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  1. Digitalkiller

    Official Wave 11 Speculation Thread

    Some new ships that we will see in Ep VII
  2. Digitalkiller

    New TIE Fighters!

    I like the new trailer, and love the new TIE's that appear on it. But I still have my doubts about the troopers helmet, looks to me like the joker's smile.... And, I think I'll never like that R-ball series droid...
  3. Digitalkiller

    In case this wasn't posted yet: Scratchbuilt Eclipse SSD

  4. Wow... an excellent deal for those ships...
  5. Digitalkiller

    Star Wars Wallpaper Thread

    This is one of my favorites, I do not use it as wall paper because I have to use the corporate one, but this is part of my screen saver
  6. Digitalkiller

    Imperial HUGE Ships...I'm Calling It.

    I like to see also the Gozanti in the game, but as many already said... the size could be an issue.... But on the other hand the imperials will need a ship with the same Epic point like the transport, so... maybe....
  7. Digitalkiller

    What do you play Rebels or Imperial or Scum?

    Imperials because of interceptors. But I'm feeling attracted to scum due IG-88.... oh... decisions... decisions...
  8. Digitalkiller

    Let's Talk about X: Imperial Raider-class Corvette

    I need more info before have an opinion about how usefull could be this or that... but.... I love the model, its really good looking ship, congrats to the design department of FFG. I hope to see this ships on the movies.
  9. Digitalkiller

    What of the reports of the Rebel fleet massing near Sullust?

    wow... just... WOW
  10. Digitalkiller

    Wave 7 Speculations

    I am with Crabok, 3 ships per way from here to the future but cannot tell which could be.
  11. Digitalkiller

    Fan Art of Rexler Brath, Whisper and Echo + Fanboy fluff-love.

    Nice arts... like it... keep posting
  12. Digitalkiller

    STAR WARS REBELS ship screen captures

    Thanks for all the pics
  13. Digitalkiller

    Imperial HUGE Ships...I'm Calling It.

    That answer is equal to "No Comments"
  14. Digitalkiller

    Original Trilogy ILM Models

    Nice... thanks for the link.
  15. Digitalkiller

    Tetran Cowell + stay on target = ?

    So Tetran could do a K-segnor-turn?... sweet