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  1. Sorry for your problem, and sorry for persons who just forget that you just want to be part of the community of gamers that x-wing is creating. These are gamers everyone just like you, and they, like you have little or no power over the things their leaders do, but they are gamers And we are our own group, we speak our own language and we understand each other when no one, even our loved ones don't. Believe me society treats us like outcasts, from here (Detroit, Michigan) to wherever you are in Russia or Asia, don't hate on them because they want to belong. I hope you get your kits and I hope to see you hating or loving the meta at an event in the future.
  2. I put it on a scimitar, with twin ion, systems officer, and fleet officer for 22 points. He does a green maneuver gives out a TL if he can, then spends an action with fleet officer gives out two focus gets a stress, next turn does green maneuver and rinse wash repeat. You can't always get everything off but you can give lots of support to other ships that can do other actions instead. It doesn't take long before it becomes a target and that works as well since they aren't shooting at your other ships, and all his powers are in the activation phase. One thing I like about systems officer is thatit always works on the green maneuver even if you hit something like one of your own ships so they get the lock. It's not the most cost efficient and might not be competitive but it can give out a lot of tokens.
  3. Works real well with two ships, two Ig88 or just two ships in the fleet. Also it works very well when you have ships that move at the same PS, giving you lots of options as who moves first, who sheds stress or makes stress. If you do take them I do advise not taking d-fields obstacles, you don't want things that make stress in the activation phase.
  4. I agree with hawkstrike on all he said. I had a great time I would like to see this game get bigger with more streaming added and extra events. I wanted to see the epic game but it just wasn't something I could make happen. I do like the idea of an epic game after all we all have the ships gaining dust on our shelves. Maybe some kind of large game going where people can join in as the weekend goes on, ships get destroyed then get added at the board edge or something like that. I do understand it takes people to run these events and that takes money but a suggestion. I thought the judging was good it's hard I know to staff these events and I thought they did a great job. I had a great time and would come back next year, and so should you if you didn't go.
  5. What happens if QuickDraw runs over an asteroid and looses a shield token? Looks like he gets to conduct a primary attack. Or if he takes damage from anti-pursuit lasers during his move? Or any other effects I'm not thinking of that could cause him to loose a shield. Interesting...
  6. I think no because of the die roll but a good question.
  7. That is how it works, it's fun to watch all those four hit ships squirm around to avoid range one.
  8. Congratulations phill I now don't feel so bad for my second round loss to him.
  9. I had a great time, I would have no problem going back.
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