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  1. an easy fix would be for FFG to sell that ship at a later date maybe at the next re release. So folks still get the exclusivity of it for a few months or more, but others can take heart in knowing it will be available to them eventually at normal prices. BTW WK did this for years with its prize ships. However I did like having to go to the LGS in order to win a potential ship or get one in a blind. although they ran into the same problems by not making them available to the general public at a later date. But yeah a cool new ship beats the heck out of some "Tokens" as a prize or a 5th addition of a range ruler... just saying..Oh and I liked the challenge coins, however they need to be in some kind of rank order so you can use them properly for drinks at the LGS...lol
  2. Are we going to see scenario/thematic cards/ and or monthly/quarterly op kits for the game? with unique prizes like alt paint ships and or unique pilots/? (so folks dont complain have those same prizes available for resale at a future date? ) killing the ebay secondary market btw.. a good thing in this case....already seeing ebay scalpers for worlds swag...
  3. Yeah would be nice for the LGS to have NEW prize stuff too...
  4. Oh and will FFG be making a new Falcon with the new Round dish now???
  5. Would be cool if the new obstacles had their printed effects on one side. I find it hard enough to keep track of the current ones. Just a suggestion I may just do it on my own..
  6. It's almost like FFG forgot about Quick build.
  7. Yeah started reading it am about a 1/4 way through seems kind of dull so far. I also dont like the jumping around character wise, feels like you are reading 4 books at once.. waiting for them to merge into one story line eventually...
  8. when do we get the giant UFO epic ship??? lol
  9. How do they stay balanced if they do not have points to "Adjust".... Or will FFG print adjusted quick build cards??
  10. Yeah getting a few Ys and the nantex even though i think its Butt ugly..lol Dont need another Ghost but the docking ability would be cool... LOVE the new flappy B-wings and picked one up just because of that..
  11. However in a previous game i didn't notice that he was using Tie advanced prototype dials for a Tie advanced.. so we are even now..lol
  12. Thanks... Yeah I declared that i was going to use both my evade and dice roll... However for most of the night i was totally abusing the Force by taking a normal action and then using my force power to evade...Doh....
  13. Couple of rules questions for the group: I currently have an Evade token (ship is evading). I Roll ONE evade and one Blank. MY opponent rolls two Hits. He crack shots one of my evade dice.. Then says i cant use my Evade Token for reasons I still don't quite understand..lol If I have worded this wrong Devin Sassano let me know... Second question: Is using a force power considered an Action? suppose i am flying a Delta 7 which has a Purple Evade on its action bar. Can i take a normal action like a target lock and then spend a force token to evade? Thanks...
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