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  1. I found Both Tarkin and the Darth Plagius books to be fantastic. Tarkin is a bit on the slow side, however it gives fantastic insight into the mind of everyone's favorite Grand Moff. And the Plagius book is a great filler for the time between the Darth Bane books and the rebellion era as far as what the sit hlords were doing.
  2. Fantastic article as usual Sable. Very informative, and it allows me to look at other options as well beyond what you have presented. I will be chewing on this for a good long while.
  3. I am liking the idea of Drea with the unhinged astromech. She acquires a Target lock then uses it. Gets it back for one stress and then has a huge dial of green maneuvers to use to kill the stress. Hell I'd even add the Blaster Turret and focus every turn after I get said Target lock. Spend that focus on the turret, reroll with the target lock, and take the stress to get it again. Next turn, pull a green and get back into the fight. Add in Engine upgrade and you have one hell of a dogfighting Y-wing
  4. Why would Keyan make Clusters any better? They are not particularly good on him in comparison to other pilots, nor are they particularly necessary to take Keyan out. I think it's more along the lines of using the cluster missiles against him. Two shots even at 3 dice will chip away at him very effectively.
  5. Here's a WIP pic of my gozanti cruiser. I put a TIE next to it for reference.
  6. Imperial Fett is obviously the real Fett since he would win. Scum Fett is probably Jodo Kast. It's the only thing that makes sense. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jodo_Kast
  7. Revan is spot on with the comparison. As much as I love the HWK it's just never gonna be the bell of the ball, twisting around the battlefield. However the only problem with that comparison is that the HWK it may be more of a buteo, but it hits like an accipiter. No matter how you look at it, it's a ship that's stuck in the middle of that analogy. I always try to include it in a list if I'm running rebels, navigator might work, however with the turret it's not needed, maybe Int agent with Garnet, to help decide where to put that ps12.
  8. If nothing else, it looks like it'd be fun to play. I'd drop this list on the table just to see how my opponent would react. It might even catch a few people.
  9. I spoke with the manager of Past, Present & Future in Davie and he said he would love to get some people in the store playing. He said the best thing to do is figure out the best day and time and just show up. He almost always has table space Just a heads up on that.
  10. Has anyone thought about adding a Saba tour to their ORS and blocking with him that way? Is it even worth it? I see potential in the card, but at two points and using your action to do it, I wonder at the value of the card. I have yet to get in any play time with the idea, that's why I ask.
  11. Huh... Run them together, **** that's a good idea. I always figured running them apart was better for overall flexibility.. I guess I'm still looking at this like a war gamer and trying to cover all of the board angles. That's genius and will totally change my outlook on the way I deploy.
  12. I have been taking to heart the idea of building a list that's flexible enough to beat this list, while maintaining a good enough balance to deal with the many other lists floating around. On that note, I love the feedback from everyone, it's making this a fun list to experiment with.
  13. Bomber, what I tried that worked well for me is that, because of how mobile the firespray is with this list, I raced it down the side as fast as it could go to make my opponent deal with it first. Expert handling is such a great bit of extra movement that after one turn of Kath flanking they had to devote time to her. Granted my opponent made the mistake of targeting the shuttle first, but I believe in my limited time with this list that Kath needs to be seen as the ship to take out. Stalling with the academy pilots has helped with my games. Just my experience with it
  14. The thing about the academy pilot is that he will almost always punch above his weight class. I've debated taking the bomber for the bomb and a missile to help with damage out put early game but time and again those fresh from boot pilots will give a smackdown to someone that decided to go after the shuttle. B's are easy targets because of their lack of agility dice. B-wings have been the thing that have been the hardest challenge with this list because of advanced sensors. They end up in places I don't like as much.
  15. In that case, just to be sure you have all of the crit tokens you will need you will have to just write it in marker across the back of your hand. That way every time you do anything you will notice that you have an agent to use. Plus you get the added bonus of everyone asking you about it, so that will reinforce the mind to remember.
  16. JasonVoorhees


    I personally like the Dutch, 2 blues and the rookie but that list you have posted is 101 not 99.
  17. You could always just add an intelligence agent to fill that last point, or Nunb, but that may make it too much of a target, but both of those could give extra shenanigans to the list.
  18. A z95 with a missile is much more likely to get roasted earlier than a greenie for a couple of reasons. If it carries a missile it's more of a threat than a naked greenie, so it needs to dies before it drops it's payload. Also it's rolling one less agility which means it'll drop a bit easier. A greenie isn't much better in the long run and the missile option is a plus for the z95 but if I'm throwing that greenie in my list it's because I want it to be ignored, or at least undervalued for it's role. The end result is how much of a threat that Z95 seems to your opponent and how highly they value it's destruction. At PS2 it will probably get it's missile off against the academy swarm, but everyone else could just see blood in the water with it and just sweep it out of the way
  19. Yes, I wasn't happy with having to do a couple of extra coats on the darker parts, however my hand isn't as steady as it used to be and I'm trying to regain my touch with a brush. I can usually go straight from the paint bucket with very few issues, but in this case seeing as how the list is more of a pirate band, I'm not going to fix it. I will however give the water idea a try, I'm always looking for ways to get better.
  20. Ahh, thanks a lot. It's been killing me trying to figure that out. This is the shuttle I've painted for my Scarlet cowgirl list. I want all of the ships to have a similar color to them. Next is to work on the fighters
  21. Having thought about it for a good while and realizing what you said Sable, I don't think they will be major problem, but something to focus on. There are many options for a delivery system for that missile but none of them really worry me. If the list and the player is strong enough to take me with the missiles then he probably could have without the missiles. Just one more thing on the list to prioritize.
  22. for some reason this site doesn't want me to post pictures of my models or I would upload my space whale pic also
  23. I've been thinking about this for a bit today since I had a convo with a guy at the local store abut wave 4. I was explaining the basics of this list to him, he's not big on the game and only knows the basics, and he was thinking that the new Ion Pulse missile will shred this list because it kills half of the ships. I told him that he could make a list any time and proxy those missiles and I'd still blow his doors off. I'm sure the introduction of new cards will change things, but tactics work because of how the player moves and reacts to opponent movement. There have been 3 waves and there are tons of theories about what works. I love dropping the cowgirl and her albino brahma bull on people, watching them ask me to explain how the space whale is so good is always a favorite question. sorry about the rant. I'm gonna go sit on the bench now coach.
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