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  1. I've made many version of Thrawn, but I forgot about this one.
  2. They aren't as of now, they are very loose. Once I replace my ink cartridge and can print out some cards, then I'll look at something more secure. Although I think anything like Plasticine or Crazy Glue would do. * Star Wars Spaceship Battles Naboo Fighter
  3. Nice!! Where did you get those minis? I found them at a comic book store, but I'm pretty sure they are Star Wars Battles minis. I'd been eyeing some on E-bay for a while but didn't want to pay that much. I found these two for $5 each and laughed all the way home. I was responding in kind to the idiotic idea that the cockpit placed on the side was just to be odd when the mandibles with tractor beam emitters tell a different story.
  4. The tractor beam emitters are visible in the original filming model according to the Hayes owner's manual. It's a cargo freighter but we have to justify cargo pods to you, lol.
  5. I didn't say Thrawn guesses, I said the card says Thrawn guesses. lol.
  6. So it's just a coincidence that all the diagrams have the tractor beam emitters there? lol.
  7. I got mine last week so I found your post a bit ironic.
  8. All these look at or guess an enemies dial/move abilities lately. I think yours brings into question whether Thrawn has any skill, by saying he's just guessing. These smart guys don't all have to be a variation on Intelligence agent. (SEE: Grand Moff Tarkin, Jan Dodonna, General Hux, Ysanne Isard...) Thrawn is such a grand strategist that it looked to me like they had trouble portraying him as doing anything much more than scheming for most of the season in Star Wars Rebels. Why not an ability like at start of combat phase remove 1 stress from all ships in your squad and give each 1 removed to an enemy ship at range 2 of the ship losing it. Maybe as an action if it's too powerful. Consider: "Action: Your pilot skill is 12 until the end of the round, and assign a focus token to all friendly ships at range 2." Thrawn's Armada:
  9. So Adele sang one of George Michael's songs, and I'd like to see a whole tribute album. It's an interesting game, matching the songs with artists that might do good renditions. I'd be interested in seeing different people's ideas, including other singers. Adele - FastLove Beyonce - Careless Whisper Katy Perry - Club Tropicana Lady Gaga - Move On Justin Bieber - The Edge of Heaven Jason Derulo - I'm Your Man Pharrell Williams - Happy Bruno Mars - Soul Free Justin Timberlake - Outside Madonna - Freeek Peter Gabriel - Cowboys And Angels Chris De Burgh - Mother's Pride Cat Stevens - Star People Elton John - They Won't Go When I Go Pet Shop Boys - Waiting for That Day Erasure - The Strangest Thing Tegan & Sara - Heal the Pain
  10. Just came across this list, and although it isn't a recommendation for any particular show, I thought it is a good list to have. Plus there are all kinds of other lists there if you know how to look.
  11. I know the ship as I own a copy of the 2013 movie, but to do a card for it I would want to give it its own stats, using actual specs. Well that was easier than I thought it would be. Dimensions: lenght: 1077m, width: 312m, height: 355m
  12. If you want to use the Corvette as a proxy... DP20 Corellian Gunship I never spent the time to do the art work for them.