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  1. That's an new angle, I hadn't even thought of Mon Mothma, the defacto leader of the Alliance, as a being the in game peer of Jabba and Palpatine. But at least Palpatine was cunning and strategic, she was more or less a pure diplomat wasn't she? So I don't imagine her having much more than a Leia Organa type upgrade ability (which I know is ironic considering Leia has one of the better ability types for Ackbar). Ackbar on the other hand being up there in experience with all the Rebel Generals already in the game... maybe if two or more ships attack the same target he can progressively add more attack dice as a bonus, something like that. For Mon Mothma, perhaps calling in reinforcements or in game swapping, like some of the more recent scum crew (Azmorigan, Cikatro Vizago). I think of her as a very good example of "symbolic leadership" so maybe a battle flag bearer ability of sorts also. I think you would know better than me what the worth of a flag bearer charging into battle would be. I just checked an MTG database and found Coalition Honor Guard, Coalition Flag, and Standard Bearer, all of which made me think of a Biggs type ability. Strategically, a mobile/re-assignable "Draw their fire" or Biggs type ability might be worth it, but that's only one interpretation of Standard Bearer. Are you equating coordinating fleet movements with individual pilot maneuvers? - I suspect there might be a more direct way to do that. Besides, you're treading on Carlist Rieekan territory there a bit. It must be a real obsession with you since you can't stop twisting what I say and taking it out of context. It's easy to say I welcome all people when they're not attacking or mocking you. What I think is low is how you put words in other peoples mouths to make yourself look like a hero. The joke that started this was by someone else, and I think when people attack you or mock you with jokes on this forum, because they can't beat the reasoning or precedent or facts, that's low, as low as it gets, even if they have a depression, saying depression is a satisfactory pass on bad forum behaviour, is s*****g level low. What I think is low is how you can take a criticism of you and turn it into a criticism of everyone, as though that makes them all on your side: You are right, you are "really sorry." Still looking at one copied token idea from you, and I hope you stop posting off topic crap and personal attacks that I have to refute, and instead post something on topic worth reading.
  2. All friendly ships, anywhere on the board, all defense dice, every time it defends; that'll be much more than 5 points. I would have all my high agility ships stressed all the time: Tycho Celchu & Gial Ackbar, new BFFs. For 5 points you might want to make it range 1-3, or must reroll all, or reroll one.
  3. I'm not a fan of the "It's a trap" memes so I'm not inclined to favor upgrades that try to play off of it, yet in exploring all aspects...
  4. I will have to think about. (I was not very familiar with the CR90 or the Cassian crew) PS: dang, that Cassian looks at lot like my Admiral Thrawn... I'm thinking somewhere in the mix of those two cards is something really Ackbar like and really good. Saying "Who the f**k is Gial?" is not a movie quote. Your misquoting me to defend his trolling that's all. You could have just stayed the f**k out instead of adding to the trolling, if you didn't like the trolling. Since you say you care about ideas, how many has he added or have you added for that matter, compared to me? and then ask who's trolling.
  5. Roughly 120% what it should be. It's not perfect accuracy, but it's not massively off either.
  6. ^ This trolling, you're not fooling me. My calling it out for what it is doesn't make me one.
  7. "I'm guessing that your HWK is doing a 5 K-turn, your T-65 X-Wing is doing a 3 Talon Roll left, your B-Wing is doing a 0-stop, and your Sabine's TIE Fighter is doing a 1-straight!" I was just thinking it was backwards, "you guess wrong your get prizes, you guess right the enemy gets prizes," but being able to exploit that by choosing to guess wrong all the time and having to assume it means one token for one ship, as currently worded doesn't work. I like the complexity though... @Odanan does this inspire anything... As a thought experiment, say you took the CR90 with the Dodonna's Pride title, then took Cassian Andor... what might Ackbar bring to better that combination or synergise more?
  8. Dual Cards: Adaptability ARC Caster Intensity Pivot Wing Oh, if only U-wings had canon slots, it would be fun making a list with these. This is giving the coordinate action to any one ship with a crew slot? Squad Leader plus? This has good potential I think. Dodonna's Pride also comes to mind. Are you asking the ship to give up it's primary weapon attack, for a 2 dice attack bonus? I don't feel the Ackbar in this. Although I don't play the game, I believe Armada Ackbar is before the combat phase, kind of like Snap Shot. A Snap Shot like ability for Ackbar would probably be game changing. You might have notice Ackbar is Rebel (first names) not Imperial (Agent), instead you prefer waving your ignorance like a flag, to be funny. Why is it so hard for people to see reasoning and admit when they are wrong? Egos. Show me the post where you were asking the same thing about Carlist? "Who the **** is Carlist? Or some people like humor. We know you're not one of them. Yet you have to remind us every post. Lucky us. I like humor, I think it's funny how you ignore facts and reasoning; people whose egos are so swollen they can't admit wrong are funny to me. As I said before, when you mock someone you can try to excuse yourself by saying you're funny, but you're just being a f*******g troll.
  9. You might have notice Ackbar is Rebel (first names) not Imperial (Agent), instead you prefer waving your ignorance like a flag, to be funny. Why is it so hard for people to see reasoning and admit when they are wrong? Egos. Show me the post where you were asking the same thing about Carlist? "Who the **** is Carlist?" This is more innovative than passing around evade tokens, but epic ships have straight and bank maneuvers that read the same as standard, and "Navigator cannot be equipped to huge ships," so you'd end up with the same restriction as Navigator for Ackbar. You've made him huge ship only and his ship receives a stress token? - huge ships aren't stressed so I wouldn't worry about the wording. Perhaps an ion token if you need a cost. I have to disagree with your pessimism about us getting Ackbar because the Rebels have three Generals in the game already, and a space navy Admiral is much more fitting to the XWMG. There are at least three more Star Wars movies on the horizon, and Ackbar is still alive in episode 8, so it just a matter of what ships they put in the movies that you might find him on. If he is prominent in episode 8 then there's a better chance. They add Kylo Ren as a pilot of the shuttle but we never saw him fly it, so we don't actually have to see him in the ship he comes with, it just has to have a crew slot.
  10. Yeah, when you ignore reasoning, I can see how you'd think things change randomly for no reason. But Armada is a different game with different rules, and I was referring to the consistency FFG designers have shown in XWMG. And I didn't say one card aspect was more important than the other, I said one name was more correct than the other name. •"Chopper" •"Gonk" •"Leebo" •"Zeb" Orrelios •4-LOM •Azmorigan •Baze Malbus •Bistan •Boba Fett •Bodhi Rook •BoShek •Bossk •C-3PO •Cad Bane •Captain Rex •Carlist Rieekan •Cassian Andor •Chewbacca •Cikatro Vizago •Dash Rendar •Dengar •Ezra Bridger •Finn •Greedo •Han Solo •Hera Syndulla •IG-88D •Jabba The Hutt •Jan Dodonna •Jan Ors •Jyn Erso •Kanan Jarrus •Ketsu Onyo •Kyle Katarn •Kylo Ren •Lando Calrissian •Latts Razzi •Leia Organa •Luke Skywalker •Mara Jade •Nien Nunb •R2-D2 •Raymus Antilles •Rebel Captive •Rey •Sabine Wren •Toryn Farr •Unkar Plutt •Zuckuss •Admiral Ozzel •Agent Kallus •Captain Needa •Darth Vader •Emperor Palpatine •General Hux •Grand Moff Tarkin •Moff Jerjerrod •Rear Admiral Chiraneau •Ysanne Isard
  11. A lot of the background for him I've just read suggests a strong logistical aptitude, so maybe moving an evade token off of three ships and assigning them to three other different ships.
  12. Sorry to break the news to you folks, but there isn't going to be an "•Admiral Ackbar" card, any more than there was a Princess Organa, or General Solo, or General Calrissian, or General Rieekan, General Dodonna. I'm guessing Captain Rex was the exception because he's a clone, but all the other Rebel crew use their first and last names. Yes, if I was going for the FFG comic book style I would have use one of those, but I prefer to do mine as ALT ART cards because I like the photos. If you were going to do a non-discard ability, like Jabba the Hutt and Emperor Palpatine, what direction do you think you would take it?
  13. @Odanan, did you do one of these?
  14. For those interested in accurate dimensions of the miniature itself. Looks like it's going to be as tall as the base is wide.
  15. You're saying the point was to get 10 TIEs in a standard build, 30 TIEs in an epic build?