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  1. in the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK; was the bomber used as a transport craft delivering the star dest capt to Vader? if so, would be interesting to also have a "crew" in the tie bomber...
  2. it may not be too large for arena football....but will be too large for my wallet
  3. yes....campaigns like the 80s starfleet battles..nice....
  4. can not await the new expansions!
  5. i would enjoy some "clean" und "clear" images of the cards!
  6. hope that we get bombers someday!
  7. yes...combine them all!! big fleet battle to snubfighters to landing mit eine armee!!
  8. fiscal year oder calendar jahr?? viele danke..
  9. I agree. Would like to see a CAMPAIGN book with many connected (or nested) storylines!
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