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  1. Maxim C. Gatling said: I'd make him earn it in-game somehow. Instead of just "as a Comrade", how about "constructed from a deceased Comrade". Even in death, I continue to serve. Maxim C. Gatling said: Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think "Hell, ya a Medicae Servo Skull would be cool". But don't just GIVE him one. Glad you like the sound of the idea. And your suggestions actually make sense. I don't want to go overkill on tiher starting stuff. Perhaps when a member of the squad, comrade or PC, gets killed off, he can try convincing a Techprist to turn the remains into the Diagnosticator Skull. Whatever happens I'm sure it will be a memorable addition to the squad.
  2. Here's the regiment I'm running for my first ever campaign. My players and I collaberated on the background for a few days beforehand, to really get some detail into the regiment's histroy and character. The Nova Kadian 14th Mechanized Regiment, the Steel Panthers Origin: Frontier World Regiment Type: Mechanized Infantry Training Doctrine: Hardened Fighters Special Equipment Doctrine: Well Provisioned Regimental Drawback: Rivalry (18th Scintillan Fusiliers) Regiment Favoured Weapons: Grenade Launcher, Autocannon. Regiment Commander: Colonel Johann Tychus Marsh Temperament: Maverick A fearless officer who leads by example, beloved by his men but held in near-contempt by some in the Calixis sector's command structure due to his independent and often pugnacious temperament. He can usually be found directly supervising the regiment's assaults in his uniquely modified Salamander Command Vehicle, coordinating their blitzkrieg attacks with deadly efficiency, and inspiring his men with decisive but flexible intuition. A gruff but still personable man who enjoys a good smoke and drink when the occasion is appropriate, he is a commanding figure, not tall, but thickly-built with broad-shoulders and prominent cheekbones, dark blond hair, grey eyes and a cleft chin. He has an augmetic lower left arm which he switches out for a power fist in battle. He is somewhat young at only 54 years of age to be in command of a full regiment, but his ingenuity and hard-hitting drive to win have proven that he is more then worthy of his rank. Regiment History: The frontier world of Nova Kadia was colonized by elements of the 118th Cadian Mechanized regiment in M39.1442, who were awarded settling rights to the world after conquering it from a perfidious xenos race. An agri-world dominated by rolling hills and long grassy plains, the settlers still took advantage of their mechanical skills and ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus to farm and harvest foodstuffs with the use of large and powerful machinery. Thus most denizens of this world have some, if not extensive, familiarity with the operation and maintenance of tracked vehicles. In M40.3699, a scouting force from the Tau Empire arrived on Nova Kadia and ended up in conflict with the planetary militia and their elite patrol warriors, the Nova Rangers, a force of fast moving scouts and law-enforcers whose knowledge of their home terrain and hit-and-run tactics enabled them to score several decisive victories against the Tau. Despite this resistance, the xenos decided that the planet would still be incorporated into their Empire, and a much larger invasion force of Fire warriors from the Vior'la Sept arrived to pacify the world. Despite beaming distress calls deep into the Warp, asking for aid from Imperial Guard forces, it was not until twenty-three years later that reinforcements from the Dantean 9th Armoured Regiment and the 18th Scintillan Fusiliers arrived to help drive the Tau aggressors away for good. This long wait for aide, coupled with the imperious and demeaning attitudes of the Scintillan soldiery who looked down at the Nova Kadians as a collection uncouth farm-hands and social inferiors barely worth their time to assist, forged a stubborn and mistrusting edge in the already gruff and independent frontier-worlders. The Scintillan commanders favoured bombardment tactics would also often exact a bloody toll on occupied homesteads and production buildings the frontiersmen could little afford to see destroyed, and further ingrained a fierce dislike of the gaudy and overbearing Scintillans in the planet's populace. Still, the Tau were repulsed and Nova Kadia liberated, but due to the extended conflicts ruining much crop-land and delaying grand-scale harvests for over two decades, the world was unable to meet its Tithes in the normal fashion, and instead its governor decided that the now battle-hardened people should instead volunteer extra numbers for the formation of Imperial Guard regiments. Over fourteen Light Infantry regiments were raised from Nova over the course of the next six years, and though at first lightly equipped and often underestimated, the Nova Kadian troopers began proving their mettle in a variety of conflicts in and around the Spinward front of the Calixis sector. The most noteworthy of any of these battles was the 14th Nova Kadian light infantry, then simply called the Panthers, and their grueling war to liberate the Forge World of Stark Minoris from Ork invasion. Despite taking significant casualties, enough to reduce the regiment to only half of its original fighting strength over a ten-month-long conflict, the flexible and intuitive tactics the Nova Kadians had learned in their war against the Tau allowed them to eventually destroy the Ork forces before they could grow into a full-blown Waaagh! In a show of thanks for the 14th's efforts in rescuing their production facilities, the Adeptus Mechanicus Magi of Stark Minoris graciously struck a pact with their commanding officers, supplying them with Chimeras from their very own forges and the necessary contingent of Tech-priests and Enginseers care for the machine spirits of said vehicles. Elevated to the status of Mechanized Regiment, the 14th renamed themselves the Steel Panthers and have since gone on to many victories, combining their flexible fast-attack skills with the armored strength of a fully mechanized assault. Masters of blitzkrieg warfare, the 14th Steel Panthers are now often deployed to difficult battlezones, or warfronts where the offensive has stagnated, using the speed and maneuverability of their Chimeras to outflank, penetrate or simply run through enemy defenses. Soldiers from this regiment tend to be brash, individualistic and self-reliant. They follow the orders of their own leaders with absolute respect and foster close ties with the Adeptus Mechanicus, but tend to distrust any other outside authority, remembering the long years of battling the Tau without any help from the rest of the Imperium. Troopers who have history in their homeworld's Nova Ranger corp are often assigned special gear and rare weaponry, such as Chamoleoline cloaks and modified lascarbines with auxilary grenade launchers.They also maintain an especially bitter dislike of Scintillan soldiers, particularly those from the 18th, whom they have often run into since the liberation of their homeworld and have never ceased to clash with them as a result of the callous actions taken there by the high-born regiment. Regiment Strength: 6,500 infantry and non-commissioned officers, (1,500 troopers circulating reserve status due to Chimera numbers) 91 Command Officers, (65 Lieutenants, 16 Captains, 8 Majors, 1 Lieutenant-Colonel, 1 Colonel.) 18 Commissariat Personnel (3 Commissars, 3 Junior Commissars, 12 Storm-Troopers). 1900 Vehicle crew members 790 Adeptus Mechanicus Personnel, (1 Magos Logis, 1 Magos Technicus, 60 Tech-Priests, 150 Enginseers, 178 Adepts, 400 Servitors) Regiment Armory: 500 Chimera Armoured Personnel Carriers 35 Hellhound Flame Tanks 30 Devil Dog Anti-armour Tanks 5 Bane-Wolf Chem Tanks. 17 Salamander Command Vehicles. 12 Atlas Recovery Tanks 20 Sentinel Scout Walkers
  3. So basically one of my players is going to be a medic, and he has asked for permission to have a Servo-skull included as part of his equipment. As a big fan of the universe and books, I know that Servo-skulls are commonly found in use by the Imperial Guard. They are included in the model kits, and acess to them seems, if not common, then at least not exceedingly rare either. But I couldn't find any rules in the book itself for using or interacting with the little flying servitors. So this is what I came up with. I am going to allow him the skull under the justification it is a specially modified medicae diagnosticator, to be treated essentially as a Auspex with the Flying trait. Anyone have any thoughts on this, or other suggestions for how Servo Skulls could be implemnted into the game?
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