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  1. so when do we get the Rogue squadron pack& Wrath squadron packs?
  2. How is vader getting 4 dice all the time?
  4. problem is current op prizes are pretty lame.. so it jacks the store op price by a 15 bucks.. just have folks adjust the op play price accordingly. i would rather be playing for a cool ship than, tokens that look like coins, or altart cards that are not even as cool as the original in some cases. or some kind of plastic bit that i ALL READY HAVE..
  5. They should have made the ship a prize for an in store op....and then sell a retail version at next restock
  6. Btw I have most of their wings of glory and war stuff too, both ww1 and 2.
  7. I did buy it for the miniatures as they were gorgeous. And I loved the series, actually more than starwars movies.. I like the cartoons better! Any way. Yeah expansions are going to be less, but I thought the movement abilities were more akin to actual space flight, whereas x-wing is more like atmospheric maneuvering in space. The BSG new version series portrays that..
  8. anyone play the BSG game? I have it but have never played? wonder how it compares to x-wing
  9. yeah that whole thing kind of sucks.
  10. Think we will ever get a new wrath squadron book? I would actually rather see that then a new alphabet book..
  11. Also as a former USAF aircraft mechanic the logistics of maintaining a squadron of completely mixed ships would be untenable! its hard enough maintaining a bunch of homogeneous stuff.
  12. hope its better than the first book... It dragged on and on and on..it was also like reading 3 books at once!!!
  13. spoken like somebody who has never played STAW and or dealt with Wizkids....
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