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    Earthworm got a reaction from digitalbusker in X-wing Minis= Cake Toppers?   
    I've found a way to justify all my X-wing purchases to my wife- Just build my son's birthday cake around them!

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    Earthworm got a reaction from IG88E in X-wing Minis= Cake Toppers?   
    I've found a way to justify all my X-wing purchases to my wife- Just build my son's birthday cake around them!

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    Earthworm got a reaction from Vigil in X-wing Minis= Cake Toppers?   
    They'll be coming off before serving, definitely. The cake is an old school butter cake, who's about a million tasty calories per slice. Grey is less appealing, but surprisingly easy to make.
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    Earthworm reacted to nathankc in X-wing Minis= Cake Toppers?   
    Until the Raider releases, that's probably the best use of the TIE Advanced I've seen
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    Earthworm got a reaction from gabe69velasquez in X-wing Minis= Cake Toppers?   
    I've found a way to justify all my X-wing purchases to my wife- Just build my son's birthday cake around them!

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    Earthworm got a reaction from sunevora in X-wing Minis= Cake Toppers?   
    I've found a way to justify all my X-wing purchases to my wife- Just build my son's birthday cake around them!

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    Earthworm got a reaction from FlyingAnchors in X-wing Minis= Cake Toppers?   
    I've found a way to justify all my X-wing purchases to my wife- Just build my son's birthday cake around them!

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    Earthworm got a reaction from Conandoodle in Ship tokens in Most Wanted   
    You'll find an excellent resource at templatemaker.nl, which can generate box templates of various types in any custom size.  I then import those .svg's into GIMP, where I assemble the images.  The dividers, counter holders and peg stands inside the boxes I just make by hand.
    This system has several advantages:  
    -It's modular- I can easily pick and choose which ships to bring to a game night or tournament, and still have all the necessary pieces.
    -Its easy- I can hand a couple boxes to a new player, and they're self explanatory enough for a newbie to put together.  
    -Geek Cred.
    Yes, putting a tie swarm back into 8 boxes after playing is a little bit of a drag, but not really that much, and it's minimized the amount of other stuff I have to store- I've got number and TL tokens in each ship box, so all I have to store are focus, evade, stress, ion, and crit tokens in my go-box.  (I'm even giving thought to making space in each box for the tokens that each ship might earn- a Focus and an Evade in an A-wing box, etc.
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    Earthworm got a reaction from Conandoodle in Ship tokens in Most Wanted   
    OK, the world has resumed spinning, everybody can return to their normal lives again, thanks.
    I had figured it would be something like that.  It's a little strange that they were so stingy with Headhunter stuff, given the extra Y-wing materials provided, and the number of rebel Z-95's already in circulation.
    Since I pack each ship and its components into its own box, having uneven numbers of tokens is a little annoying.

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    Earthworm got a reaction from Ziusdra in Reasons to keep clamshells and boxes?   
    I've held on to all of the clear plastic clamshells that all my ships came in, as well as the thin cardboard boxes that the larger ships.  I don't use them for storage anymore (I make my own boxes for each ship)
    Is there any reason I should keep either of these?  Any cool projects people have done with them?
    Alternately, anybody in the Seattle area want them?  I'll be at the Regionals in Tacoma.
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    Earthworm got a reaction from dewbie420 in Seattle/Puget Sound/Western Washington Organized Play Master List   
    Below is a living list of the game nights and store-based tournaments in Western Washington. I update this whenever something new is available, so post comments if you know of a new event or recurring game session. Also, please encourage your home LGS to be diligent about keeping their Facebook events page, wall or website calendar updated, and let them know that they can post here for free promotional space for their events!
    New!  Master Calendar!
    We're now populating a calendar page for all X-wing events in the Evergreen Squadron area.
    Check it out!
    (Below is an image, not live, but you get the idea....)

    Upcoming Events
    Start times are either the beginning of registration or the actual start of Round 1.  Your responsibility to find out which and to show up early enough.
    6th-8th:  Washington Regionals hosted by Uncle's (Redmond)  Seattle Center, Details TBD
    21st (Saturday), Card Kingdom (Ballard)  Super Smash Wing skirmish.  1:00, $5
    18th (Saturday):  BC Regionals at Westcoast GT, Vancouver (Burnaby), BC.  Details TBD
    3rd-5th:  Endor System OPEN at ECCC, Seattle.  http://www.cascadegames.com/star-wars.html
    Snohomish, Island, Whatcom and Skagit Counties and Other Points North:
    Lynden - Heroes' Resource (Facebook)
    Sundays at 1:00
    Players' group
    Bellingham – Dark Tower Games (Facebook)
    Tuesdays at 6:00 (6-10 players)
    Bellingham Warhamsters: Local Minis Gaming Group with strong X-Wing interest
    Bellingham - The Comics Place (Facebook)
    Currently no regular play, but runs occasional tournaments.
    Bellingham - Cosmic Comics (Facebook)
    Currently no regular play, but runs tournaments every other month.
    Oak Harbor - Battle Den Games and Hobbies (Facebook)
    Game Nights, Thursdays at 6:00, (X-Wing mentioned occasionally)

    Marysville – Wandering Havoc Games (Facebook)
    Every other Saturday at 1 (4 or so regular players)
    Minis wargaming group, including X-wing
    Lake Stevens - MOB Games (Facebook)
    Thursdays, 4:00-10:00 (8 players)
    Everett – Game Shire (Facebook)
    Friday evenings. ("At least a few people")
    (Occasional alternative format tournaments)

    Everett – The AFK Tavern (Facebook)
    Wednesdays at 6:00 (~4 players, often involves HotAC)
    Everett - MuGu Games (Facebook)
    Sundays, Noon-Close (4-8 players)
    100 Point Tournaments, every 2nd Sunday
    Lynnwood – Round the Table Game Pub (Facebook)
    Thursdays at 7:00 (X-wing and Armada open play) (10-16 players)
    West Sound/Kitsap, Jefferson, Clallam Counties
    Port Angeles - Dragonrail (Facebook)
    Monday night minis, includes X-wing: Mondays 4:00-8:00pm
    Port Angeles- Anime Kat (Facebook)
    Saturdays at 1:00  (2-4 players, up to 12 players during league)
    Player meetup Facebook group
    Silverdale- Avalon Comics (Facebook)
    Star Wars Tabletop Wednesday Evenings (incl. Armada, IA and X-Wing)
    Facebook Group:  Second Order

    Silverdale - Dragon’s Horde (Facebook)
    Tournament:  First Saturday of each month, 3:30-Close (8+ players)
    Summer Kit Tournament, Saturday September 10, 3:30.  $5
    Facebook Group: Kitsap X-wing
    Bremerton – The Game Wizard and Blue Sky Hobbies (Facebook)
    Mondays at 6 (10-20 players)
    Silver Squadron (Facebook Group)
    100 point Tournaments every 2nd Sunday of the month, generous store credit prizes, 11:00, $10
    Bremerton – Discordia Games (Facebook)
    Every other Friday, 6:00
    First Friday of each month, 100pt Tournament with Game Kit support, $5  (6-10 Players)
    Bremerton - The Comics Keep (Facebook)
    Not much info online, but apparently has 4-6 X-wing players on Fridays or Saturdays

    Seattle (Greenwood) – Game Gurus (Facebook)

    Seattle (Ballard) Card Kingdom/Café Mox (Facebook)
    Thursdays at 6:30 (12 or more regular players)
    Seattle (Capitol Hill) Gamma Ray Games/Raygun Lounge (Facebook)
    No more regular play due to lack of space.

    Seattle (Capitol Hill) Phoenix Comics and Games (Facebook)
    Sundays at 1:00 (3-5 regular players)
    Monthly Tournaments, 3rd Sundays, 1:00, $5
    Seattle (West Seattle) Meeples Games (Facebook)
    Wednesdays at 6:30 (5-10 people) (Includes informal league)
    (also Saturdays at 8)
    Monthly Tournament: Last Sunday of each month, 12:00 (3-4 swiss rounds, 100pts, 60min)  $10.
    Facebook Group: Sons of Ackbar West Seattle
    Bothell – Zulu's Board Game Cafe (Facebook)
    Thursdays at 7 (4-8 people)
    League Night, open to all: Tuesdays, 8:30
    Redmond – Games and Gizmos (Facebook)
    Mondays (Casual Gaming includes X-wing and Armada) (4-8 regular players)
    Tournaments, 3rd Saturdays of each month. Noon, $10

    Redmond - Uncle's Games (Facebook)
    Wednesdays at 5:00 (X-wing and Armada)
    X-wing League

    Bellevue – Mox Boarding House (Facebook)
    Thursdays at 5:00
    Thursday Night Scramble (3 rounds Swiss, 8 player cap) 

    Bellevue - Uncle's Games (Facebook)
    Any regular play here?
    Issaquah - Heroic Knight Games (Facebook)
    Tuesdays at 5:00 (6-7 regular players)

    South Sound (South King-Pierce-Thurston Counties):
    Kent – Blind Dragon Hobbies (Facebook)
    X-Wing and Armada Open League, Fridays at 6:30
    Miniatures Free Play, Sundays at Noon

    Federal Way – Fantasium Comics and Games (Facebook)
    Sundays at 3:30
    Tacoma - Terracrux Games (Facebook)
    League Night (open), Thursdays at 6:00  (6-14 players)
    Facebook players group
    Tournaments Second Saturday of each Month, 12:00, $5

    Tacoma – Tacoma Games (Facebook)
    Saturdays at 2:00
    ELO-style League (Closed Facebook group)

    Tacoma – Uncles Games (Facebook)
    Tuesdays at 5:00
    Wave 9 Celebration Tournament, Sunday Oct 9, 11:15 signups, $10 (max players 12, preregistration available)  Summer Kit Prizes.
    Tacoma – Northwest Sportscards Game Center (Facebook)
    Fridays at 4:00
    Tacoma (Lakewood) – The Game Matrix (Facebook)
    Fridays at 7:00 (~8 regular players)
    Game Night Kit (Summer Kit?) Tournament. 3 rounds.  Sunday, September 18.  12:00, $5 
    Tacoma (Spanaway) – Roadside Hobbies Games Unlimited (Facebook)

    Puyallup (South Hill) - Game On! (Facebook)

    Olympia (Lacey) – Gabi’s Olympic Cards and Comics (Facebook)
    X-wing Open Play, Tuesdays at 6:00 (10-24 players)
    Tuesday Draft League: Draft Day Sept. 13, Season Sept 20- Oct 24
    Hangar Bay Tournament with Wave 9 Prizes, Saturday Sept 17, 12:00, $15
    Facebook Group: Olympia X-wing
    Olympia - Forever Knights Gaming (Facebook) (New Facebook Page)
    Thursdays at 6

    Online Groups

    Evergreen Squadron on Facebook (Main Facebook Group for Western Washington
    Pacific Northwest X-Wing Gamers on Facebook (Regional group centered around Snohomish County Play)
    X-Wing miniatures – Emerald City Squad (more Seattle specific group

    Greater Seattle X-Wing Google Group
    Evergreen Squadron Radio  (Facebook) (Soundcloud) (iTunes):  Monthly hour-long local program, featuring a local store each episode, as well as tournament reports, etc.
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    Earthworm reacted to sinclair5150 in Team Covenant website downturn   
    Anyone else besides me think that the TC website redesign has resulted in a downturn of X-Wing discussion on their site?
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    Earthworm reacted to doji in $¥£€ TACOMA € GAME MATRIX £ JUNE ¥ GAME NIGHTS € 6/5 $ 6/12 ¥ 6/19 £ 6/26 €£¥$   
    Would you be willing to remove two of the three A's in your name?
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    Earthworm got a reaction from Sephlar in $¥£€ TACOMA € GAME MATRIX £ JUNE ¥ GAME NIGHTS € 6/5 $ 6/12 ¥ 6/19 £ 6/26 €£¥$   
    Special characters are the signature "Tacoma Thing" here. Stopping now would only lead to confusion.
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    Earthworm reacted to KommanderKeldoth in Speculation: Paul Heaver's next card   
    EPT: That was too close!
    Large Ship Only
    When you reveal a 4 straight maneuver, you may pre-measure.  If your base would overlap an obstacle token, you may choose to reveal a 3 straight instead.
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    Earthworm reacted to serrate in X-wing Dial vs B-wing Dial   
    I think you've started to touch on the most relevant factor in ship-costing/balancing. Quite frankly, the original game design probably should have started with more dice, and essentially higher stats. 
    What if we simply double every stat across the board? Now, how much easier does it get to balance ships and keep them usable in a 100-point game? I'm not necessarily agreeing that the X-Wing should have 4 attack dice, because the difference between 3 and 4 is very significant (for all her movement shenanigans, Whisper would hardly be as popular/hated/meta-driving if her attack was 3); but if all stats were doubled and the X-wing's attack value was currently a 6, in determining whether or not an increase was the right move, you'd have that "half-step" available, the opportunity to increase to 7 (3.5 dice on the existing setup).
    This wasn't much of a limiting factor in the original release of the game. An X-wing had 1 more attack die than a TIE, 1 less agility, and a point cost that fairly accurately represented the differences between them. The "out of the box" experience for the starter game is pretty well balanced considering it pits minis 2v1. There's a lot of fun flying that can be done without anyone feeling that they're at a severe disadvantage.
    The problem creeps in when you start trying to expand those stats to any significant degree for new ships, and with such low starting stats, any change IS significant. So much so that certain ships might as well call it a day versus others and go home, because their likelihood of doing any damage is so slight as to be laughable. When you double the stats, you have the opportunity for outclassed ships to maybe deal that "half" point of damage, because red dice are better than green and more red dice being thrown will eventually net you some of those in-between results that chip away at shields and hull. Slowly chipping away is far preferable to having every single attack nullified turn after turn.
    The original stats of the X and TIE are what make it brutally difficult to balance anything after the fact, or for that matter, difficult to introduce new ships without also introducing "power creep". They started things off with a sliding scale that is simply too tight, imo. And don't get me wrong, I think FFG has done a fantastic job with this game, and continue to do so. But in this respect, they've painted themselves into a very tight corner and some ships will pay the price for it.
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    Earthworm got a reaction from DraconPyrothayan in X-wing Dial vs B-wing Dial   
    It's not just about the dial (or statline, or action bar, etc)  It's all those in concert.
    Since you're most concerned with maneuverability, though, I'll remind you of the critical difference:  Barrel Roll
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    Earthworm reacted to WWHSD in Are the Spanish suppliers permitted to do this?   
    I wouldn't be surprised if FFG was in on it. A leaked spoiler that requires a translation effort, image enhancement, and some speculation; you can't pay for hype like that. 
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    Earthworm reacted to Vorpal Sword in MathWing: Killing Diversity In The Game Since 2014   
    I don't know how old you are, but I'm (just barely) old enough to remember competitive geeky games before the Internet. I also got involved in X-wing early enough to remember what the game was like before and during the formation of the communities we have now. Those experiences at least strongly imply that convergence on a competitive metagame is likely to occur regardless of efforts like MajorJuggler's.
    Moreover, there are (very broadly) three things required to prove that A caused B. First, you have to demonstrate that A occurred at the same time or earlier than B; second, you have to demonstrate that A and B are related (that there's a plausible hypothesis for how A could have caused B); third, you have to rule out other plausible alternative hypotheses--to make sure there aren't any pesky C's or D's that could have caused B instead.
    So if someone is making a causal claim, you can use that framework to assess it. You can disprove a causal claim directly by demonstrating that either of the first two requirements are untrue, as several people have in the thread. You can also at least weaken the claim substantially if you can imagine a plausible alternative cause that could have caused the effect instead, and several people have pointed out that competition itself is enough to explain the effect FTS Gecko is complaining about here.
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    Earthworm reacted to Vorpal Sword in MathWing: Killing Diversity In The Game Since 2014   
    ...okay, for serious. FTS Gecko is welcome to the opinion that the metagame is uncomfortably narrow, without enough diversity to make him happy. I disagree, because I think it's an issue that's getting better--particularly if you look at Top 8 instead of tournament winners.
    But Gecko also drew a causal link (in the thread title, even) between MathWing and that lack of diversity. Causal attribution is a factual claim, and in this case it's a really tenuous one--so yes, it's subject to disproof, and yes, several people rebutted it fairly effectively.
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    Earthworm reacted to WonderWAAAGH in MathWing: Killing Diversity In The Game Since 2014   
    I dunno about that. Your ability to ignore 5 pages worth of refutation only to post this is pretty darned impressive.
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    Earthworm reacted to geordan in MathWing: Killing Diversity In The Game Since 2014   
    Emphasis mine:

    [citation needed] 

    [citation needed]
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    Earthworm reacted to serrate in MathWing: Killing Diversity In The Game Since 2014   
    I'm sorry, but I disagree with the entire premise of your post, that there could possibly be a "self-fulfilling prophecy of a meta".
    First of all, I'm going to assume you mean the competitive meta, because if your local guys are flying nothing but Fat Hans or BBBBZ for casual play, you need to setup a "******" jar (with a light-hearted attitude about it) and tell those guys they've got to drop in a dollar for every match, which goes to the group pizza fund. The point being that less-optimal ships and pilots get flown all the time in casual play, because at heart we all love Star Wars and we want to put it's characters on the table.
    So, is the competitive meta really driven by MathWing? No, but the simple truths found within MathWing are discovered by anyone wanting to play competitively. It doesn't take long to figure out that a Blue is a more durable jouster than a Rookie. And it's not much of a secret that a fast, maneuverable turret provides consistent damage and might be considered "easier" to fly.

    Sorry, I just don't buy it. But even if it were true, this wouldn't shape the meta. You don't build a squad to counter what a new guy is flying, it doesn't matter. The meta is shaped at the top, because regardless of this being a dice game, real skill is involved, and the lack of it can't be overcome with a Fat Han.

    TIEs swarms aren't the norm, and neither is BBBBZ. Both lists take practice and skill to fly to success. And as for "at the expense of everything else"... seriously? Have you even looked at the Regionals results thread? Please point me to the preponderance of TIE swarms and 4BZ lists in the top 8 results of those tourneys. No, go ahead, I'll wait. 
    During the post-scum store championship season we saw perhaps the healthiest, most diverse meta in quite a while. And though it does seem like Regionals are turning into turret-wing, there are still a lot of matches to be played. So, while I don't think I've ever bothered to look at the MathWing thread, I follow the Results thread religiously. If Fel/RAC is winning a lot, I need to be confident that what I bring can beat it. And then I need to think about what other people might bring to counter it, and can I beat that? Am I good enough to win the mirror match? What squads am I going to be most vulnerable vs, and what is my plan of action for those?
    And man, for me, that is all FUN.   
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    Earthworm reacted to Tender Fiddles in MathWing: Killing Diversity In The Game Since 2014   
    Want to know what shapes the meta? Success!
    If Mathwing is wrong, and everyone is blindly following it...you should be happy winning all the tournaments yourself.
    If you want to play casually, play casually! If you want to play competitively, you'll see Mathwing is more right than it is wrong.
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    Earthworm reacted to Vorpal Sword in MathWing: Killing Diversity In The Game Since 2014   
    Some of us would.   

      According to whom? Based on what evidence?
    Look, I do disagree with MajorJuggler. I've done it publicly and repeatedly, to the point of embarrassing myself when he was still new around here and was on v1.0 of his model. But his goals, as far as I can tell, are exactly what WickedGrey described: to use mathematical tools to better understand math outcomes. A predictive model is part of the puzzle, but not the only one.
    And if you don't like MJ's model, then set it aside and look harder at the descriptive statistical analysis of tournament results instead. No one is dictating the parameters there--it's just a firehose of data, waiting for someone to understand it. If you think people are doing it wrong, then look at the data yourself and slice it in some new way.

    Indeed, netlisting has been a thing for longer than there's been a net. When I was a kid playing Magic, there were print magazines that would do things like break down successful decklists next to an interview with the list's originator.

    It's time to retire this particular soapbox, fickle. You're not contributing anything new by jumping up and down on it, and in this particular case you're just wrong. Understanding how good a ship is at hanging in space and trading dice is an important part of every list, even if all it teaches you is that your ships don't want to do it.

    True for the most part, but I'm not sure it's terribly relevant. MathWing was a thing before MJ made his model public, and it would be a thing if he moved to Mongolia and took up the life of an itinerant goatherd.
    And now, having cleared away some of the chaff...

    You're shooting the messenger. If you think someone is exaggerating the evidence in a particular direction, or that someone is just wrong, then prove it. In X-wing, it couldn't be easier: take four Rookie Pilots to a major tournament and see what happens. Of course, one result is just an anecdote, so you should take your Rookies to a bunch of tournaments--or enlist your friends in an effort to do so.
    What you'll find, though, is that the base X-wing doesn't usually earn back its price. It relies on pilot abilities and upgrades to be effective, and even some of those won't work.
    TIE swarms were a Thing before MathWing really emerged as a concerted effort. They were a thing because they won reliably, not because someone online was touting them. BBBBZ emerged as a thing not because someone online said B-wings are the most efficient of all possible choices, but because someone wanted to build a five-ship Rebel swarm and realized those five pieces fit neatly together. MathWing helps understand why that build works, but it didn't bring it into being or predict that particular list.
    To repeat myself, you're shooting the messenger. The metagame is limited in variety because taken as a system, tournament play represents an organized search for the most reliable winning lists. In a perfectly designed game, there would be an infinite number of choices; X-wing is merely a good game, so the level of diversity varies as the set of game elements changes.
    If you're tired of the tournament game, there's nothing wrong with that and I don't blame you. It's absolutely true that 100-point dogfights are helping inform the community's picture of whether or not any particular element is worthwhile, and I'm not sure the game is better off for it. (Which isn't to say the game would be better off if it catered exclusively to casual players, of course.)
    But what you seem to be saying here is the equivalent of being angry with the local TV news crew for the week's bad weather. They're not causing it, they're trying to explain it. They're also undoubtedly changing what people expect and how they perceive the weather when it happens, but getting angry with them is probably beside the point unless you're certain you can step up and do a better job of providing objective commentary.
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