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  1. Good afternoon, I have a local group here in SW Florida for Game of Thrones and we would like to start running leagues at our local comic and game shop. We would like to have prize support- so we see the game night kits- I beleive it is too late to order anything for season 2 (guess we have to wait for season 3) How long is a season and how do you obtain more game night kits if you ever ran out and needed more? Can you only order them from FantasyFlight or does any other distributor carry any leftover, unsold game night kits? Thanks!
  2. Viper, What are the top decks being used in your playgroup?
  3. Not only does the word affordable come into play but also player support? how much help are new players getting in your area to make them want ot stay in the game? At my local gaming store- a friend of mine from another card game I used to play (Vs.) wanted to get into GoT- I told him all about it- linked him to this site for the products- game demo videos, ect. When he first got his core set- instead of using one of the many decks I had- we played a melee game with just his core set and thats it- this helped him get into the game and get the mechanics and all that fun stuff. Now he has a lot of cards and also got his g/f and his roomate to play the game as well. I got an extra 2 new players just from doing that alone! Now I also used to play Magic on a constant basis- and the support where I live for the game is downright a crime- and a reason I do not play FNM anymore and only play casual with my friends on my own- during my time playing at my local game store on a Friday night- I can at least remember over 20 new people getting into the game and then quitting right away due to the "unsavory low-life" types that plague Magic- ripping new people off for cards- telling them to buy cards from sets that are going to rotate out in a month were standard practive there- also not helping new players made me too sick to continue playing Magic at all on a FNM level. Also there is no Got card that goes for over 40 bucks that you need 4 of to win- I remember when I was playing Magic- the hot card to have was Jace the Mind Sculptor and he was over a 100 bucks……….for ONE card! Any players response there was -"you need to have 4 of these to do good here" Sorry I have bills and other things I like to do before I will ever do that., then I found out about LCGs- wadda know? I can buy a couple of chapter packs for the cost of ONE Jace at the time! And the cards never rotate out!
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