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  1. I don't understand the people not excited by this. New upgrade cards, new titles, new pilots and most important new objectives! I'm already noticing a shift away from first player or lose and I'm hoping this will move towards a more big picture style of combat instead of the 2-ship deathmatch lol objectives style of play that's been dominant recently. Also excited to try twin(triple?) glad again with Iden and Brunson(Monferrat on the third?).
  2. That's not heavy squad play, that's elimination Armada. Head to head matchups are winner take all so they play like that because that's how you play it, delay engagement as long as possible then kill a squadron then bounce. They are ALL terrible, Armada isn't meant to be played like that. Single elimination matchups should be taken out of the tourney structure, the game is made for swiss.
  3. X-I7, Tubolaser reroute circuits, advanced proton torpedoes and most "must have but only in one expansion" upgrades have been tourney prizes 2-5$ on ebay gets you most of them and they're spiffy alt art too.
  4. There are some places men aren't welcome, Curves for example, and some places women aren't welcome... I can't think of any of the top of my head except small groups that for for the reasons I explained and the ones I never condoned, Armada isn't either of those. Why you think the Armada community doesn't welcome women? I'm honestly curious as to why you feel this way considering your own self proclaimed positive experiences.
  5. I didn't say a lot of the things people are saying I did here so I'll make it simple: If a group of dudes want to have a "no girls allowed club" let them. I explained the reasons some do(bullying, anxiety, comfort level) only to have some say I condone sexual assault wtf? We don't force a group of women to let men in their space, for Pete's sake I've seen women harassing a male only barbershop. Women can be horrible people too at the same rate as men. @ExplosiveTooka Please stop with the straw men no one here is condoning sexual assault. We are explaining(poorly sometimes, I apologize if I misspoke) why some men don't like playing with women, the same reason some women don't like to play with men, sometime people are ****.
  6. Yeah a lot of fist timers are worried about "the scene". There really isn't one. Tournament are just a day of gaming with prizes for those who do well(and prizes for participation too at big tourneys). Be prepared to lose though heh, and learn a ton, honestly I learned more from the first few tourney I played in than from any forums or vids I watched.
  7. Once again I don't care who I play. Stop insinuating I'm ok with or do these things. When did I say any of this was ok? Nice straw man there. All I said is why can't a group of men have a space(not the store, just their gaming group) to themselves? Some only want to play with a certain group and I understand why. And in your very comment you just said men are bad and should feel bad and then go on to say none of this happened playing armada. This is why some men don't want to play with women because they are pre-judged as born wrong and must walk on eggshells. Any bullying is bad m'kay. But you're living in a dream world if you think only men bully or are dicks to people and you are a hypocrite if you think a group of women can make a place only for them but a group of man cannot.
  8. I am always open to new players, however I also support groups that don't want new players or only a certain type of players. If a group of guys don't want women in their group why is this a bad thing? People are proposing a women only tourney in this very thread. Women have plenty female only spaces, no one has any obligation to let you into their circle of friends, again, I'll play anyone who's there to play as long as they don't bring politics and can handle some banter, but some people have had bad experiences and that stuff leaves scars so they are who they are, shrug and move on. As for the sweeping generalizations, well, you aren't looking that hard then: This is what I'm talking about, this attitude that it's men v women and men are the problem. This is why many men are touchy around women in their hobby, just like women are touchy around men walking into their spaces. Like I said, if a group doesn't want a certain type, let them, ignore them, make your own group let people make their own choices and, like you said, Armada is a very welcoming community if there aren't many women then its not because the fedoras are chasing them all away.
  9. You know why gaming is so attractive to so many different people? No politics. When you bring politics, any politics, into a gaming space it becomes toxic and splits the community. Let people be who they are outside of the game and fight your wars outside, don't bring it inside and(most) people won't have a problem. Describing a whole community as "gatekeeping" is the opposite of helping. I see a lot of confirmation bias and "smelly, misogynistic gamers just don't like women" here. Here's the problem: an established group of people may adjust to bring in a new member but only if that new member also adjusts to the group dynamic and deosn't demand sweeping changes to accommodate them. This rule is gender neutral, if I enter any space I don't expect that group to immediately accommodate my interests, I instead lurk mor get to know my fellows and how they act. That guy who smelled a bit? Didn't notice as his nose is scorched due to his dad smoking 3 packs a day. `Show some tact and let him know discreetly. That guy who got tilted? Emotional problems due to horrible family life, the fact that he's here in the store and not swinging from a rafter is kind of a miracle. Approach it with tact and he'll probably apologize. Have. Some. Tact. You are entering a space populated by, traditionally, the bullied, mocked and looked down on, they are as threatened by you as you are by them. This is their space that you can become a part of and make it yours as well. A group constantly bullied as "smelly, misogynistic, man children, still living in their parents basement pushing plastic army men around" is going to have a lot of hesitation and a little push back against new members, especially from a group that typically bullies them, women. P.S. Not saying its ok to be a **** though, I'm saying have some tact and thicken up your skin, it's not as bad as this thread is making it seem.
  10. Look to the Vader comics if you want good stories from an imperial perspective. Basically use the empire as an unchangeable, corrupting force of nature. The characters want order in all this chaos and so turn to the empire's way of doing things. Initially exposed to the face of the empire order, peace, justice, then later seeing the imbalances and then having face all of that being a lie pushed by papa palps because he's an evil space wizard. See: Inspector Thanoth, Tagge(old EU and Disneywars), Doctor Aphra, Grand Moff Tarkin, Soontir Fel, Pellaeon and Thrawn for good Imperial characters. The Shu-Torun arc in the Vader comic was also an excellent tale told from the empire's perspective. The galaxy is not a nice place(coughHUTTScough), the empire may be bad, but for many it is the least bad provided you deal with rank and file and not Palpatine's menagerie of sickos. P.S. I'm as surprised as anyone that Marvel could make a good comic books still, but the early star wars runs have been solid.
  11. Superfiring turrets are only a thing if you can't just tilt the nose of your ship down to make them superfiring. We're in space we can do that. Now suprefiring would mean that you expose less of your ship, as you don't have to tilt the nose down, but your frontal firepower is unaffected.
  12. Wait, is that an unbroken antenna on the Vic?! The paint job is spectacular, but the antenna is the most impressive thing here.
  13. Absolutely perfect, I also here have a spoiler for the admiral coming in the SSD expansion. The one you've all been waiting for!
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