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  1. Maybe a set of character cards for a skirmish game could be produced and sold a la Conversion kit.
  2. Dude they fit in fine, and Descent is a much better game than the DnD board games.
  3. Hmmmn... Didn't know about the arrows...
  4. Has anyone tried combining these games? I've read that in Dungeon Quest you could die within the first couple moves and that Drakon is quite boring and needs some excitement.... It seams to me combining them might make for a more interesting game.
  5. I'd go for: "Shadows of Nerekhall" But they are all alluring and enticing.
  6. Yeah the tiles in Descent 2.0 are completely different and 2 sided. One side presents out door scenes (paths, rivers...) and when you flip them over they are interiors (tunnels, corridors...) The tiles are much better designed and the art on them is prettier and more detailed.
  7. PvP It's usually just me and my little sister, one of us is the overlord and the other 2 heroes. We've never played the campaign or with epic rules. Usually we randomly pic and set up an encounter, maybe 2. So, yeah lots of stuff we haven't ever used but we have fun.
  8. Looking forward to checking this game out.
  9. Quest vault is very easy to learn. If you try it out you might fall in love with it. When you finish a quest it will look very similar to the quests in the quest book that came with the game. and you can print them out and they look professional.
  10. That's my dream Descent product... well other than including them in the core box.
  11. Yeah, the core game is great. Just pick that up and you're good to go. Depending on how often you play you might want to expand and buy more. But the core game alone kept me entertained for a year.
  12. Nothing announced... Never say never, but I doubt it.
  13. So how have you liked the game? I'm interested in getting it but not sure if I should.
  14. A campaign book sounds like a really cool expansion. The ability to use any appropriate monster group from the expansions and pick from any of the heroes, means it's not limited to the basic game alone. Sure it would be nice to use some of the other tiles but hopefully that will come in the future. I'm really looking forward to this.
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