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  1. Oh I am not hyper competitive, far from it..lol i just like to plan ahead. its called BUDGETING..lol Got to know how much money i need to save up for my plastic crack addiction...And its a serious one...STAW,WOG,WOW/BSG,X-wing and Armada.
  2. Hey FFG how about releasing the points value for the new stuff coming out, that way folks like myself can figure out how much to preorder..
  3. whats wrong.. cluster bumping at the merge is tedious if you are playing with one of those ADD types that insists on marking everything. although i have no clue how to fix that.lol Nah i STILL complain about STAW....
  4. Ah I thought only one was removed..
  5. "After you reveal your dial, you may spend 1 charge and gain 1 disarm token to recover 1 shield." Would like to put it on Corran Horn for use after his "double tap" when he has a disarm token, however if I am reading it right he gets another disarm token if he uses R2? however the other shield regen droids are actions. which I would rather not use so i can evade if necessary? Just want affirmation if i am right..thanks...
  6. range 4 attacks....sweeeeeet!!!!
  7. etsey is full of them.. problem is most do not hold second party tokens.. only the cardboard ones..
  8. 1.0 allowed you to preorder the amount of ships you needed.. with 2.0 you have to guess and or Waite for the points to drop. or as is the case now pick up some at your local Barnes and nobel but cant play them because the points have NOT dropped on them yet. 1.0 didn't have that problem..
  9. yeah thought about the STAW elite attack dice too. however i think a better solution was mentioned in another thread about armada style attack dice for different weapons.
  10. Swedge

    Hex wing 2.0

    Yeah i know this has been debated before.. But The one thing I hate in x-wing is having to use the templates in congested space. In casual games it not much of an issue as i usually just tell my opponent to free hand it. but the higher up you go in Tournaments you get folks that micromanage every move making one swarm move agonizingly long by having to mark/move and measure bump etc every little thing.Or feeling like you are being overly scrutinized when YOU move.. I often wonder if playing on a Hex board would eliminate that. The negative is that it does take some of the randomness out. but on the plus side you could easily add different radar arcs, Different firing arcs, different ranged attacks. would also make moving asteroids an easy thing to do. roll one D6 and they move that way if folks wanted another variable to the game. Would also make what is touching and NOT touching much easier to determine as you just use the adjacent hex. Having played SPI Airwar many years ago, a game that simulated pretty much ALL aspects of modern air combat i know a hex based system could be easily adapted to relatively simple x-wing in comparison? Also anyone ever play Sopwith? was wondering if a system like that would work? anyway thoughts? I mean why do we use templates? for the COOLNESS of unrestrained flight? but then we are limited to the templates only? would it be easier to guess your opponents move with a hex based system? I know it wasn't in "Airwar" or Sopwith.. just my 4.3 cents... Not that I really mind the templates just kind of thinking what if...
  11. could make cheap paper mats for an FFG OP kit that has you jumping from mat to mat kind of like the old Star wars game where you controlled different planets.. would be cool for LGS play but require folks to play rebels or Imps...The team with the most worlds controlled at the end wins..
  12. Swedge

    KOTOR factions?

    Never played KOTOR!! its STILL only one of the best games EVER.. graphics wise its dated but has a solid story line.. anyway we need HK-47 AND the Ebon Hawk!!!!
  13. personally i think they should have "stratified" the PS a bit more... Make it on a scale of 15 to 1.. as it is now we have waaaay too many same skill pilots..
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