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  1. Bump! We're already over 100 players signed up, but last season we had 380- let's get everybody in! We've got players from all over the world, including podcast hosts, big names on Vassal and a certain three-time World Champion... We would be honored if you'd join us.
  2. After a nice summer break, we're excited to announce that we'll soon start signups for the newest season of the X-Wing Vassal League, bringing together nearly 300 players frim around the world. This season, we have new sponsors and lots of new technology. Signups will start soon, but check out our new info page at: http://xwvassal.info/
  3. Testors makes the Russian Air Force Colors in their Enamel line. Vallejo also has some of the colors. You're basically looking for any of the fine-scale plastic model paints: Tamiya, Vallejo, Testors, Humbrol, Gunze, PolyScale, etc. Check out the painting guides here: http://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/su-27/su-27_profile01.shtml
  4. I've added Zulu's league night and updated the calendar image, but a lot of the information of the first post is slipping out of date. I'm not going to go out of my way to update it, though if you post here, I'll do my best to add it.
  5. Would all of you guys bug Matt to get in touch with me so I can get him calendar access on the new master calendar?
  6. With the advent of the calendar, I'm thinking that I'll not maintain this list quite so much. Thoughts? (Yeah, this is just a bump, but I'm trying to figure ways of keeping this visible and useful for new players as well as players who still aren't connected to Evergreen Squadron)
  7. Just a bump with a little news. One of the things we're going to be doing this season is rearranging division schedules to account for dropped players. Everybody who remains committed will be able to play a full 8-game schedule.
  8. Yes, if it's in the module. Spoiled stuff not incorporated in the module is not legal.
  9. We’re now accepting signups for next season of The X-Wing Vassal League. TL:DR for veterans (NEW PLAYERS PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH): Signup link at bottom Signups Closes Sunday, Jan 29 Play Starts Wednesday, Feb.1 Communications will move to Slack or Discord (tbd.) This will be Mandatory. What is the League? The Vassal League is a pyramid-shaped stack of 9-player round-robin divisions, sorted by skill and by geography or preferred play time. There are 5 tiers of divisions, from the single Coruscant division at the top, to the twelve Unknown Reaches divisions at the bottom. New players start in one of these bottom divisions, and at the end of the season, the top players in each division are promoted to the next tier (inward toward the core of the Star Wars galaxy) and the bottom players are demoted, much in the manner of Association Football. The league is currently hosted at reddit.com/r/xwingonline, and you can look around to find info on the recent season, as well as our periodic newsletters. What is Vassal? Vassal is a Java-based boardgame client originally designed for live and PBEM play of Advanced Squad Leader. There are now hundreds of game modules to play online. The module for X-Wing is quite sophisticated and is now the most popular game on Vassal. Vassal does not present complete game information and is not a substitute for physically owning X-wing materials- you must have access to all of the cards and rules separately. One advantage of Vassal is that newly spoiled cards and ships are available to play as soon as complete information is known about them. This is a great opportunity to plan your future purchases: You’ll remember how hard it was to get a Jumpmaster right after they became available, and that everyone seemed to buy them in threes…. All the info you need about getting started with X-wing on Vassal can be found at Mu0n's excellent tutorual. I just started playing, or just started playing online. Should I join? The vassal interface takes a little getting used to. Most players are fairly comfortable with it after their third game or so, and highly proficient after about ten games. The vassal community is a very welcoming one, and you can freely spectate games to get a sense of how we communicate, and you can often find an opponent who is willing to walk you through your first game. If you’re new to X-wing in general, please understand that this is a competitive league, and while there are multiple levels of play represented here, it is important that you have a solid grasp of the game. It’s a big game, and there are lots of combinations- you don’t have to understand all of them, but be prepared to review your opponents list before you play, as some of the more popular card interactions are difficult to explain over chat. If you’ve played more than a few 100 point games or competed in even one local tournament, you’re more than ready. What is the time commitment? Players will play each of the other members of their division once during the season. This works out to 8 games in about ten weeks. You are free to play these games in whatever order and at whatever time you and your opponents find mutually convenient. This means that you could be gone for a week or two and still have no trouble keeping up on your games, freeing you from the one-game-per-week schedule of most online tournaments. You’ll be grouped with players who want to schedule games at the same time of day as you. Do I have to decide on a list? No! You can play a different list in every matchup you have, or play the same one for the whole season. We use an Escrow feature built into Sozin’s ListJuggler to handle lists. Once you and your opponent have agreed on a time for your game, you enter your list onto the escrow and it is held, invisible, until your opponent enters their list. Then, both lists are visible and locked. This gives you time to consider your strategy in advance, and prevents your opponent from knowing your list in advance and choosing a hard counter. This process gets more interesting as the season continues and you have access to the logfiles of each other’s games. Can you bring a list that counters their play style? Do you switch up your list to keep them guessing? What’s in it for me? Beyond the joy of playing competitive games online and the challenge of climbing up the ladder, we have prizes! Our Prize Sponsor is Team Covenant, and they’ve created some awesome league-custom Range rulers for us. Division winners at every level, top players and selected other players who are active participants receive these. Your first ruler will be a Range 1 ruler. If you win a second ruler during your career, you’ll win a similar Range 2 ruler. Additionally, the folks at Scum and Villainy support some more prizes, including alt-art cards for the top two players in the league as well as a template set that is randomly drawn from among all the players who keep up with their assigned games, regardless whether they have a winning or losing record. How do I sign up? You’ll need to have an account with Challonge.com (free), which we use to manage our pairings and match reporting. This in hand, you can sign up on our Google Form. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive an invitation into a Challonge.com tournament. YOUR REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL YOU HAVE ACCEPTED THIS INVITE. We use this to validate your information and continued interest. (Note that this is not the actual tournament or your game assignments- it’s just an administrative hack to put all Challonge accounts in one spot. Registration closes on Sunday, January, 29th, and play will begin on Wednesday, February 1st.
  10. Big news! There's now a live calendar for all events in the Evergreen Squadron area. Check it out! https://sites.google.com/site/evergreensquadronevents/
  11. Shawn was taking walkarouund videos from time to time, and they'll go up on Phoenix Fire's Facebook, I think.
  12. I wanted to give a shout-out to Phoenix Fire Games and the two Sean's for an awesome weekend. A well run event! Blair Bunke was the winner with Blue Sqn/FCS Blue Sqn/FCS Gold Sqn/TLT/BTL/R3-A2 Bandit Sqn/SS-23/Chimps Bandit Sqn/SS-23/Chimps William Wooldridge was runner up with Omicron Group/Palp/Sensor Jammer Omega Leader/Juke/Comm Relay/Shield Col. Vessery/Juke/MkII/x7 I'm sure everyone else can fill in their lists if they want (I could, but I'm tired), and I think maybe the TO's were planning on entering in ListJuggler also. I had a blast, and everyone there was really nice. There were groups from Vancouver, Seattle, Spokane and Salt Lake City in addition to players from around Idaho. Boise (Meridian, actually) is conveniently located and inexpensive, and I plan on going back next year. I hope FFG takes notice that a medium sized game community in a medium sized town can still draw a truly regional showing!
  13. Congrats Blair! Runner up was Trevor with Omega, Vess, Palp. Runner up was William (Travis) Wooldridge "Tarvis" wih Juke Vessery, OL + Shield and Palp+SensorJammer
  14. Sort of updated, but stores don't make it easy to find their info....
  15. Take a look at the other thread about Seattle. There are many more of these Open events happening in the same state and on the same weekend as Regionals. I believe the Seattle area Regional Tournament is in early January at Uncle's Games in Redmond (very close to Seattle). Uncle's is hosting it, but it's at Seattle Center.
  16. There's a big player base in the area- About 25 regular store game nights in Western Washington. Portland and Vancouver, BC have solid scenes too, not to mention Boise and Salt Lake City, which are a short direct flight away. I'm very excited to see the potential of that group coming together!
  17. Is TTS prettier? Yes. I also envy the collision capabilities, and I absolutely commend the people who have put the work into the TTS module for X-wing. Nevertheless, in the past month, 1,333 unique players were on VASSAL for X-wing, and 2,814 games were played. I don't know if that kind of data is even available for TTS, but I doubt it can post those numbers, and I don't know how many top players play TTS. Go to any region and show us ten top players, and we can probably list 6 or 7 Vassal handles. Yes, I understand the irony of favoring a legacy platform, just because that's where all the users are, but that's how life works. Besides, it's not a zero sum game. Vassal is free, and TTS isn't all that expensive. If you and your old buddy want ot play games across country and you like TTS, go for it, and if you want to meet new people or test lists against top people, you can use Vassal for that too. They're both easy enough to learn if you practice for three or four games. Besides, just because Vassal is older and simpler doesn't mean it is less useful for getting better. Though TTS looks nicer, and Vassal is essentially late 90's technology, I think that trying to actually simulate the table view is more of a distraction. I'm already on a different perspective with my screen, I don't need another layer of forced perspective on top of that. Actually, Vassal has helped me learn ship moves in a much less subjective manner, in terms of base lengths and as fractions of the table size, something I would not have picked up in a forced isometric view.) Bottom line: If you want to always be able to go on and get a game, Vassal is for you. Everything else is detail around the edges.
  18. Having had a conversation this summer with someone well placed at FFG (protecting them, as discussing Vassal must be done very parenthetically), they have a sense of the value that Vassal has for them- remember how hard to get a Punishing One expansion was when they first came out?
  19. You have between now and the beginning of play on Friday to get that sorted. Go.
  20. I'll start pulling data tomorrow morning, so you have just under 24 hours to get it done. Details here: https://redd.it/523pab
  21. List building is important at first, because you need to bring an efficient squad to the table. If you don't, for most players there's going to be a pretty hard ceiling on how well you can do. Once you get into efficient squads, though, I think pilot skill matters a whole lot more. The problem a lot of newer players face, is that it's really hard to build pilot skill flying an inefficient list that gets stomped all the time. Players who want to be creative and buck the meta get frustrated this way. I've been an advocate of new players playing efficient meta lists to learn how to play, before they start trying to fly fun interesting lists they've made up. That's hard, because list building is one of the best parts of the game, but you've got to be good enough to recognize whether a list works and be able to fly it before you can go off inventing your own. Once you get good, though, you've got a lot more potential to make strange lists work.
  22. The real limitation of the dice is that they combine the functions of "to-hit" and "damage done" that are often separate rolls. An accurate weapon is necessarily hard hitting in X-wing. Remembering back to the old TieFighter games, there were the Heavy Rocket and Bomb ordnance types, which had a hard time hitting anything that was moving, but were devastating. In X-Wing, if you want a heavy rocket, you've got to roll a huge number of dice to get the damage potential, which makes it an accurate weapon. In a game like Advanced Squad Leader, you roll to hit based on the weapon's accuracy, then calculate effects based on the weapons's destructive potential. You can hit a tank all day with high velocity 20mm rounds and not do any damage, while a Churchill AVRE's 290mm mortar will destroy anything it hits, but good luck shooting anything moving or far away with it... Several weapons in X-wing partially divorce damage done from accuracy- Ions, TLT, Turbolasers. Damage potential could go the other way, too: Heavy Rocket: Att 2. Range 1 If this attack hits, deal three damage for every uncancelled (hit) and three critical damage for every uncancelled (crit). Devastating to ships that can't get out of the way, will probably miss an mid agi target, will never hit soontir. Proximity Warhead: Attack 5. If this attack hits deal one damage. If there are any uncancelled (crit) results, deal two damage. Then cancel all dice results. You'll hit what you're shooting at, but it won't care, unless he's flying a super fragile ship that would be easily holed by high velocity fragments...
  23. Dragons Horde in Silverdale: 11 players Winner: Jeremy Wilson Captian Oicunn w/Palp, Crackshot Ryad with Juke, Mk.II Wampa 2nd: Karl Keller Contracted Scout w/Plasma Torpedoes, Overclocked, Extra munitions, Guidance Chips, Intel Agent, Deadeye Contracted Scout w/Proton Torpedoes, Overclocked, Extra munitions, Guidance Chips, Boba Fett, Deadeye Trandosian Slaver w/Dengar, 4LOM and Zuckuss. (Grrrrr....Zuckuss....) Also present: Han-Chopper Brobots Dash-Rebel TLTy-Party Buss-Manaroo several others. Given that I started the drive to collect lists, I did a pretty poor job myself...
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