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  1. Another thing that would help is instead of listing "dodge+10", "unnatural agility" and all this other stuff just write a base dodge value. For instance when I put together my gene stealer cheetsheet I just put all that crap together and wrote "Base Dodge: 90"
  2. Ok then I'll do that. I've said it repeatedly but I'll say it again, I wish they could have just simplified the monster profiles with statements like "the genestealer makes four attacks as a full action".
  3. Alright I'm just going to go with three attacks per round vs an adjacent target as a full action and one attack during a charge, I'll start docking it attacks if it gets two or more of it's four arms disabled or severed.
  4. So giving it both multiple arms and lightning attack was completely redundant then? I was wondering about the charge thing because yes as I understood it before trying to figure out genestealers the only NPCs that can make mutiple attacks on a charge are Ork Warbosses.
  5. Short anwser yes, long anwser at this point through various individuals in it our group is tied in with not only the Inquisition but also the Arbites, Mechanicus and the Navy in one gigantic web of wetwork and intrigue while we smuggle, rob and steal along the way. We've become a hyper milterized private navy/army of a dynasty who can be trusted for discretion as we kill people and take their stuff for tangental political reasons we barely care about just so long as you keep paying us. We get away with it because we have major dirt on all of them and if any of them tries to squish us we would just release it to the others. We're a little light on the trade side of the Rogue Trading, we have three systems one of which we own a third of through a corporation we set up with Jeremaia Blitz and the Ecclesiarchy, the second of which is essentially worthless and that we mostly ignore, and the last of which is a pretty thin front for a major Egarian cold trade operation. Or to put it in other words, we're basically the kind of South African style war for fun and profit soldiers of fortune stereotypes you often see as the villians in trite Hollywood films. Oh and we like to **** in Winterscale's cheereos whenever we can because we're in a feud with him. Half the people in the party have probably killed close to fifty people each in close combat alone by now.
  6. I ask because I'm not 100% sure how the Lightning Attack talent and Multiple Arms trait stack or if they stack at all. The way I see it and this is the way I'm generally leaning they do stack which would mean that when making a charge attack the genestealer makes two attacks that round at +10 from his charge attack+multiple arms and as a full action on the following turn assuming he's still adjacent to an enemy he would make four attacks at his bas WS because three from lightning attack+one more from multiple arms. Let me know what you think, frankly the rules get pretty muddy I think when multiple arms and duel weapon wielding come into it and frankly enemy NPCs are too granular and rather than giving them a laundry list of talents and traits it would have been easier if they'd just told you how many attacks they make each round and exactly what they roll them at.
  7. I think something you have to ask yourself is how can Winterscale own essentially a a couple of subsectors but still only have a PF of a bit over a hundred? The obvious anwser is because he has to maintain a fleet of a hundred ships and a standing army in the hundreds of thousands just to hold it in a fairly half assed way. I don't think the profit factor system is broken. I think the acheivement system is broken, and not only is it broken but it would be very easy to replace it with an income vs expenses system which is more or less what we've done at our table in a very fast and loose way.
  8. In regards to barracks capacity I just go with two guard regiments for a raider/frigate barracks, three for a light cruiser, four for a cruiser, five for a battlecruiser and so on. Now keep in mind that a light or medium infantry regiment is roughly two to five thousand guys of which only four out of five of which are actual combat troops and another one in five are reserves. Also for contrast a Lemun Russ tank regiment is probably only about thirty six active tanks plus twelve in reserve despite having about a thousand people in it as most of them are staff, service and maintenance personnel.
  9. It's kind of an interesting question for me because my character often puts NPCs into the helpless state via snare shells but because I have "take them alive" from manhunter and am wearing a pair of shock gloves and carrying a pair of manacles the way it usually ends up going down if I want the guy for a bounty is I charge the helpless target and tell the GM "I take hi into custody and search him" and in most cases we just consider that the end of it. Hell even when I don't want the guy I'm more likely just to tell the GM "I use my shock gloves to taz him into submission and seize his weapons" rather than just whoop up on him.
  10. It was in Hostile Aquisitions somewhere, personally I thought that concept was a bit too silly and overwrought even for 40k.
  11. Well I don't know about RTs but my Rank 4 Arch Militant has fifteen wounds, if I buy every hitpoint advance still possible from here through level 8 I can titally pull off the 20+ wounds deal. Honestly though if you really want to make a boss NPC hardcore in this system I think the more important thing is stacking them with a certain short list of talents. Things like Step Aside, Lightning Reflexes, Lightning Attack, Crushing Blow, Counter Attack, Hip Shooting, and/or Blademaster etc. Aslo grab a piece of really high endn gear to give them and build a fighting style around it for them to use, in the best cases they'll become puzzle fights. By rank 4 everyone is going to be running around with solo bolters, best craftsmanship power weapons or duel wielded plasma pistols etc. Twenty Wounds isn't going to save you from that sort of ****.
  12. I'm thinking about just doing a house rule where NPC ships just get to make as many shipboard actions at their crew rating as there are player characters making shipboard actions that round. It's kind of janky but yeah NPC ships always get trounced because the players get to do way more actions and the simplified "stances" suggested in BC aren't much better at pumping up the enemy ships. Well you might say the solution is to just make bigger and more numerous enemy ships but then that just causes constant escalation and then you find yourself in the same situation as late game Elder Scrolls where the bandits are suddenly decked out in top tier plate armor for some reason. Although the other thing that helps if the players are flying around in some terrifying bruiser of a ship is to remember that the enemy ships CAN AND SHOULD run away from fights they're losing or can't win. In fact with the exception of certain enemies who wouldn't do so per character or fluff I usually end combats the players are overwhelmingly winning by starting to roll willpower for each NPC to see if they try to run away or I'll just flat out have the senior enemy NPC present order a retreat.
  13. You probably know better than I do, I'm only just now getting into carriers. We'll see how it goes.
  14. I'm not even referring to all out min maxing, any decently put together exporator is going to get there almost entirely on armory gimmes and essential advances during the first three ranks. As for your second point maybe the Space Accountant shouldn't be as good at cybernetics as the Cyber Wizard, just a thought.
  15. I'd say once per squadron BUT you actually have to recover your damaged craft so if they were lost in such a way as to be unrecoverable or if you fled into the warp and left the system you don't get squat at all. Furthermore each character only gets one roll a week and is considered so busy in that time they can't do anything else.
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