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  1. Some new ships that we will see in Ep VII
  2. I like the new trailer, and love the new TIE's that appear on it. But I still have my doubts about the troopers helmet, looks to me like the joker's smile.... And, I think I'll never like that R-ball series droid...
  3. This is one of my favorites, I do not use it as wall paper because I have to use the corporate one, but this is part of my screen saver
  4. I like to see also the Gozanti in the game, but as many already said... the size could be an issue.... But on the other hand the imperials will need a ship with the same Epic point like the transport, so... maybe....
  5. Imperials because of interceptors. But I'm feeling attracted to scum due IG-88.... oh... decisions... decisions...
  6. I need more info before have an opinion about how usefull could be this or that... but.... I love the model, its really good looking ship, congrats to the design department of FFG. I hope to see this ships on the movies.
  7. I am with Crabok, 3 ships per way from here to the future but cannot tell which could be.
  8. So Tetran could do a K-segnor-turn?... sweet
  9. Imperials... because I love the interceptor.
  10. I don't know if the Ghost will be on XWMG someday, maybe if during the show appeared a new imperial ship to release also... My 2 credits...
  11. Like all the things that I just saw... seems that the S&V will be a fun faction to play with.
  12. +1 I like a lot the purple windshield...
  13. In my opinion, FFG made a wise decision.
  14. Pod racing....? I mean boat...
  15. Sorry to hear that... Try with the letter to FFG and see what happen, maybe they give you a new one.... hope so
  16. Congrats enjoy him... love him... take care of him
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