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  1. Awesome, thanks for that. We did the same as you, I thought at least if we did it wrong it was a hinderance rather than an advntage to us, so its not cheating. But based on what you said I think we did it right. Cheers!
  2. I was playing dungeons deep and caverns dim with a friend and we completed stage 2 by answering a riddle corretly two cards into the four we needed to draw for the staging step. Stage 1 already had enough progress to advance so we moved on to stage 3 and activated its when revealed effect. But now we were on a different stage and the rule to reveal an additional encounter card per player was gone and replaced by one where trechery cards gain surge. So wht should we have done? Does the staging step and or quest phase end when you change stages? Or should we have now revealed one more card (instead of two but adding surge to trecheries) for the second player's part of the staging step and then applied progress to the new quest stage?
  3. If you switch a hero between scenarios all players get a +1 threat penalty. But what if you lose that scenario and decide to revert back to the hero you swapped out? In most cases in campaign mode if you replay the scenario any changes to your campaign log are reversed, e.g. fallen heroes, boons/burdens acquired. Is it the same in this case, and the +1 threat penalty would go away? Or would it instead become a +2 threat penalty for two hero switches, even though you haven't advanced because the switch took place between, and not during, the scenario you are replaying?
  4. This cards shadow effect says the enemy engages the next player and makes an attack. In single player there is no next player, so is this effect null, or does it just attack you again?
  5. The rules say a hero is added to the fallen heroes list at the end of a scenario. The rules also say there is no penalty for losing a scenario and you can just retry from where you lost. Does this mean heroes are only added to the fallen heroes list if they perish during a game you won? That would be fairer and make more sense. But this game is never that nice!
  6. All stage 3Bs say when "Frodo's choice is revealed at this stage move onto stage 4B". Does that mean all other players remain in their own staging areas on their respective 3Bs till the end and one player has to face 4B alone? Because the only way they could join as far as I cna see would be by Frodo's choice shuffling back into the deck and getting discarded during their subsequent quest phases.
  7. I read somewhere that a healing effect like Daughter of Nimrodel can be activated in the refresh phase after she's readied, and because its the refresh phase it'll ready again. I assume this is wrong as the action window would be after characters ready.
  8. If you defeat Ancient Marsh dweller on stage 3 does the effect on stage 4A put it back in play?
  9. You're correct as to what packs I have. Thanks for the advice! I'm happy to buy 1 or 2 other force packs if they'll really help. You make a great point about the weakness of Wookie Life Debt with only one copy. What SaS objective would you suggest to replace it? I've heard great things about "Along the Gamor run", maybe that?
  10. I have a small collection for this game that I use to build a light and dark side deck which a friend and I use to face off, but for a while now the DS deck has had complete dominance. I'm doing everything I can to improve the LS deck, but I'm out of ideas. Here's the deck lists: Any tips for improving the LS, or suggestions why LS is struggling, much appreciated. (Note: I know a 2nd core set would help, so I'll hear arguments for 2nd Hero's Journey, etc, but looking first for cheaper options) LS Affiliation: SaS Trust Me - SAS R:2 - Edge of Darkness Lando Calrissian Saboteur Cloud City Cassino Sabotage Target of Opportunity Asteroid Sanctuary SAS R:1 - Edge of Darkness Millenium Falcon Cloud City Operative Cloud City Guest Quarters Bamboozle Twist of Fate Questionable Contacts SAS R:1 - Core Han Solo Twi'lek Smuggler Cloud City Cassino Swindled Crossfire Wookie Life Debt SAS R:1 - Edge of Darkness Chewbacca Wookie Warrior x2 Let the Wookie Win Heat of Battle -A Hero's Journey - J R:2 - Core Luke Skywalker Twi'lek Loyalist Jedi Lightsaber Trust Your Feelings Dagobah Training Grounds -Forgotten Heroes - J R:1 - Core Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi In Hiding Jedi Mind Trick Our Most Desperate Hour Heat of Battle -In You Must Go - J R:1 - Core Yoda Believer in the Old Ways Hii-Cho-Training Dagobah Training Grounds Counter-Strike 2x-May the Force Be With You J R:1 - Join Us or Die Yoda Dagobah Nudj Dagobah Training Grounds Yoda, You Seek Yoda Seeds of Decay -Last Minute Rescue - J R:1 - Core Redemption Cornelian Engineer Return of the Jedi Emergency Repair Force Rejuvenation DS Affiliation: IN -Death and Despayre - IN R:2 - Core Devestator Imperial Officer Control Room Defense Upgrade Heat of Battle 2x-Unstoppable Advance - IN R:2 - Battle of Hoth - IN Affiliation Only AT-AT x2 AT-AT Assault Formation Orbital Resupply Station Aggressive Assault -Imperial Command - IN R:2 - Core Admiral Motti Duty Officer Heavy Stormtrooper Squad x2 Orbital Bombardment -The Ultimate Power - IN R:1 - Core - IN Affiliation Only Grand Moff Tarkin Superlaser Engineer Stormtrooper Elite Control Room Superlaser Blast -Counsel of the Sith - S R:1 - Core Advisor to the Emperor Kuati Security Team Sith Library Dark Precognition Twist of Fate -The Emperor's Web - S R: 1 - Core Emperor Palpatine Emperor's Royal Bodyguard Sith Library Force Lightning Force Choke -Fall of the Jedi - S R:1 - Core Darth Vader Dark Side Apprentice Vader's Lightsaber Force Choke Heat of Battle -The Ghosts of the Dark Side - S R:1 - Edge of Darkness Force Wraith x2 Dark Memories x2 Fore Shockwave -Vader's Fist - S R:1 - Battle of Hoth 501st Trooper x2 501st legion E-Web Repeating Blaster Battle of Hoth
  11. In the case of a card like "Hithaeglir Foothills - The Dunland Trap", which gains one resource "after a player draws any number of cards", is this 2 resources during the draw phase because two players drew a card? Or is it just one if players draw simultaniously. Because Hithaeglir Foothills has no cap for instance,when we played it forced the threat in the staging area up to almost twenty, while Stage 3 had another activate location in play so we couldn't travel there, and we were way too burdened with enemies to quest all out. Bit broken if so.
  12. If I'm using an all leadership dwarf deck and a very good tale discards Kili (who is spirit) does this card bypass the need for a matching resource icon like vilya does?
  13. One treachery mentions each active location, can there be more than one active location in this scenario? Cos it would really help, and make this card make lots more sense! Also when damaging locations, do they leave play when their quest points are met by damage counters? Or can they have unlimited damage?
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