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  1. Swedge

    New Scum Z-95 shipping???

    odd that if you use the "miniatures" category to filter the results the Z doesn't show up as shipping??
  2. Swedge

    New Scum Z-95 shipping???

    Is the new scum Z-95 shipping out with the rest of wave 3? I see no info on it? Its going to suck if it doesn't as I have added one to one of my preorder lists, (just because i like the new paint job), and it wont ship tell ALL of the preorders come in..
  3. Scum NEEDS Hondos flying saucer ship...Corona-class armed frigate
  4. Swedge

    "limited edition" ships?

    IF they are smart they will sell the "limited" ship at a later date to cut down on EBAY scalpers. However this is definitely a "Wiz Kids" move. Makes you wonder what they plan on bringing up for gen con?? If they do not make exclusive cards that is not to big a deal... I play attack wing and there are several ships and cards that i dont have because they were GEN CON only.. And that sucked.. However I didnt have a problem with the "blind ship" system at the LGS as it encouraged folks to come out and play. And if you had a good LGS they ordered enough that you could get what you wanted or trade a friend etc.. On a related note I think the current oversized OP kit cards are kind of lame, they dont fit in binders! Also the mini Coin tokens, might as well just use dimes...The prizes have seen to gotten lame, although the Future alt paint Howl runner is cool, they should make themed alt paint ships for the op kits or better yet blinds!! that they also sell at the next release date. just my 2 cents..
  5. Swedge


    IDK clusters on the new RZ-2 are pretty sweet and cheap....
  6. Swedge

    Hyperspace I5 bid predictions

    you know a lot of this could have been solved by more stratification... instead of scrunching all the pilot skill into 6 slots bump it out to 12... have no idea WHY they decided to only have 6 ps slots... at least with 12 you could differentiate better.. lol didn't see Larkey's post...
  7. Swedge

    Improving Cannons

    Or release "special" cannon dice pack...Has more crit chances, AND a few double HIT icons...
  8. Swedge

    Improving Cannons

    easy fix cannons get range 4....
  9. A "Scenario" based op the REQUIRES K wings would fix that....maybe make the prize an alt art K-wing ship....make the scenario based off one of the books or shows movies.. make one up... just make it different from the same old X vs Y format...
  10. what would excite more is "Scenario" play ops!! tired of X vs Y format...The new alt art ships as prizes are a cool step however if FFG is smart they will learn from WK and SELL those same ships a year or so later during the "reprint" process maybe? But if you made scenario play a thing folks would have to try different builds and ships... Anyone that has played attack wing knows its the Scenario play that kept the game interesting and fun..Personally I like the blinds too...but I dont think FFG could pull that off...
  11. Swedge

    Deluxe Wave Kit/Enhanced Quick Builds

    "disliked was Wizkid's tendancy to introduce Participation-Exclusive or Prize-Exclusive ships/dragons...." If FFG is smart they will sell the new Alt paint ships at a latter date, say during the next reprint.. its a huge cash cow that WK missed...
  12. Swedge

    Jam On It

    yep thanks again...
  13. Swedge

    Multiple force crew

    Thanks again although that seems like a pretty big nerf to force powers... seems like fith bro is now waaaay over priced...
  14. Swedge

    Multiple force crew

    these are not ship force powers but Crew force powers.. Vader crew and 5th bro crew...