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  1. I love them and use them for every session. My group is very unpredictable and I don't want to be flipping through a stack of books to find stats. I might want a vehicle from Book A, a minion from Book B and a Rival from Book C. With the cards, I can quickly fan through the deck and find what I need. My only complaint is there isn't more. I would love a couple more NPC decks, a deck of just creatures, a deck for planetary vehicles and a deck for common space vehicles. I would also like to see print on demand decks for each book that I can just sort the different groups. I would also like gear and weapon decks.
  2. Some of the newer talents and gear add an automatic advantage or threat to the dice roll. As a user, I would like the ability to add 1, or more, advantage or threat symbols to the dice pool before the dice are rolled. This will also make saved dice pools for those situations more useful. Not a UX person, but it would be intuitive to be able to tap the symbol on the same line as selecting the dice. The added symbol(s) would display at the bottom in the same space as the dice results appear after a roll. After the dice are rolled, this area would be updated with the new results. Thanks
  3. Does anyone know who is maintaining the script for google+ hangouts, and if the code is available for modification? As a GM, I love the tool but there are a few features I prefer for my style of game. I would like to be able to set the dice pool for a player. It slows down the pace of the game to have to tell a player what the difficulty is and then it gets more bogged down with getting into increases vs upgrades and adding/removing setback/boost die. The second feature is the ability to add advantage and threats before rolling the dice. Some of the newer talents and gear add an automatic advantage, or threat, before rolling the dice pool.
  4. I will also add my support for something on Trade Routes. Could include better fluff and crunch for astrogation, shadowports, ship repairs and maintenance, piracy, Imperial patrols, customs agents and inspections, and other possible threats. It's possible some of these topics could be covered in the upcoming Smuggler book.
  5. Bringing a whole building down and sparing one target inside? What was the check for?I was running the Beyond the Rim adventure book. The party was returning to the camp to rescue the survivors. However, enough time had passed for the Empire to have set-up fortified positions. The party was split between a ground assault team and 2 PC's on their ship. The PC's were near 300 xp so I had to increase the difficulty of the encounter. I added a Stormtrooper Sgt with a Heavy Repeating Blaster on the roof of the main building. An Inquisitor was in the building interrogating Capt Harsol.The ground team had taken out the minon groups while the ship had taken out the scout minion group on the speeders. The Sgt was a huge threat the attack an exposed PC. The party's force user was dueling the Inquisitor inside the building. So the ship swung around and made a pass at the building targeting the Heavy gun emplacement. I think the attack failed but generated a lot of advantage, so the gunner on the ship wanted to use the advantage to collapse the roof of the building. This would eliminate the threat of the Sgt shooting the PC on its turn and just be cinematic. When I said the character's inside had to make coordination checks to avoid being damaged by falling debris, the players then wanted to tack on how the shots created a hole in the roof giving the PC in the building an advantage in avoiding the debris. The PC made his check but the Inquisitor failed; resulting in the Inquisitor being knocked prone and suffering wounds and strain. This pretty much tipped the battle from a close fight to a pretty one-sided rout. Granted the action was very Star Wars but it sort of felt out of balance for a shot that had failed.
  6. I've been having trouble adjudicating 4+ advantage. The Core book's table provides examples up to 3A. However, when my players get 4A or 5A, instead of wanting to break it down into multiple smaller chunks, they want some crazy big over the top effect. Think Triumph with a Destiny point added in. (The rocket hits the building causing the roof to collapse but the PC inside isn't hurt because he happened to be standing under a hole in the roof - not an exaggeration) They are used to narrative systems and creating FATE like aspects come naturally to them, but sometimes it feel over powered. When I suggest something a little more balanced, I get the "well he did get 5 Advantage, that should be worth something." I'm like yes, he can recover strain, give a boost and give a setback. I think that's pretty powerful for a single check. What do other GM's do with 4 or more advantage?
  7. The few ideas I came up with for what to steal from a Hutt that would really get him going. 1. His favorite Twi'lek dancer. 2. A baby Hutt 3. His personal yacht, which is now in the spot where the original adventure shows a ship. 4. A data chip with the location and accounting ledgers for businesses acting as fronts for illegal activity. 5. A rare and priceless Hutt family heirloom or artifact. Can't really help with the player spotlight because I don't know the player's style of play, what they find interesting, etc.
  8. I take a number of items into consideration. How dangerous were the encounters, what did the players have to do to overcome a challenge, how many XP do the PC's currently have, etc. I start with 10 XP for each player as a base. I will award extra XP when a player deliberately uses PC traits to inform their role play, such as backstory, motivations, Obligations, Duty, and Morality. Finishing a major story arc will get an extra 5+ XP. Using creativity to get past a challenge will also earn some extra XP. People usually repeat behaviors that are rewarded. So always encourage those elements of play you want to see more of in your game. Also remember, the higher the PC's total XP becomes the slower progression becomes. Talents become more expensive. Increasing skills also becomes more expensive. This means the first 100 XP is probably more noticable in power level than when a PC is already at 500 XP. Don't forget to also use credits and gear as rewards in lieu of XP. If you want to slow down the party's progression in XP but you don't want to it to feel punative, you can drop some extra loot into the encounter. Finding that Restricted weapon with a mod or attachment might be worth more to a PC than an extra 10 XP.
  9. If my players took this course of action, the ISB agent would eventually escape and become their worst nightmare as a recurring Nemesis.
  10. The physical aspects of ships feel the most abstract part of the system. Communication between GM and players help smooth out the rough spots. In my game, we hand wave many of the simulation parts of space travel because: a. Most of the fun stuff happens outside of space travel. b. Nobody really wants to be bothered with all the bookkeeping. As long as folks follow a social contract of not trying to abuse things, like encumbrance, you'll find the narrative will still flow. Now if your groups wants a more hard-core feel to their space travel than just work out the house rules together, or borrow from other RPG systems with more crunchy ship mechanics.
  11. Since Star Wars can be played as fantasy in space, I imagine there are innumerable creatures and races who are unknown to the party. I do not hesitate to use deviantArt and the bestiaries of other RPG games to find creatures that should truly frighten any party of sentient humanoids. Some creatures could have natural access to some force powers. They create environmental effects such as toxic clouds, set things on fire, high stealth and camouflage. In my experience, the adversaries in the books are not strong enough to stand up to high XP PC's without modification or other assistance. If your players have become that strong and probably a little complacent, it's time to take off the gloves and throw some hard punches.
  12. There are a couple different solutions depending on the experience of the players and the system being played. If I had a group of 3 people who wanted to shared GM duties on a rotating basis, I think I would try having a party of 4 PC's. Each player would control two PC. This would allow the GM to focus on running the game and crafting the story. The players could switch who runs which PC's for a bit of variety. An alternative to this would be to have a pool of PC to draw from. Imagine all the PC's belong to a larger organization. You would then recruit the particular PC's needed for the particular mission being run. Have all the PC gain XP at the same rate whether they are used on a mission or not. Those PC are still running missions off camera.
  13. I'm not familiar with the WH40K universe or the RPG. However, I think the FFG SW system is extremely flexible and easy to reskin due to the narrative nature of the system. Since the power levels are relatively flat, it's not hard to keep things reasonably balanced. If you study the skills and talent trees you will see the underlying design is simple and elegant. At its heart, each specialization is based on a classic movie, or book, character. It shouldn't be too difficult to work with your players to come up with custom skills and talent tree to support the flavor of WH40K and recreate the significant characters from the books.
  14. Sounds interesting, I like the idea of GM's creating their own worlds within the larger Star Wars Universe. Does this planet have any contact with other races from other planets? Who are their main trading allies? Are their any groups hostile to these species or looking to take control of the planet for themselves? What kind of technology do these races have access to? What kind of government do they have? Are they long lived or short lived species?
  15. I agree with 2P51 that they will finish out the career books and maybe one more regional sourcebook. I'm hoping for Hutt Space. The team is fairly small so I don't know how many product lines they can support releasing books for simultaneously.
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