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  1. Jetfire

    $30 for an Arc-170 seem crazy to anyone else?

    The current pricing changes are just based on the new bases and packaging along with the acquisition by Asmodee most likely and changing their distribution structure as well as Disney probably wanting a little bit more royalties. If the Trade War starts affecting prices expect much bigger increases on ALL products but that will likely be for stuff shipping next year and they'll probably have to eat it for a wave or two.
  2. Jetfire

    Any news?

    I'm sure they will find ways to use the IP, it's developed after all but another LCG seems unlikely at best. I'd expect more standalone boards games or maybe one of their newfangled Unique games.
  3. Jetfire

    What will Wizards Do?

    I suspect they will do nothing but eliminate a MTG competitor.
  4. Jetfire

    The Day Twitter Broke X-Wing

    Boba's ignore Boba's makes the most sense.
  5. Jetfire

    Is this AI driven?

    Heck, print the game on graham crackers and I'm in.
  6. Jetfire

    Is this AI driven?

    I think ultimately these will be like playing fortune cookies the game but where you don't get to eat a cookie.
  7. Jetfire

    Is this AI driven?

    In 50 years deforestation has combined with climate change and terminators weren't necessary.
  8. Jetfire

    If every deck is unique....

    If I was dubious about investing in destiny I am 10 fold less likely to go down this rabbit hole.
  9. Do I risk a lawsuit from Hasbro/WOTC? Not unless you've got all the money in the world.
  10. Jetfire

    End of Netrunner

    haha, yeah no wife and no kids while trying to play competitively meant a pretty big cost. I now play ANR, X-wing, Armada and more and still save money.
  11. Jetfire

    End of Netrunner

    Except WOTC, they win big getting a big competitor off the market. ANR blew up and attracted plenty of MTG players like me. I pretty much stopped buying several grand in MTG cards a year to play ANR.
  12. Jetfire

    Feel cheated

    I would guess WOTC got tired of the competition with MTG and decided either pay a sky high bill for the license or say goodbye. Since the core gameplay is all likely inside that license IP we can consider Netrunner complete though maybe WOTC relaunches it with a new theme... or something crazy like using those mechanics for a new MTG game. FFG will no doubt focus on using the assets they created for ANR on new products since you have plenty of art and theme to draw from that you already paid for.
  13. Jetfire

    This is where the fun begins -- Eta-2 Actis Interceptor in 2.0

    What if it was instead of rolling green dice?
  14. Jetfire

    This is where the fun begins -- Eta-2 Actis Interceptor in 2.0

    I would be interested in what would happen if the ship itself had the ability. Spend 1 force and 1 evade token to cancel 3 non-crit hits.
  15. Jetfire

    My, have the TIE-bles turned!

    It will be like Starcraft. It will never be balanced, it will always be moving towards balance, the meta will shift often enough to prevent long term dominance of a single list.