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  1. With my kid-centric life (4y/o, 8m/o), I think I'm going to sell myself out of this game. Is there a good marketplace to sell my collection? I've traded things before on bgg, but not sure that there's much interest there for card games. Any ideas?
  2. Just wondering if this news has any impact on future of the game... ars technica
  3. You aren't committing her to the force, she is "considered committed to the force". She has the traits (extra focus, add to struggle), but not the physical card.
  4. What am I missing...or is this set just not that good? Endless Reserves + 5x Vast Resources It seems like there must be something I'm missing here, but within the current pool of cards, how is this objective set useful? The Objective seems to have such a narrow focus and Vast Resources seems to be very limited because multiple copies don't stack. Perhaps there are future cards that will make use of this, but I'm having trouble understanding how I would want to put this OS in a deck in lieu of any other OS.
  5. Do you know any groups that play during the week? I may be traveling to Stockton later this month and it would be awesome to get a few games in with different faces.
  6. This is a common problem for LCGs/CCGs. I don't mean this in a rude way, sometimes you have to stop thinking logically and read strictly what the cards say.
  7. IIRC, the core set has four recommended basic decks that can be constructed (2 LS, 2 DS). Both LS decks use one of 18 and both DS decks use one of 36. Basically so you can have the Core box and not have to pull apart the starter decks.
  8. It'll be interesting to see if there's a ruling for FFG. I totally see the argument, but I think that the "targeted" part of "targeted strike" is a red herring in this situation. I just think that Luke is targeting Executor through combat resolution.
  9. I think being "mana screwed" totally is a part of this game in a similar fashion to MtG. There are now plenty of cards to make a single-faction deck in six different flavors, but you're almost always going to be better off using a mix of two factions. The balance between the number of objectives for each faction is a fundamental part of the game. I think you can make anything a house rule, but when you leave the house, you have to fix your decks.
  10. We had this question the other day because my opponent started the game with 2x of the DS objective that reduces your reserve by 1 while undamaged. On my first turn, would I be forced to discard down to 4 during my draw phase?
  11. I don't know why I never considered this with the existing Darth Vader cards...but would you be allowed to have Rebel Han Solo and Smuggler Han Solo in play at the same time?
  12. Nothing secret here, but it's really satisfying to drop a first turn Devastator with Deploy the Fleet or Admiral's Orders.
  13. I agree with the whole timing interpretation that other reducers are in effect before Kuat's interrupt, but I don't think the card is saying that it could not be further reduced to zero by some later (not-currently-in-existence) interrupt reducer.
  14. Thanks for responding...no big deal. In town for a meeting that won't last nearly as long as I planned. I may just try to change to an earlier flight on Thursday.
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