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  1. This is just my opinion but I think the 1st four corps troopers could use a little attention (Rebel, Fleet, Storm, and Snow). But I DO NOT think the unit should be discounted. Instead I think the fifth trooper should be half the price. This way the unit is stronger with an additional health and attack die at a discount. If you lower the price of units I am afraid we will just keep seeing more activation spam and less people finishing 6 rounds of play. But I also think an activation tax could help with too many activation. A player would pay 3 points for every activation over the required 4 (1 commander, 3 corps). A player with 9 activation would have (9-4)x 3=15 points in activation tax. A player with 13 activation would have (13-4)x 3= 27 points in activation tax. Again just an idea.
  2. Try and pick an objective that requires troops to score Victory Points and not unit leaders. Then eliminate the troops. If you waste your time on killing one AT-ST (11 HP) they will just get you with the second (22 HP). Just my 2 cents.
  3. If we ever see a generic commander I would like to see them without specials. But they would have 3 commander’s upgrade spots, 1 gear upgrade, 1 grenade upgrade, and 1 comms upgrade.
  4. When you lose an action the Snowtrooper can still move and shoot. Just my thoughts.
  5. I was already planning to do this. I was going to name my Stormtroopeer the 7th Legion to go along with Thrawns 7th fleet.
  6. I will paint my Legion just as I have painted my IA. But I was thinking how you motivate the person who does not want to paint their Legion. If painting is not required for tournament play what incentive would it take for a non-painting person to add some color to their Legion.
  7. By a second 1st place all I mean is that the tournament would run normal except the top placed painted Legion would get an additional something. The top painted army might come in 1st or 15th but they would still get something extra. Or maybe the top 5 painted Legions get a little extra. This might give some players more intensive to paint for tournament play or barrow a set that is painted.
  8. I think it was May 17 FFG Worlds were the Imperial Assault Final table had two people playing each and neither had anything painted. It was sad to watch. I think FFG should have 1st place and a second 1st for people with painted figures.
  9. Maybe their DH-17 Range 1-2 a black die and 3-4 a white die. They might also get the Guard ability.
  10. Gideon Argus He would have 4 command cards. 2x 2 pip cost, 1x 3 pip cost and 1x 4 pip cost. No 1 pip cost 2 pip cost but he could command 3 units. 2 pip cost but can give orders to 2 units at range 4. 3 and 4 would be normal command cards. Upgrades could be add a trooper or two and a mission card that allows troopers to reroll 1 die while defending. I would also love to see Thrawn with some cool Command Cards and Mission cards.
  11. I could see Agent Kallus, Capt. Rex, Capt. Cassian, Iden Versio, Hera Syndulla and others from the Star Wars universe that could easily be added to groups without taking the leader role. Star Wars has many Generals and Admirals to fill the role of leader without running out of characters anytime soon. I could also see Grand Admiral Thrawn investigating the local culture and then suddenly the rebels attack. Thrawn would have to lead the platoon from the ground. Just my thoughts…
  12. I like the idea of the Empire and Rebels getting new leaders every wave. I would also like to see the Empire get new heavy units before the rebels. FFG could always add a card for a new rebel leader to capture an Empire AT-ST.
  13. Why just 3 factions? I would like to see more than 3 factions. Maybe wave 2 could have The Empire, Rebels, and introduce a 1 time Tusken faction. Wave 3 could again have the Empire, Rebels and a Mandalorian faction. My feeling is that Star Wars is too big to be put into 3 groups or Factions. For this game to grow to its full potential I think we should be thinking 3-5 years down the road. Just my thoughts.
  14. I like the army in a box idea, but not the 800 points. 800 points might cost a lot of money. If they would put 300-500 points with a Commander/Corps box and then Special Forces, Support and Heavy have their own box. This would help keep the cost down and maybe allow for more divers factions. I also like the idea of 2 major factions getting attention at every expansion/wave but also with one smaller factions being introduced with each wave. Example; Wave 2 The Empire gets new troopers, leader, and heavy. Rebels get new leader, troopers and special forces. New factions gets everything. Wave 3 The Empire gets new leader, special forces, and support. Rebels get new leader, troopers, and support. Wave 2 new faction gets maybe 1 new something. New wave 3 faction gets everything.
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