does Mark's investigator card count as a card you control for this purpose?
  9. [[Rolling Influence test to acquire transport, target number 25. Rolled a 28 for 1 DoF -- so close!]]
  10. I'm fine with jumping ahead to the next part of the story (provided we can pass the Acquisition roll )
  11. Balthazar has never heard of the Grand Shrine of Oath either, but he's not about to let these whippersnappers know that. Instead, he nods sagely and says, "Yes, I agree. Traveling to the shrine will be perfectly expected behavior, and perhaps the clergy can help with our investigations."
  12. ((Rolling Common Lore (Imperium), target number 40. Rolled a 50 for 2 DoF.))
  13. Balthazar nods in agreement. "How about a combination of both approaches? We can take a ride to some location, switch rides, and then arrive near the villa. We can walk the last few blocks from there."
  14. Balthazar also sits down, resting his hammer against the table next to him. He carefully removes the wax seal and opens the tube, pulling out the contents and laying them on the table. His servo-skull hovers over his shoulder inquisitively.
  15. ((Rolling Awareness, target number 10. Rolled a 58 for 5 DoF.))