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    Earthworm got a reaction from mtrein in The problem with X-wing on Brazil   
    Hopefully someone from from FFG reads this.  Don't know what else you can do, other than contact them directly.  Maybe their Organized play people could offer other options if the distributor won't.
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    Earthworm reacted to WingedSpider in Developer Interview from Worlds   
    You guys heard about the new small ship that was just revealed? It's got 3s in every stat and a white K-turn. That power's gonna break the game in half. What hope do lists composed of normal ships have against that thing?
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    Earthworm reacted to WokeUpDead in Worlds Twitch Stream Link   
    you're free to go there and -just do better- ..
    sorry, but I saw a VERY solid game by two VERY good players. did chasing miranda turn out to be an error? yeah. was he in a position where he could have pulled it of? yeah.
    really, just be careful with your tone; everything is easier when you're just watching and sneezing on people on the board just tells the rest of us some things, but more about you than the game.
    trying to be civil here, and so should you  
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    Earthworm reacted to Jo Jo in Worlds Twitch Stream Link   
    At worlds you run.
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    Earthworm reacted to Biophysical in 2015 Worlds Results   
    You've clearly never been to an academic conference.
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    Earthworm reacted to Comradebot in 24 points rebels   
    Warthog Gold with an R2 Astromech.
    Lone Ion>Lone TLT in my book.
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    Earthworm reacted to EdgeOfDreams in 24 points rebels   
    TLT Gold Squadron is also worth considering.
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    Earthworm reacted to DariusAPB in 24 points rebels   
    B-wing Blue squadron with FCS.
    Gives reliable DPS, is tough enough. Is a real threat.
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    Earthworm got a reaction from Trajan1 in What do you do for a "day job?"   
    High School history teacher.
    AP World History, Comparative Religion and Contemporary World Problems.
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    Earthworm reacted to Jarval in What to include in an introductory game of X-Wing?   
    With the new academic year starting, my local university's gaming society has the annual influx of new gamers.  I was asked along to their icebreaker event to demo X-Wing, and brought the following two lists for that purpose as I've always found just the starter set a little lacking in terms of showing off the game to its best.
    Luke Skywalker (28)
    R2-D2 (4)
    Blue Squadron Pilot (22)
    Total: 54
    Darth Vader (29)
    Determination (1)
    Academy Pilot (12)
    Academy Pilot (12)
    Total: 54
    I'd put these lists together to demonstrate a few things.
    The difference in gameplay between classic Imperial and Rebel lists
    Named and generic pilots.  (You don't get more Star Wars than Luke and Vader. )
    The effect of Pilot Skill on the Activation and Combat phases of the game
    Post-move manoeuvring (Barrel Roll)
    A couple of simple to use upgrades without having an overwhelming amount of extra rules to explain
    How obstacles work (asteroids seem like a core part of the game play)

    Other than the playing area being a bit larger than I'd first realised (about 4' by 4' rather than 3' by 3', which meant it took a little longer for anything to get into combat range), things went well.  It seemed to showcase the core X-Wing experience well, and I'm optimistic that we'll see a decent number of the people I demoed to at our weekly wargaming sessions.
    Is there anything that you'd change about the lists above, or any rules you think would be good to showcase in an introduction to the game?  I did ponder trying to get a ship with Boost in the list as well, but TIE Interceptors seem like dropping a new player in at the deep end, and I couldn't find an A-Wing build that I was happy with.
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    Earthworm reacted to doji in +×÷= TACOMA + GAME MATRIX × WEEKLY ÷ XWING = 7PM 9/4 9/11 9/18 9/25 =÷×+   
    We have baby he is healthy.
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    Earthworm reacted to Gersun in Where do you play X-wing? Post your country for statistics   
    As of a month ago, Shenzhen, China!
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    Earthworm reacted to mbl72 in Where do you play X-wing? Post your country for statistics   
    Santiago, Chile
    BTW: Hello! this is my first post!
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    Earthworm reacted to Vorpal Sword in Tabletop Simulator   
    That was not my experience. As far as functionality goes, it seems as if the TTS module is about where the Vassal module was almost three years ago (when I first started using it).
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    Earthworm reacted to Sithborg in 4y tlt - how did this list make it through PTing?   
    And most likely, half those attacks will be unmodified. Have you rolled dice in this game? 
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    Earthworm reacted to Off Jenkins in Polish National Championship 2015   
    Okey, after first round. After all weve got 133 participating.
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    Earthworm reacted to fade_74 in What do you do for a "day job?"   
    Wow, lots of teachers!  I work in a Spec. Ed classroom for high school kids with emotional disturbances and behavior disorders.
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    Earthworm got a reaction from Plainsman in What do you do for a "day job?"   
    High School history teacher.
    AP World History, Comparative Religion and Contemporary World Problems.
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    Earthworm reacted to TasteTheRainbow in The E-wing is DEAD!!!!!   
    Corran isn't dead and the rest never lived.
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    Earthworm got a reaction from Ravaga in Attn Aviation History Buffs: "Prototype" Paint Scheme?   
    Many prototype a/c have large parts left unpainted:

    Additionally, test aircraft have reference marks painted on them to aid in measurement from camera footage:

    (Think like crash test dummy markings)

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    Earthworm got a reaction from jme in Attn Aviation History Buffs: "Prototype" Paint Scheme?   
    Many prototype a/c have large parts left unpainted:

    Additionally, test aircraft have reference marks painted on them to aid in measurement from camera footage:

    (Think like crash test dummy markings)

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    Earthworm reacted to ficklegreendice in [WAVE 8] What We Know (and how we know it)   
    please oh please be overconfident aggromech, which disables crew cards
    "your overconfidence is your weakness"
    "your faith in your friends is yours!"
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    Earthworm reacted to MacchuWA in Now that we have Tractor Beams, how about this for a fluffy Defender buff?   
    So, we all know that the Defender, despite its fluff as probably the most dangerous starfighter in the galaxy, is a little underwhelming in X-Wing. Part of the reason for that, I think, is that X-Wing just doesn't properly simuate the Defenders full capabilities. The Defender is better than a normal TIE for a bunch of reasons, but primarily because it just has so mnay more features than most other variants; in the books, a TIE Defender has:
    Strong shields Heavy Damage output Great manoeuvrability Missiles An Ion Cannon A Tractor beam
    Now, finally, we have all of those as in-game, but, at present, they can;t all be loaded onto one ship. Hence, I propse the following title:

    Why would this be good? Several reasons:
    Firstly, it buffs the Defender in a potent but subtle way, and in a way that hasn't, so far, been used to tweak any other ships. It's similar to IG-88 B's ability, but made different by the inability to deal damage with the cannon, which will encourage the use of ion cannons and tractor beams. The ability to do a traditional 3 or 4 dice atack (at range 1), and then potentially deal an ion token or a tractor beam token (or even a stress token I suppose) as well makes the Defender potentially more powerful than any of the other heavy hitters out there - among small based ships (assuming no EPTs and excluding the HLC/prockets, which the Defender could carry anyway), only Corran, the TIE Phantom, Advanced Proton Torpedoes and theoretically a TLT Y-Wing with the BTL-A4 title could do more damage in a single turn, and none could do that damage and add a control element. That seems appropriate for what is supposed to be an incredibly dangerous starfighter.
    Secondly, by encouraging the use of control cannons (as opposed to HLCs, Manglers or Autoblasters) it promotes the use of fluffy Defender armament, and helping the game (and the metagame) adhere closer to the SW universe rather than just MinMaxing everything is, IMO, a good thing.
    Thirdly, and somewhat similarly, it allows the true Defender from the books to show up ingame for people who enjoy flying thematic ships and lists. Consider my list of points from above:
    Strong shields and heavy damage outputAlready provided by the base ships 3s in these categories.  Great manoeuvrabilityAdd the Twin Ion Engine Mk 2 card for 1 point  MissilesAdd a concussion missile for 4 points  An Ion Cannon and a Tractor beamAdd the one point title, three point ion cannon and the one point tractor beam, and then actually use the two cannons thanks to the extra firing opportunity.  All together, that's 10 points of upgrades, (i.e. a 40 point Delta Squadron pilot). You could only fly two of them in any given list and sure, they might not be meta-defining in any way. They might not even be super competetive. But they would be fluffy, potent little ships that I think fans of the Defender would like to put on the board purely as fans, if not as serious tournament players.
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    Earthworm reacted to Mu0n729 in X-wing online: Steam vs. Vassal   
    1) Grab and drag maneuver template (+ hunt for it if it was not placed neatly before)
    2) manually fine adjust its shadow in front of the ship
    3) Grab and drag the ship, rotate it manually as needed
    4) manually fine adjust its shadow at the end of the template
    5) store back the maneuver template
    6) grab and drag a stress token
    1) left click on ship
    2) hit CTRl-ALT-2 for k-turn
    3) hit shift-S
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    Earthworm got a reaction from Jo Jo in Seattle/Puget Sound/Western Washington Organized Play Master List   
    Updated with information on Tournaments in Lynden, Silverdale, Bremerton, Kent and Tacoma, as well as a couple of new store listings without regular play- get in there and start some!
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