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  1. Any stores/groups in the NYC area that are discussing or playing Legion?
  2. Simply stunning. Sorastro - quick question. How are you planning to prime your Rebel Speeder—Corax white?
  3. Woking, UK 27 players (5 rounds Swiss, top 4 cut) 1st - Unkar/FN/Trooper 2nd - Unkar/FN/Trooper 3rd/4th - Poe/Maz and Qui-gon/Rey
  4. UK only please - looking for IG-88 (x2) and a Rocket Launcher. Have a variety of legendaries and rares from Spirit of Rebellion--send me your want list and let's see what we can do.
  5. Definitely not bailing on SoR! SoR is still readily available in England at the moment so I'm just getting some boxes from my FLGS instead (picking them up tomorrow!). That was really the icing on the cake for me on this situation with TC--I was going to watch it sell out here locally while I wait indefinitely for them to get their act together. No thank you. Went ahead and submitted my formal FTC complaint today as well as sent an email to FFG about this; will deal with the OK attorney general, local authorities and BBB complaints tomorrow. Gives me something to do while waiting on my SoR + I'm hopeful that my response will help TC shape up and start treating their customers the way they deserve.
  6. You're one day ahead of me (well, before I disputed the credit card charge yesterday....)--I ordered on February 14th. The "months" comes from my query to them about whether it could be weeks or months, and their refusal to deny it or provide any estimate whatsoever. In relevant excerpts from my email chain with them (happy to post their very hostile responses about cancellation too if people are interested): Me: "Thanks Robert. So does "no estimates" mean it may be weeks or even months before it ships? I guess I had misunderstood the update email the other day to mean that TC had sufficient stock and it was a matter of just packaging it (i.e. A few days late at most)." TC's response: "There is simply too little information presently, so there are no estimates of any kind for the time being." TC's response: "Suffice it to say though, we literally have zero information right now about the pending delivery of the rest of our supply. I understand you have made commitments to participating in events, but I cannot even begin to offer any kind of estimate to you given the current scenario as that would be impossible and irresponsible of me to do so. "
  7. Yes. I've got some time today so will also file claims with the FTC and the local regulator.
  8. I went one more round of emails with them yesterday and they told me to jump in a lake, they're not refunding me even though it could be months before they ship my stuff. So I went ahead and disputed the charge with my credit card provider--I'm sure I'll win. Truly shocking attitude by them IMO. Their success is intimately linked with their reputation and for no identifiable reason (other than they already got their profit and don't want to let it go) they have permanently torched their relationship with me (when I could have instead been a repeat customer for life). Once I post/repost this on other forums as a warning I imagine they'll lose other business as well (if people have any common sense!). And, given the special relationship they have with FFG, I'll go ahead and send FFG an email about this so they're aware of the negative play experience Team Covenant is generating for Destiny. ANY other retailer would let you let you out of a preorder and take the fall for the fact they oversold it. The fact Team Covenant refuses to do so puts them below every other retailer I'm aware of. It's truly profit first, customer last with them and people need to go into it with eyes wide open going forward--learn from my mistake in trusting them.
  9. Ironic that the whole product is pitched on certainty - yeah you'll get the dice but when you get them is not at all guaranteed. In a game where sets are scheduled to release every four months, not being able to get product to your customer is a disaster. Compounded by crappy customer service that refuses to process a refund.
  10. Team Covenant is refusing to process any refund, notwithstanding the fact it could be "months" before they fulfill their orders. Wow. I'll be filing a credit card dispute today but seriously FYI to anyone considering buying from them in the future - you may get your sets months late and they will refuse to refund you. I'll be posting warnings about this on other forums--happy to share the actual correspondence if people want to see it. Extremely disappointing from a place I had heard good things about--buyer beware.
  11. How is everyone else tracking that ordered a saga set for SOR from Team Covenant? Mine hasn't shipped yet and am being told "there are no estimates of any kind" as to when it might ship (not even when I asked them if it could be weeks or months before it ships). Sigh. Not their fault if they're having supply issues as long as they handle it okay. Going to ask for a cancellation as I don't want to miss out on tournaments etc--I'll update based on how they handle it. Anyone else in the same boat?
  12. How does Dengaroo handle triple scouts? Can it?
  13. Anyone had any success with the beast that is the YV-666 against the horde of PalpAces, U-boats, etc?
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