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  1. Wolfgar said: Closest I have seen to team combat is one player summoning a monster to their location, evading it, and then having the second player in their location kill it. That's a clever little trick! Thanks for that! Seems like the best/only way to team up!
  2. Hey all, I have been reading the rulebooks to all the expansions at the arkham horror wiki. Although the Miskatonic Horror expansion rulebook is oddly absent from their list. I tried searching the forums for it here but was unable to find it! Just curious if anyone knows where I may find the rulebook online. Thank you!
  3. The photographer, (sorry if I spelt his name incorrectly) he is able to draw two location encounter cards in arkham and pick whichever he would deem beneficial. Now if he lands on a space where you can substitue an encounter for a specific encounter, (Bank, Police Station, Any store) would he be allowed to draw one card from the enounter deck and if it was a bad one instead use the encounter at that specific location?
  4. Julia said: Ho Ho Ho Ho! I know this is changing the topic here but this picture, I just love haha. Does anyone have the Cthulhu Christmas calendar ios app? It does a count down for all of december with a christmas themed lovecraft picture. such as
  5. Since if you run out of gate tokens the GOO(Great Old One?) awakens I usually spend my gate tokens and only use my monster trophies if I run out. Usually being spent on becoming the deputy and/or blessings.
  6. It helps a lot! Thank you for your prompt replies Julia! As time goes on I'm sure I will have more questions!
  7. Ahh well that makes perfect sense. Combat always occurs during the movement phase? Not during the Mythos phase whenever the monster moves? Because the situation that I got in was that two investigators ended on a street to trade some items and then a monster moved to the street area. So from what I imagine nothing would happen until the movement phase of whatever investigator goes first. Just looking to clarify.
  8. Hey all just kind of reviving this with a follow up question. Just curious if there is anything in the rules about two investigators on the same street or location can team up and combat the monsters together. If there are no official rules are their any house rules people have use to be either effective and or fun?
  9. Just curious if anyone has any specific recommendations to get the expansions. I was just thinking on getting them in the order they were released. Although I have read that they revised the Dark Pharaoh which I believe to have been the first. Regardless I am thinking I will start with an expansion that just adds cards and new mechanics no board. So yeah any insight or advice would be appreciated!
  10. After losing my first four games I was finally triumphant on my fifth attempt. We had Harvey Walters, Joe Diamond, Darrel Simmons and Vincent Lee. The game started off very slowly with Vincent and Darrel travelling to different shops to buy items to equip the team. While Joe Diamond focused on gathering clues and sealing a gates. Harvey was on monster killing duty. We stuck to this strategy nearly the whole game. Eventually Darrel jumped in to help Joe close and seal some gates. Vincent following Harvey to make sure his stamina would never drop too low and Harvey himself always focused on cleaning up the streets of arkham from it's supernatural threat. The sleeping ancient one was Ithaqua. Joe and Darrell managed to seal almost all of the gates except a single gate still open on the Unnamable, with the doom tracker nearly full. Our main monster killer Harvey was forced into the streets after an unpleasant encounter in the woods. With only a single stamina remaining the cold winds of Ithaqua finished him off and Harvey went to St.Marys for a well deserved rest. Although most of the items he was using were lost. I can explain to you the despair we felt when Harvey lost all most of his spells and weapons. With the doom tracker so close and with little to no way to combat Ithaqua we thought we were done…..for good. Darrel still had a Elder Sign and made for the gate. Joe Diamond and Vincent Lee cleared the way and Darrel was able to travel to the sunken city of r'lyeh, survive, and use his elder sign to seal the gate ending the threat of Ithaqua for good! It was my first victory in the game and it was incredibly exciting I can't wait for more play time whether we win or lose this game is simply great!
  11. So I am new to this game and will probably be asking many questions over the next few weeks so I hope people don't mind if I pick their brains a little bit. Well right now I am just curious if shub-niggurath's power that increases all monsters toughness by one will still affect the monster trophies that you gain. My group and I decided to allow it because if they were more difficult to kill there should be a greater rewards.
  12. Hello Everybody! My lovely girlfriend just purchased me this game, (After seeing me stare at it in a window everytime we walked by the local comic shop) for my birthday! I spent the day reading all the rules and played a mock game by myself so I can show my friends and we can engage in a good game. I was finally able to get some people together for a game, it was slow moving at first but once everyone understood the rules things went smoothly. Now a particular friend of mine, a loud one. Was always challenging certain rules and trying to omit or add new ones that he deemed fair. Some of them I agreed with just to streamline the game a little better, and some because they just added some fun without taking away from the game. After the game we discussed it and someone commented "This game is made for house rules". Now personally I disagree with this as the rulebook I found to be extensive, alebit sometimes confusing but it works. My friends are wanting more house rules to the game, personally I don't really care but they are my friends and if I don't add some house rules they won't play. My question is just as the topic says! Does anyone play with some house rules? or are they something we should not even talk about? If anyone does have some house rules I would like to hear them, I am hoping they are more refined than the house rules a bunch of new players came up with. Please keep in mind I am new to this game and have yet to get any of the expansions, so I would appreciate not throwing too much my way haha. Thank you for your time!
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