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  1. Hi guys ! I have been wondering for a while about the possible end of the LOTR LCG. I observe a slowdown of the extensions and especially a lack of information on the future of this living card game. Do you know if there will be a sequel ? Cordially, Ekika
  2. thank you very much, I wanted to be sure 😄
  3. Hello guys ! I have a question for you. The card "Merchant's District" of "The Battle of Lake-Town" has the shadow effect : "Deal 1 damage on Lake-Town. (4 damage instead if undefended.)" But, for a player to defend against an enemy engaged in combat with us (with sentinel), we must declare this attack undefended. So, does the Lake-Town take 4 damage or just 1 ?
  4. Hello, I have a question for you, when a card is played from its hand, it is discarded after its effect, so, do we recover in his hand "A test of will" with the effect of "Silver Harp" after having countered a encounter card ? Thanks guys
  5. Hi ! I'm french and I don't speak english verywell but I have a question. At the beginning of the quest phase, we have an action, but can you do an action after sending our characters in the quest? Before revealing the cards? It's very important, because if we can do that, we straighten the characters before revealing the treachery and therefore resist some effects.
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