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  1. I see this is a relatively old post, BUT, I looked on roll20 because I wanted to continue my game with my group so there wouldn't have to be 3 hr drive times, but I found nothing on there for 1e Dark Heresy. Thoughts?
  2. Okay, so I had a DH game running for almost a year, then we moved, and I can't really continue with the group that I had for obvious reasons. however, I'm starting a new group, one extremely new player, one serious veteran, and my lovely girlfriend who plays the Psyker that wrecks my game every time I throw something serious at them...... Any way, here's the thing, they had an Inquisitor that they were hunting for being rogue, then ended up working for as Radicals (go team), well, this new group, the NPC that will be their main point of contact as a brand new, seriously expendable war party, is going to be that same Inquisitor, only before he was an actual Inquisitor, and merely, well, not even a Throne Agent. But here's my thing, I want to run something along the lines of the Diablo III storyline, and I apparently threw away my intro adventure that came with the GM Screen, so, is there somewhere in the 'Verse that I can find a creature creation table? Or did I simply overlook it in the main book, which wouldn't be a first for me? Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. If you're doing the archeotech/Heretek route I had a similar idea after reading the Ravenor novels, where they had stumbled across a drug called Flects, which I originally had wanted to use in my game, BUT, the further I read, the more I realized that flects were, literally, a gateway drug. There was a planet caught in a Warpstorm for 300 years, and people found it when the Warpstorm dissipated, but, everything was tainted, and the "drugs" were really pieces of glass that were inundated with Warp energy, and well, let's just say it ended badly for the most part, BUT, it also gave some pretty cool acid trips OR it gave really bad acid trips, i.e. demon possession. I digress though. Just like the glass, everything else was tainted by the Warp,but it didn't stop scavengers and Rogue Traders from cashing in on the tech they salvaged from the planet, cogitators, etc. Well, everything had bad juju written all over it, but, only a Psyker would have noticed this after examining it, and well, they brought all this tech back, sold it, and it started wreaking havok in Hives by introducing scrap code into all systems a little at a time depending on the number of archetotech cogitator's put into the system. They were efficient though, hehehe.
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