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  1. Kom'rk-class dangled on a stick is a bit of a Meta-phor. okay, I'll be the first one to say "Boooo!" but I couldn't resist.
  2. X-wing Squadrons Rogue Squadron Stealth Squadron 94th Attack Squadron Corona Squadron Deretta Destroyers Dragon Squadron Dust Squadron Dantooine Squadron Gavial Squadron Jyn Freila's squadron Lightspeed Panthers Nightmare Squadron Ulan Squadron Wolf Squadron Yellow Squadron Plasma Devils Soaring Dactillions Y-wing Squadrons Blood Squadron Red Squadron Red Hand Squadron Rogue Squadron Green Squadron Tiger Squadron Aggressor Wing Amber Wing Tierfon Yellow Aces Deretta Destroyers Dust Squadron Feral Group Gold Devil Group Grez Squadron Plasma Devils Scavenger Squadron Specter Squadron Wolf Squadron A-wing Squadrons Rogue Squadron Dust Squadron Nomad Squadron Oro Squadron Phoenix Squadron Screamer Squadron Viper Squadron Soaring Dactillions Black Squadron (Resistance) B-wing Squadrons Blade Squadron Rogue Squadron Gray Squadron Green Squadron Gold Squadron 88th Attack Squadron Phoenix Squadron Star Squadron Z-95 Headhunter Squadrons Rogue Squadron Abo Squadron Azul Squadron Sundancer Squadron Casper Squadron Gold Squadron Shark Squadron Tiger Squadron Dagger Squadron (Resistance) T-wing Squadrons Crimson Squadron Cobalt Squadron T-70 X-wing Squadrons Cobalt Squadron (Resistance) Black Squadron (Resistance) Coalstreak Squadron (Resistance) T-85 X-wing Squadrons Stiletto Squadron (Resistance)
  3. Did I miss a wave? What do F-wing and R-wing refer to? ... or is it so POWERFUL a faction that you aren't able to even say the word REBELS?
  4. C-ROC (scum epic) was mentioned by the OP. And it's Technically not a B-wing but a prototype...
  5. That is not Bor Gullet... THAT is a Thermian. When I made that card it was very slim pickins for images of a Bor Gullet. But now that the Bor Gullet movies is coming out it should be easier to find images.
  6. •BB-8 •M9-G8 •R2-D2 •R2-D6 •R3-A2 •R4-D6 •R5-K6 •R5-D8 •R5-P9 •R7-T1 •R5-X3 R2 Astromech R3 Astromech R5 Astromech R7 Astromech Targeting Astromech I don't think unique slot icons is the best answer. Imperials should be able to take generic astromechs. The answer would be to errata the 11 Rebel unique astromechs to say "Rebel only." Imperial uniques could say "Imperial only." That way both Rebel and Imperials could add to the pool of generic astomechs, win-win. And also give an modification upgrade to Scum that lets them take generic astromechs.
  7. I'm not. Wouldn't work very well outside epic, I guess. (what's the point of 3 turret slots and who-know how many cannon slots?) I'd say slim it down. Maybe make it a mobile arc. What is the point of three turret slots? Variety and Choice: Look at the Aggressor, why does it have two cannon slots? I found an excellent canon cannon example: Although you may be right, what is the point if the VCX-820_escort_freighter has three identical dual HLC turrets, perhaps it should be a turreted 5 dice primary.
  8. I think what you're saying is it's a little on the small side and it makes you feel inadequate ... about your manhood, and the "Hutt Pink" needs to be darker, more macho.
  9. You have a nice camera... humor me and take a shot of the Kimogila next to the Lambda, you do own one of those right?
  10. ?!? Star Trek bases ?!? .... that's sacrilege. But seriously, take a photo of it next to the lambda, that way I can see if melminiatures (or whoever) went with the 21 meter figure. I've seen my share of unboxings and I don't think I've ever seen someone almost start jumping up and down. You gotta not screech at the mic though, that'z fah shue.
  11. And that's the problem. Double heavy laser cannon turrets (3) Autoblasters (8) Proton torpedo launcher (1) Standard load: 16 torpedoes ... Double Heavy Laser Cannon Turrets (plural) x3 !!! are you tempted to make a custom card?
  12. If the 60 meter figure is correct the Ye-4 gunship may belong in epic...
  13. • 8 Blaster Cannons, LOL.