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  1. Why do you never edit your text line spacing? In the Military Configuration title, for example, if you hit enter after 2 and after primary.
  2. This classic image is the one he's been trying to get you to see. Target Acquisition Computer
  3. Its from one of the comics. Leia, Shara Bey, and the Queen fly N-1s against the empire Lol, I'm the one who posted the comic in the N1 thread, so I know it's canon; I mean they have movies coming out every year to fit into waves, so unless it's in Rebels Season #4 or one of those movies I can't see them fitting it in.
  4. Kylo's TIE Advanceptor; Resistance Bomber? Or (hopefully not) Resistance A-Wing; N-1 Starfighter? Assault Gunboat; ? (wishing for another Scum Epic) I'm with you on your whole list, but I'm wondering where you imagine they will pull the N1 from? ... you think they'll visit Naboo somewhere in the middle of episode VIII?! ... truth be told, a third A-wing would be a bit silly, but if we see a color other than red in the movie... ... Scum epic will likely come from the fourth season of Rebels, unless Benicio Del Toro is not aligned and has a cool ship. Woo-oah, got some interesting results when I googled my own comment: Reminds me of this dining area...
  5. Nice!!!
  6. That is not a Mark One Starhawk, those things are battleship class size. In the same article you're quoting one takes on a Superstar Destroyer.
  7. Star Wars: Commander? ugh, the use of a smart phone game as a reference is sad. I can't tell you disappointing it is to see the stuff in this game become cannon.
  8. What's the rational behind giving it a second crew? or a bomb for that matter, Sabine would give it bombs. Too many other-than-scum ships are getting illicit slots if you ask me. I did a title card for the HWK that had a system slot and the cloak action, as a stealth-recon ship.
  9. You actually don't need to have the pack because of this page: You can substitute the bomb tokens and ships. I'm glad you didn't quote the cards because I have to fix her pilot skill.
  10. Have you tried Mission 17 from Imperial Veterans?
  11. That wasn't done for Darth Vader or Kylo Ren, so I believe your pushing it there. Also, I think "Once per round when rolling dice..." is better. Alternatively... Palpatine: "Once per round, before a friendly ship rolls dice, you may name a die result. After rolling, you must change 1 of your dice results to the named result. That die result cannot be modified again." Emperor's Hand: "Once per round, before you roll dice, you may name a die result. After rolling, you must change your dice result to the named result. That die result cannot be modified again." Had you considered this? And what would you cost the later at? On second thought, a condition card like Kylo Ren would seem more like a "hand's" influence then an effect on self. Although, that's more of a hand of the hand, so maybe a bit too far.
  12. @Bullox said Just brainstorming here: Title (can't think of anything good), cost 1or2?; When you are attacking or defending, if the enemy ship spends any focus or evade tokens it must assign them to your ship instead of discarding them. This doesn't outright steal them so it isn't as powerful or "janky" as yours. The enemy ship still gets to use them but I think this would tend to favor higher PS Decimators. If you're going more for something defensive. What about: Sentinel Guard, title, (1 point); When defending, if the attacker spends any TL or Focus tokens you may add 1 die to your defense roll. . •Mara Jade (PS7)- •Moff Jerjerrod (PS6) - •Ysanne Isard (PS5) - Fleet Officer (PS4) - Black Squadron (PS4) Copied from Odanan's [old] Custom Card thread.