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  1. Of Great and Terrible Things

    For a moment, Balthazar looks like a child on the Feast Day of the Emperor's Ascension. Then he composes himself and wraps the brazier in a soft black cloth with solemn reverence. "I would be honored to bear this relic during my inquiries here, Father Carolinus. I will ensure that its light illuminates any who would hide from the Emperor's wrathful gaze. Thank you for placing your trust in me." Balthazar also reaches into his backpack and pulls out a small charm on a silver chain. It is an Imperial Aquila crafted from carefully selected bones of a small woodland creature, all carefully stitched to a black leather backing with silver thread. He hands it to Carolinus as a token of thanks and shakes the priest's hand before departing. As he leaves the Grand Shrine, we see that he has a wide grin on his face.
  2. Of Great and Terrible Things

    The sigil on the brazier is in the form of an upward pointing dagger with an aquila in place of the crossguard. Balthazar smiles as he remembers the story, and responds, "I always looked up to Saint Roberto as an example of how to conduct oneself in the face of adversity. He stayed loyal to his beliefs until death, something I always strive to do in matters of consequence. As for the brazier, that is a particularly striking example of Roberto's iconography, and I particularly like the menacing quality of the skull. It's an effect that is hard to pull of in metal, but the sculptor did an admirable job here."
  3. 2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    I'll get up my own post either tonight or tomorrow.
  4. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Balthazar looks at the brazier Carolinus is attending with some curiosity. "Good day, Carolinus. Truly I have never seen such a remarkable collection of relics in one place, even in the Grand Ossuary on my blessed home world of Thaur. May I ask what this is?"
  5. 2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    I'm back, the past couple weeks have been pretty crazy. I'll get a post up in the main thread.
  6. 2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    I've been super busy preparing for the Feast Day of the Emperor's Ascension. I'll get something in when I can in the next couple days, feel free to continue the other player's vignettes in the meantime.
  7. 2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    I imagine Carolinus is a little bit older than Balthazar -- perhaps in his early fifties. Other than that, his physical appearance and mannerisms are up to you.
  8. Of Great and Terrible Things

    ((Rolling Common Lore (Askellon Sector) -10, target number 30. Got a 57 for 3 DoF.)) ((Rolling Scholastic Lore (Philosophy) +10, target number 50. Got a 97 for 5 DoF.)) ((Rolling Inquiry +30, target number 83. Got a 31 for 6 DoS.)) Balthazar spent a long time in debate with the Desoleum clergy and learned much about their faith. While they still clearly followed the Imperial Creed, he found their fascination with life after death to be disconcerting. On Thaur, Balthazar was taught that the Emperor is the only being who can truly experience a deathless existence. Death after a life of service to the Imperium was viewed as the final reward of the faithful, where worldly suffering was left behind and a soul found the peace of oblivion. The souls of loyal Imperial citizens became one with the Emperor's soul, while their skeletal remains were used as bricks to build cathedrals and monuments in His name. Suggesting that humans would stand by the Emperor's side in some idealized afterlife implied that a life sacrificed in the Emperor's service was somehow not a sufficient reward for their devotion. It was not blasphemous by any stretch, but to Balthazar it seemed ungrateful. Balthazar pondered these thoughts as he glanced at his laud hailer servo skull. We know quite a lot about sacrifice in the Emperor's service, don't we, Barnabas? he thought ruefully. Snapping out of his reverie, he took in the scene around him at the entrance to the Grand Shrine of the Oath. A congregation of the faithful swelled around him as he passed the titanic iron-shod entrance doors, but he did not follow the crowd into the pews; his visit here was not for prayer but for a very specific purpose. Balthazar had engaged a particularly lively priest, Father Carolinus, in debate a few days ago, and the two men had formed a bond over many of their shared convictions. Carolinus had mentioned that Balthazar should visit him at the Shrine on this weekend to recieve "something to help him in his endeavors," but Balthazar wasn't exactly sure what that meant. He cast his eyes around, trying to pick out the man in the crowd.
  9. Not only that, Duke starts the game in play. If Duke is not in play, something has gone terribly wrong
  10. 2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    I'll have a post tomorrow.
  11. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Balthazar spends most of the three weeks either studying in the library or walking around the grand religious structures of the hive and conversing with the priests and pilgrims who spend their time there. He picks out books seemingly at random; one day he will be studying a treatise on Imperial Guard armored vehicle tactics, the next a tome on the culinary traditions of Desoleum. He also takes the time to run through some athletic exercises and hammer sparring drills each morning, and spends at least half an hour each evening in prayer or meditation. He does his best to converse with the guards and the Sisters when possible, telling them about his experiences as a priest on Thaur. It seems almost as though Balthazar cannot bear to be doing nothing; whenever he has a moment of idle time, he strives to fill it with some kind of activity. Though it is by no means a feral or feudal world, Thaur is a relatively low-tech compared to a place like Desoleum, and items like micro-beads are quite rare. Having seen the guards and Sisters use them to communicate, Balthazar makes it a priority to acquire one for himself. After having a conversation with the Novices about which model to buy ((which I imagine sounds a bit like a parent confusedly asking their children to explain the difference between various video game consoles)), Balthazar heads off into the market to buy himself a new micro-bead. However, Balthazar is gone for much longer than everyone else expects; when he returns, it is immediately apparent why he took so long. In his hands he holds a gleaming, skull-shaped, promethium-fueled brazier, and his face wears a gleeful grin to match his new backpack ornament. He will have lots of fun firing this thing up in the future.
  12. 2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    I'll get a post in tomorrow.
  13. Unspeakable Oath Player Cards

    I like the look of Dario in a Jenny deck. She can get to 10 resources easier than anyone with her passive ability and Hot Streak, and bumping two of her stats up to 4 when he's turned on is nothing to sneeze at. I'll have to test him more to see how he plays though, competing with Leo is a very tough place to be.
  14. Of Great and Terrible Things

    ((Rerolling Acquisition test for the Microbead using our new house rule. Rarity Average, target number 25 + 20 bonus = 45. Rolled a natural 1! I now have a microbead.))
  15. 2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    Ok, I'll reroll the microbead acquisition.