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  1. I had to do some things manually, it wouldn't take any images or the pilot skill text, it glitched up the program, because of the faction crossover I guess: http://x-wing-cardcreator.com/pilots/ Rogue One was on TV today, and I found this guy very annoying...
  2. I'm disappointed that those two haven't been done. There are so many that have been left out, like K-2SO and Admiral Ackbar. I mean they did minister Minister Tua!? The conversion kits would have been the best place to take care of that. So I'll have to do them myself. I'm still only using first edition so I wouldn't have any idea about the price, but I would take a look at the cost of Maul and Zuckuss for comparison. Chirrut Imwe Galen Erso Zal Dinnes Antoc Merrick Ponda Baba Dr. Evazan Captain Dunstig Pterro Tierfon Yellow Aces ... etc
  3. I forgot your prefer Imperials. Cracken is crew so they all fit on the Falcon with Lando.
  4. I didn't have to reinstall SE or the update since there's an online program...
  5. https://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.fandom.com/wiki/Naboo_Royal_N-1_Starfighter_Expansion_Pack
  6. No update. I'm using Strange Eons now. Does that mean you'll make the two pilot cards?? I haven't had time to devote to custom cards in many months. This video is for inspiration on a couple of Gunners: Blount & Cracken.
  7. @Animewarsdude I have to recommend this image for Lt. Blount as far better. It also matches the Gunner image for General Airen Cracken.
  8. Congratulations to everyone who wished for this starfighter, it didn't take "11 years" after all. I was right about a System slot! @Odanan, Any chance you'd take the time to convert the 2.0 cards back down to 1.0 versions. I'd just have to print the dial out on heavy grade paper and I'd be set.
  9. Congratulations to everyone who wished for this starfighter, it didn't take "11 years" after all.
  10. Just found this thread. If there's a newer one let me know. But I had a request. I realized just the other day that Luke Skywalker might also have a Lambda shuttle pilot card as he did fly his father's body out of the second Deathstar down to the planet. To be clear Chewbacca flew the shuttle Tydirium, while Luke took off in Palpatine's ST-321.
  11. Google it. Googled it and got this image...
  12. "1.46 x 0.51 x 1.77 inches" https://www.shapeways.com/product/BXZK4X4W4/7k-trek-chandley
  13. Chewbacca — YT-1300 42 Push the Limit 3 Concussion Missiles 4 Han Solo 2 Luke Skywalker 7 Burnout SLAM 1 Smuggling Compartment 0 Advanced SLAM 2 Millennium Falcon 1 Ship Total: 62 VERSUS "Youngster" — TIE Fighter 15 Debris Gambit 2 Ship Total: 17 Black Squadron Pilot x3 14 Veteran Instincts 1 Ship Total: 15 x3 Squad Total: 62 ... or some such list. Have Fun!!
  14. Three playlist of games here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1qv7WUh0rldbnuFBuaXyUw/playlists
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