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  1. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    Best passenger for bwings

    in the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK; was the bomber used as a transport craft delivering the star dest capt to Vader? if so, would be interesting to also have a "crew" in the tie bomber...
  2. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    will we see an executor?

    it may not be too large for arena football....but will be too large for my wallet
  3. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    Hoping for boxed expansions

    yes....campaigns like the 80s starfleet battles..nice....
  4. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    "X" pansions!

    can not await the new expansions!
  5. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    We're running out...

    i would enjoy some "clean" und "clear" images of the cards!
  6. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    Can We have scenario events or campaign venues?

    any scenarios yet?
  7. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    Status: On a Boat

    finally...on the boat!
  8. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    Happy X-Wing Day

    Happy Day of the Dead!
  9. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    i want bombers

    hope that we get bombers someday!
  10. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    Anyone see a way to combine this with EotE?

    yes...combine them all!! big fleet battle to snubfighters to landing mit eine armee!!
  11. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    NY Toy Fair pics

  12. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    Release date?

    fiscal year oder calendar jahr?? viele danke..
  13. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    So Howlrunner is a total babe?! [PICTURE]

    Was "Echo" a tragic Greek figure?
  14. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    Guys, will Armada cause you to give up X-Wing?

    I agree. Would like to see a CAMPAIGN book with many connected (or nested) storylines!
  15. teufelwolf@yahoo.com

    Will we ever run out of plastic? :P

    painting one's own is much fun!!