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  1. Maybe a set of character cards for a skirmish game could be produced and sold a la Conversion kit.
  2. Dude they fit in fine, and Descent is a much better game than the DnD board games.
  3. Hmmmn... Didn't know about the arrows...
  4. Has anyone tried combining these games? I've read that in Dungeon Quest you could die within the first couple moves and that Drakon is quite boring and needs some excitement.... It seams to me combining them might make for a more interesting game.
  5. I'd go for: "Shadows of Nerekhall" But they are all alluring and enticing.
  6. Yeah the tiles in Descent 2.0 are completely different and 2 sided. One side presents out door scenes (paths, rivers...) and when you flip them over they are interiors (tunnels, corridors...) The tiles are much better designed and the art on them is prettier and more detailed.
  7. PvP It's usually just me and my little sister, one of us is the overlord and the other 2 heroes. We've never played the campaign or with epic rules. Usually we randomly pic and set up an encounter, maybe 2. So, yeah lots of stuff we haven't ever used but we have fun.
  8. Looking forward to checking this game out.
  9. Quest vault is very easy to learn. If you try it out you might fall in love with it. When you finish a quest it will look very similar to the quests in the quest book that came with the game. and you can print them out and they look professional.
  10. That's my dream Descent product... well other than including them in the core box.
  11. Yeah, the core game is great. Just pick that up and you're good to go. Depending on how often you play you might want to expand and buy more. But the core game alone kept me entertained for a year.
  12. Nothing announced... Never say never, but I doubt it.
  13. So how have you liked the game? I'm interested in getting it but not sure if I should.
  14. A campaign book sounds like a really cool expansion. The ability to use any appropriate monster group from the expansions and pick from any of the heroes, means it's not limited to the basic game alone. Sure it would be nice to use some of the other tiles but hopefully that will come in the future. I'm really looking forward to this.
  15. I wouldn't mind a set collecting the Lieutenants from the base game at a reasonable price, even if it doesn't have the extra overlord stuff.
  16. My recommendation is just buy the basic game: "Descent: Journeys in the Dark. Second ed"! That is enough to get you going and teach you how to play the game. It includes enough heroes and monsters to play through the campaign. And the next expansion: "Heirs of Blood" is based on whats in the original box anyway. True the lieutenants are cardboard tokens, if that bothers you and $ isn't an issue, pick up the Lieutenant packs. You don't have to use the new mechanics until later if you want to. The game has never felt unbalanced to me. I play with my 16 year old sister and sometimes with a cousin (we are both 35). When I play overlord I treat it more like I'm a game master and just want the other players to have a good time. When my sis plays overlord she is out to win. We always have fun. Depending on how often you guys play you might want another story to play through or to add some new stuff to keep the game interesting, that is when you start purchasing the expansions. I recommend getting them in the order they where released; just out of simplicity.
  17. Get "Labyrinth of Ruin" and a Lieutenant or 2. Labyrinth of Ruin has more stuff than the smaller expansions and a full campaign. Lieutenants add more options for the Overlord and replace the sucky tokens the games come with. But yeah eventually you'll want to get it all. I don't know about selling it on ebay though... I plan on having my sets forever.
  18. You would still use the Zachareth figure to replace the cardboard token in the quests he's in, so you still gain that by purchasing him.
  19. Awesome! They all look fantastic. Really makes me want to color mine... but I've never painted a mini before. I doubt mine would look half that good since I'd be a beginner, and I don't want to ruin them.
  20. Argh... but I had something else to say... Ok, nevermind. "Shadow of Nerekhall" is going to be awesome! I hope it's out for my birthday in March.
  21. I've never needed game mats but if FFG makes official Descent game mats with cool art on them I might get it!
  22. I'm originally from Jersey City, New Jersey but I live in Moca, Puerto Rico. Went to college in Savannah, Georgia where I mayored in Game Development. That's also where I discovered Board Games...
  23. Why can't I find anyone willing to split the cost of games with me! For that matter why is it so hard to find anyone willing to stick around and play a campaign... All I've played are one off encounters. My family and friends rather watch TV than play a game. Anyway my recommendation is to go ahead and get the expansion because it's always cool to play something new. Then mix in all the OL cards into one deck, even the cards from the expansions your not playing, so that you have a lot more options. Of course you have to mix in the treasure cards but, so it isn't easy for the heroes to get too much stuff, don't use the secret rooms or rumors. And definitely get a Lieutenant or 2 just so you can use their cards as well. I'm usually the Overlord but play more like a Dungeon Master trying to make sure everyone is having fun.
  24. I completely agree with you! But this type of board game is a hobby and apparently that's simply how it's treated. At least you know what you get when you buy something unlike "Magic the gathering" booster packs. Or those little Asian toys from Kid Robot that you buy blind and are also expensive. I tend to buy my games online and they are usually a little cheaper than retail price. http://www.coolstuffinc.com/ has the Liutenants at $5.99 + Amazon tends to have the expansions for $20+ I have 1 local gaming store but they are very small and don't carry most things Yet if they have something I want I'll buy it full price from them; to do my part so they don'y go out of business.
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