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    Digitalkiller got a reaction from Viceroy Bolda in Imperial Customs Corvette Kit Bash   
    Amazing... just... amazing... you did a great job congrats.
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    Digitalkiller reacted to nathankc in STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!   
    well, you aren't really the target audience for Rebels or even the overall story.
    Star Wars hasn't changed - we have (meaning - most people in this discussion aren't under the age 15)
    It's always been broad archetypes and always will be. Even the touches of nuance added to Empire don't change that in the grander scheme of things. If you want ambiguity and subtlety this isn't the right property to remain a fan of - especially with Disney running things (which I don't have a problem with). So really - I can't help but see the argument as anything other than a way for mature people to apologize for liking a childish thing (ie - yeah, it's kinda cool but I'm smart enough to see that this is dumb) as opposed to just owning the silly fun that a Saturday morning serial is supposed to be, plot armor and all 
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    Digitalkiller reacted to nathankc in Obi-wan was a sith?   
    lol - I'm just enjoy the premise in your comment that there was a competent writer involved with the prequels....
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    Digitalkiller got a reaction from Captain Lackwit in Official Wave 11 Speculation Thread   
    Some new ships that we will see in Ep VII
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    Digitalkiller reacted to DariusAPB in RAIDER PREVIEW!   
    I'll only need the one for the time being.
    Eventually probably three. for... you know, those 1000 point a side games.
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    Digitalkiller reacted to vyrago in New TIE Fighters!   
    Maybe some sort of TIE/gt ?

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    Digitalkiller reacted to TIE Pilot in New TIE Fighters!   
    Solved. This TIE is not shooting backwards. It's a different model, and that's probably the front of it. You can see its viewport. Probably a prototype, some sort of heavy TIE, or maybe the big bad's personal fighter.
    The proof? Look at the wings. See the massive cog things?

    The normal TIEs don't have them.
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    Digitalkiller reacted to Gadge in TIE Fighter short film!   
    Personally i'd have backed that short TIE movie with some cyber industrial or industrial metal but thats personal taste.
    Anything other than a john williams type score would be subjective
    But to me sci fi, especially 'used future' sci fi fits well with dystopian electronic music like ebm/cyber/industrial
    Bands like frontline assembly, VNV nations, skinny puppy, Die Krupps, Suicide Commando, Front 242 etc
    Like frontline assemblys 'mindphaser' video used footage from japanese gundamn movies.  its not their best track and its well dated now but sort of illustrates the visual/audio synergy im on about.

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    Digitalkiller reacted to Rakky Wistol in Armada news = potential new ships for X-wing?   
    The next wave will contain pizza. 
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    Digitalkiller reacted to urbanyeti in I want more hutts! But mostly the HH87 Starhopper...   
    I picked up the Lords of Nal Hutta Sourcebook for Edge of the Empire and I enjoyed it immensely! But it got me thinking about how under represented the hutts and their dealings are in the scum (ok, their not, but I want more). 
    Anyway, I would absolutely love to see a HH87 Starhopper. It shares the awesome visual language of the Minstrel-Class space yacht and just oozes scum and villainy flavor. Anybody else?
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    Digitalkiller reacted to Carpatheon in The Noble X-wing doesn't need help   
    I guess im one of the few people who dont think the X-wing needs help. It is my favorite ship, and the one I play most often. I ran X-wings at a recent store championship (my first tournament) and got a top 8 finish out of a field of 32.
    When people say that the b-wing is better for the points, they are correct. Also 2 z95s are more efficient use of points. So if those 2 statements are true, why use X-wings?
    To make your X-wings worth using you have to look at what they can do that those other ships cannot, namely Astromechs. Droids give the X-wing much greater tactical flexability than the other ships. Its what I refer to as Shinanigans. If you arent using your X-wings for some form of game altering rulebreaking then you are not using X-wings right.
    Think of it this way. Adding astromechs is essentialy giving you an additional Pilot Ability that you can choose. Pair that with each pilots actual ability and you can create some nasty combos, especially when working in conjunction with other pilots abilities.
    Most people will underestimate your X-wings because they believe what people are saying on these forums When I made the top 8 at the Store Championship more than one person expressed suprise that I made it running X-wings.
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    Digitalkiller reacted to TallTonyB in Han Solo isn't a very good pilot   
    If Harrison Ford crashes a plane again, I'm petitioning FFG to errata Han Solo's pilot skill to 1.
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    Digitalkiller reacted to BenderIsGreat in Imperial HUGE Ships...I'm Calling It.   
    Dat ass....

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    Digitalkiller reacted to nekomatafuyu in Imperial HUGE Ships...I'm Calling It.   
    Hoping for? Yes. Expecting? No.
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    Digitalkiller reacted to DariusAPB in [Fractalsponge] instead of the VT...?   
    I've always loved the Deci, but that's nice too.
    Why can't we have both?
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    Digitalkiller reacted to DariusAPB in Alpha 1, this is Sigma 1 Docking operation complete.   
    Thank you to Mel's miniatures for existing, I always loved modding the games to fly this ship. I have your Escort shuttle too which is also fantastic (though my one minor gripe is because of how it's moulded painting the engine flare isn't going to happen).
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    Digitalkiller reacted to TopHatGorilla in Want to buy Imperial Officers cap   
    Wow! She killed a couple of wookiees and kept their baby as a trophy.
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    Digitalkiller reacted to dvorm in Star Wars Rebels Discussion [Possible Spoilers]   
    A Sith would not hesitate.
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    Digitalkiller reacted to Ken at Sunrise in Disney Bought George Lucas’ Ideas For The New 'Star Wars' Trilogy And Then Scrapped Them   
    Disney Bought George Lucas’ Ideas For The New 'Star Wars' Trilogy And Then Scrapped Them

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/disney-scrapped-george-lucas-star-wars-episode-7-2015-1#ixzz3PZMBH1Kp
    When George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012 for $4 billion, the sale included treatments for Lucas’ "Star Wars" ideas for episodes VII, VIII, and IX.
    So even though the Mouse House was now in charge of all things “Star Wars,” it appeared as if fans were still going to get Lucas’ version of the next trilogy.     It turns out that's not the case.   Speaking with Cinemablend at the press conference for his new animated feature, “Strange Magic,” Lucas said Disney essentially scrapped his ideas for episodes VII, VIII, and IX.   “The ones that I sold to Disney, they came up to the decision that they didn't really want to do those,” Lucas told Cinemablend. “So they made up their own. So it's not the ones that I originally wrote.”   According to Bloomberg, Disney CEO Robert Iger thought the treatments "had a lot of potential."   Lucas has been tossing around ideas for a third "Star Wars" trilogy since the launch of the original trilogy. A Time article from March 1978 suggested Lucas had plans for up to a dozen "Star Wars" movies.   He even pitched the idea of "Episode VII" to actor Mark Hamill in the '80s.   Lucas is now serving as a "creative consultant" on the new films.    What does that mean? Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy described it like this:   The beauty of the collaboration that can continue is as we work our way through these scripts if we're sitting and saying, "Hmm, I wonder if this character can do that?" or "Does this make sense within the rules of 'Star Wars'?" … He's the keeper of the flame when it comes to that.  
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    Digitalkiller reacted to Red G in FINALLY AN OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE!   
    You're evil. I should know by know not to trust thread titles like this.
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    Digitalkiller reacted to colinw94 in FINALLY AN OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE!   
    I have consulted with the stars, a psychic and the dice gods and have determined that S&V will be released sometime between tomorrow and December 2024, with a margin of error of almost all numbers. You're welcome.
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    Digitalkiller reacted to Stelar 7 in Larry's an ace now   
    Service to the Empire is it's own reward.
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    Digitalkiller reacted to atkrull in New Home for X Wing, plus other fun stuff   
    Well two friends and I took the plunge a year ago and decided to start a Friendly Local Game Store! OC Games and Comics will officially open tomorrow and hopefully usher in new era of gaming and comic book collecting in our little part of Northwest Iowa.
    Being an avid X wing player I would be lying if i said that I didn't start this store basically to be able to play more X wing.... because let's face it, I did
    Even though stocks are depleted to an almost non-existent state with the precious x wing cargo still on the boats, I still have high hopes that someday soon my store will be glistening with shine of brand new X wings, doom shuttles, phantoms, B wings and Bombers and maybe even the occasional Rebel Transport
    We of course will be selling other things but they will not hold a place in my heart as the soon to be dedicated corner I have set aside for nothing but X Wing.
    So wish me luck ( hopefully we wont need it) and if your bored check us out on our Facebook page.
    I also would like to thank everyone in the forum and X wing community. I have found out so much about how to teach new players and how to keep them interacting and soon addicted to X wing. Can't wait to see you guys at Gen Con.
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    Digitalkiller reacted to Cubanboy in Happy Friday to all   
    As I stand here holding my baby and thinking about all the good stuff it is indeed a happy Friday hope everyone get some good gaming in this weekend everything turns out alright
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    Digitalkiller reacted to melminiatures in 3D printed maneuver template holders - interested?   
    I took the liberty of doing this:


    Ive redone it and made it more hollow. This way the price is reduced to a third at Shapeways. Cool model, you can download it and upload it wherever you want.
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