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  1. Wish the knives could go on a Silvan character, but they're still nice to have. I rarely run Tactics in my Silvan decks, and I always run Galadriel, so it's nice to have a way to boost attack without the red sphere.
  2. Something no one has noted yet: Gimli and Legoals don't have to be in the same deck to trigger each other. You could run Legolas in a Noldor/Silvan deck on one hand and Gimli in an all Leadership Dwarf deck on the other, and still benefit from the extra actions (and have an easier time triggering them). Oh sure, it defeats the thematic fun of running a three hunters deck, and it goes against what the designers are trying to encourage in this cycle, but that way you can actually use their ranged and sentinel to help each other that way. Love this design idea. Unlike Elladan and Elrohir, you don't have to have them both on the table to be good, but it's better when you do.
  3. A: Dori. This matchup ought to be the finals, because I think these are the worst two heroes in the game (though Fatty isnt far behind so no grave injustice has been done). This was a hard decision. Spirit Pippin has always been bad, but when he was released, he at least had a place in the cardpool. There were very few hobbit heroes, and for the first time you could run an all hobbit hero deck. Sure, all of his utility disappeared once Black Riders was released, but for a short time he had a place in this game. Dori was released late enough in this game's life that he has no place and I feel no compulsion to ever try him in a deck. Both of these card will rest in my car box forever, but at least one of them didn't always belong there. B: Fatty. I've used both to good effect in games, but Bombur's ability is better and he can be an ok defender.
  4. A: Spirit Pippin. Had to be the prohibitive favorite from here on out. He and Fatty are heading for an epicnheadnto head. B: Dori. I've used Dwalin before, and at a certain point in the game's life he had a reason to exist. I don't understand Dori's purpose. C: Bombur. He's not awful, but Bifur is pretty good. Surprised he's in the bottom eight. D: Fatty. Galdor's pretty good, and the final four neeeds to be all dwarfs and hobbits.
  5. I like to play all scenarios blind the first time, and I generally expect to lose (though I don't always). Dunland Trap is the epitome of this idea. Slaughtered me the first time the trap was sprung.
  6. I play two-handed, FYI. Played quests two and three yesterday for the first time. Beat Siege of Gondor on the first try and got the best possible result (only five rounds to finish), but it was a near thing. Basically had my entire fellowship at the damage max and had to YOLO quest to victory on the last turn or everyone would die. The whole idea is to explore ship locations so that you have a small conquered Corasiar fleet to sail to Gondor. Every time you travel to a ship, a Corsair enemy comes out of the encounter deck and bad things happen (they gain archery or their engagement cost is reduced). There's loads of direct damage from the enemies and the main objective, which either pumps out direct damage or causes and extra encounter card to be revealed. It wasn't a hard quest, and if you aren't playing it in campaign mode (so that you're driven to finish), I think it would be pretty easy. However, campaign mode also made it easier, because I could fetch Anduril for new Aragorn on turn one and I had Army of the Dead out too. It's a fairly forgettable scenario, perhaps overshadowed by the fact that we are fighting Corsairs in memorable battles during the current cycle. Battle of the Pelennor Fields was really tough and it kicked my butt. I made a bad decision to avoid questing early so that I could deal with some of the enemies in the staging area (and there are a lot of them!), but the damage piled up so fast on Minas Tirith it was shocking. It's extra hard in campaign mode because when you get to the last stage, all of those Haradrim that are in the campaign log from the Black Gate come out to party. It's got lots of neat elements going on from stage to stage as it tries to capture all of the epic things that happened during the battle. One of the things that surprised me is how quickly it went. I was expecting a long, drawn out siege like Helm's Deep, but this is nothing like that. There's a pause where you have a short time to build up forces, and then it's on as enemies upon enemies invade from Mordor. From that point on, you have to figure out how to best make a dent in their forces as they relentlessly assault the city. If you're not careful, the encounter deck will end things quickly (or end you quickly). My two decks breezed through the first two scenarios,but will probably need some major revisions if I'm going to beat this quest. More than any of the other boxes so far, I feel like this expansion relies on the campaign to be good. Which is fine! I love campaign mode and have had an ongoing campaign for years now that I pick back up when a new box comes out. A lot of the challenge in the first two scenarios comes from wanting the optimum results for late scenarios. In Passing of the Grey Company, it's avoiding Overcome by Fear and earning Army of the Dead. In Siege of Gondor it's finishing as fast as possible, which means risking lots of enemy attacks. In Battle of the Pelennor, it's: have I done well in the campaign so far? If I have, this is manageable. If I haven't, it will be nigh impossible. Pelennor is most definitely the best stand alone scenario in the box, but Passing of the Grey Company will probably get the most play from me. It's fun, it's thematic and just different enough to feel fresh.
  7. ROUND 1 A:Legolas: His ally version is such a staple in my Tactics decks that I hardly use the hero anymore. Tactics Merry is awesome, and just became better with the possibility of solo-mono Tactics. B:Thalin: Artwork does it here. While Leadermir is the inferior Boromir, he's still pretty good (using him in my Flame of the West campaign at the moment). Thalin is experiencing a revival (I think) with all the new direct damage cards, but I'll give the nod to better character and art. C:Lore Faramir: Lore Glorfindel was useful in the Core Set days and is still underrated as a hero, in my opinion. Poor Lore Faramir, despite looking good, has never found his niche. D:Spirit Pippin: Nori is really good in a dwarf deck. Spirit Pippin ought to win (lose?) this competition. E:Frodo: I don't play dwarves anymore, so I had to look up what Ori did. How could I forget the lynchpin to the old dwarven archetype? F:Dúnhere: Tough call. Neither are great, but neither are bad either. But if I have to pick one, I'll vote down Dunhere, whose staging area attack is now overshadowed by Haldir. G:Oin: Showers of resources wins out over dual sphere. H:Elladan: Caldara just keeps getting better. Elladan only makes it into decks because his brother is so good. I:Balin: I like Balin's shadow cancellation, but Beregond is still a beast. J:Lanwyn: Spirit Glorifndel is still really good. K:Dwalin: Eleanor has a handful of quests in which she is totally clutch. Dwalin has a handful of quests in which he is sort of useful. L:Gimli: There are many different decks that can be built around Hama's ability, my most recent being a Skyward Volley deck that sniped enemies over and over. I built a Gimli Firefoot deck a while ago that was pretty fun and haven't touched him since. Here's hoping we get a new Gimli in Sands of Harad. M:Elrohir: tough call, because Elrohir is excellent, but he doesn't match the sheer fun of pulling enemies over with Aragorn. N:Thorin Oakenshield: Tactics Theoden is quite good now! He can do lots of things, whether its defending with Golden Shield, attacking with Herugrim, or a bit of both, and with Snowmane he can quest too. Plus he boosts his niece to 5 willpower (go figure, the Tactics combo of Eowyn-Theoden quests for more than their Spirit counterparts). Thorin is good, but I haven't played dwarves in ages. O:Brand Son of Bain: I like Brand, but he's smelling a fart in the wind. P:Dori: Bard looks awesome and is very good in multiplayer. Dori looks awesome and isn't any good at all. Q:Lore Denethor: Santa marshals his troops pretty well. R:Mirlonde: Berevor has made it back into so many of my decks: Dundain and Ents being two where she's played a key role. Mirlonde is good, but Lore Pippin usually takes the spot she would hold. S:Theodred: I'm an unabashed fan of the Noldor. T:Bombur: I guess if you have to pick between two dwarves U:Elfhelm: New Eowyn greatly outshines the old, and Elfhelm is pretty fun to build around. He not only makes mounts more useful, but songs as well. V:Bifur: tough call, both are good, but I'll give the nod to good old Coragorn W:Ori:Wait, Ori was on the ballot already, right? Mablung is good in almost every Tactics deck. X:Hirluin the Fair: Friends don't let friends play Outlands. Y:Amarthíul: Tough call, because both are good. I'll give the nod to Eomer. Z:Erkenbrand: He's a good defender, but we have loads of those. Rossiel has a wholly unique place in this game. AA:Galdor of the Havens: This is the version of Denethor we've always wanted. Galdor is good, but overshadowed by his ally version and his other Noldor heroes. AB:Beorn: The bear is good, but I'll take the leader of the Silvan. AC:Treebeard: Tough call. I like Treebeard ally better, and Pippin fits into so many decks. AD:Fatty Bolger: No contest. Damrod is actually good, and Fatty is not. AE:Leadership Faramir: For old timesakes, I'll give the nod to the Prince, who has been putting in work since the first cycle. I think he's about to be overshadowed by his new version though. Leader Faramir is good, but he mostly fits into Ent decks, which is kind of thematically weird.
  8. Played through Passing of the Grey Company last night in campaign mode. Not too challenging, but really fun and thematic. You can really quest all out (and you kind of have to), because if can you afford to eat some threat you dont have to defend. One of my decks was a Gandalf deck that started at 35 threat and just finished in time, and the other was a Merry, Eowyn, Theoden deck that ate as much of the threat as possible. There's extra incentives to shoot for in campaign mode: keeping Overcome by Fear off your threat dial at all costs, and earning the Army of the Dead boon, which new Eowyn got for me in one shot. Good start to the box. Hoping to play the other two quests tonight.
  9. Reverse Hero Challenge! Interesting! A:Legolas: Tough call, but his ally version has pushed the hero out of favor in my decks. B:Frodo Baggins: I just like Haldir's ability a bit better. C:Spirit Merry: Lore Aragorn still a must for Doomed decks. Merry's great, but just a bit below. D:Boromir: Most difficult decision of the round. I'll pick the stalwart defender over the crazy readying force. E:Elrond: Just think Scorpigorn is more fun to play. F:Spirit Théoden: Both are really good heroes, but I like the variety of decks you can build around Gandalf hero. G:Éowyn: Sam is my favorite hero in LoTR, so this is easy. H:Éomer: Go Noldor! I don't expect any of these heroes to advance beyond the round of 64, because they're all really good.
  10. Played it once two handed and won on my first try, but my decks were well suited to the quest. I imagine solo is difficult because of the sheer amount of progress you need, I'll have to try that later. Lots of strategic decisions to make, and lots of luck involved. Some turns the Stormcaller makes a ton of progress because you'll discard the 6 threat location, and sometimes it only makes a little because you discard a treachery. Encounter deck manipulation would come in handy because you can influence how much progress the Stormcaller makes by stacking treacheries on top of the encounter deck. It's kinda ironic that Core Set Denethor is super useful in the pack that we get new hero Denethor in.
  11. 1. Wastes of Eriador 2. Trouble in Tharbad 3. Massing at Osgiliath 4. Helms Deep 5. Foundations of Stone 6. Siege of Cair Andros 7. Journey in the Dark 8. Journey Down the Anduin
  12. 1. Wastes of Eriador: My favorite quest from the cycle. Challenging but fun, with some unique mechanics and a thematic feel. 2. Trouble in Tharbad: Easy, but unique and fun. A quest I'll play when I want a quick, relaxing game. 3. Intruders in Chetwood: A great quest for messing around with engagement mechanics 4. Massing at Osiliath: One of my favorites, and a great quest to test decks again. 5. Seventh Level: Hard call here, but I like the theme of Khazad Dum that Seventh Level brings out. 6. Helms Deep: An excellent quest that truly captures the epicness of the moment. 7. Foundations of Stone: Win or lose, this quest rarely disappoints. 8. Three Trials: Two Unique and fun quests, and it's a shame that one has to lose so early. I like the guardian battle/barrow pairing just a bit better. 9. Journey in the Dark: The best take on the Balrog, and it's a real accomplishment to defeat the thing. 10. Journey Down the Anduin: The classic. Still fun to replay. 11. Steward’s Fear: I haven't played Battle of Lake Town, and I enjoy Steward's Fear. 12. The Druaden Forest: Not a huge fan of either quest, but I'll give it to this one. 13. Flight to the Ford: I actually dislike Shadow of the Past. It tends to get bogged down, especially on the last stage. So I'll take Flight to the Ford, which is the polar opposite: a mad dash to the finish. 14. Battle of 5 Armies: An excellent quest, the best out of the Hobbit saga boxes. 15. Siege of Cair Andros: It's a shame these two quests are pitted against each other, because I enjoy the siege mechanic. I'll pick the quest that utilizes it better, especially in nightmare. 16. Encounter at Amon Din: Haven't played Journey at the Crossroads yet, and Amon Din is fun.
  13. In no particular order: Journey Along the Anduin Trouble in Tharbad Siege of Cair Andros Massing at Osgiliath Wastes of Eriador Helm's Deep Intruder's in Chetwood Foundations of Stone Journey in the Dark Blood of Gondor
  14. BN: Sam. Go Sam! Win the whole thing! I like Gandalf a lot, but Sam deserves this title. 3P: Theoden. Really tough call here, but I'll give the nod to the muster of the Rohirrim over the wall of Gondor.
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