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  1. ((Balthazar has nothing else to add at this point, I think))
  2. ((Bought a Prescription increase and Inescapable Attack with my xp)) ((Failed Acquisition for smoke grenades and illuminator servo skull)) Balthazar goes to the market in search of new tools for the investigation. He finds a trustworthy- looking man in a trench coat off to the side of the market and purchases a small box of grenades and a servo skull for a very reasonable price. But upon returning to the villa, he finds ther motive systems removed and a box full of dud grenades. He'll be more careful about his sources next time.
  3. "I am glad the Emperor guided you back to us safely," says Balthazar. "We do have sone promising leads for our investigation. If we return tomorrow in our noble attire, we can obtain an audience with the 'Sister' who is running sone alms house operations. And there is another senior member there who may be visiting the Underhive; I would certainly like to question him. "Let us retire for the day, I think we have had enough adventure for the moment. " With that, Balthazar is ready to return to the villa.
  4. Balthazar hears Estelia's request for help and responds once away from the hivers. "Yes Estelia, I can still hear you loud and clear. Where are you? Do you recognize any landmarks near your location?" ((If there's an opportunity for an assisted Navigate check Balthazar could possibly help, but he's pretty bad at anything Perception based.))
  5. Balthazar has no more questions for the hivers, and he thanks them for their help. At this point he sees two possible courses of action -- talk to Sister Intias in the Alms House or go looking for Brother Baranthas. Which one they choose to pursue first is up for the group as a whole to decide.
  6. Balthazar tenses ever so slightly when he heard the mention of Alms House officials bringing others "into the fold." That doesn't seem like a phrase used by charitable aid workers, but could potentially signal something nefarious behind the scenes. Perhaps his past experience with cults on Thaur was making him overly jumpy, but a suspicious mind is a healthy mind. Either way, he thanks Tandy and Skive for their information, gives them any promised payment, and asks for a description of all the mentioned parties, "in case I happen to run into them." He intimates that he will be very grateful indeed if the two of them would keep him appraised of any further comings and goings from the Alms House. He hears the commotion above but remains where he is, since it seems things are mostly under control at the moment.
  7. Balthazar beckons the two hivers closer. "Now I'm keen to spread the Emperor's Generosity to the inhabitants of these halls, but I want to make sure my money's going to the right place. You two look like resourceful people, and I hope you could help me track down the people in charge at the alms house. If I can get into one of their meetings, I'm sure we can discuss donations and other such matters. Why, we could provide outreach and opportunities for blocks in every direction!" He hands each of them a few thrones; "An advance payment, to get the wheels turning. Once we find what we're looking for there will be a bonus for you both."
  8. Balthazar would like to play up the role of a pious but somewhat naive nobleman looking to help the poor in whatever way he can. He wants to determine when one of these special meetings are held so he can speak to the alms house owners about patronage. And of course, if these two fine individuals can help him track down this information he is willing to make a personal donation to their well-being.
  9. Balthazar approaches the alms house. He mingles with the crowd, occasionally asking questions of passerby to get a general idea of what's going on. He puts on the affectation of a mildly interested noble, trying to appear as throughly unremarkable as possible. ((Rolling Inquiry at +10, target number 68. Rolled a 31 for 4 DoS.))
  10. @Autosketch (formerly known as citruscannon) makes some really stunning pieces. This thread has their alt art Soontir in the first post of the thread.
  11. ((Balthazar doesn't actually have anything else to af at this point, that seems like a good place for a scene transition.))
  12. "An excellent plan if I do say so myself. Emperor willing, this should provide us some promising results. "
  13. Are you pleased with the results the alternate experience costs in the Taboo list have had on deck building? Do you think you went too far or not far enough with some cards? And are there any currently circulating cards you believe may require tweaking via the Taboo list?
  14. Balthazar went searching for a new weapon to complete his disguise. As much as it pained him to leave his ceremonial warhammer at the villa, it was simply too conspicuous to carry on their next assignment. While perusing the market stalls and storefronts of the hive, he happened across the estate sale of a deceased minor noble. Among the antique furniture and paintings was a fine broadsword with an ornate gilded crossguard in the shape of an aquila. The weapon had apparently been intended as a duelling piece for the noble, but as its late owner had no further use for it Balthazar was able to acquire it for a very reasonable price.
  15. "If I am to dress up as a noble, I won't be able to justify the presence of a ceremonial hammer. A walking cane or a sword would be a much more appropriate option for defense. But add I understand it, nobles often carry a sidearm for personal protection and a pistol would not seem out of place."
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