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  1. If Dragonfly, Fox, and Wasp are with Dragon, Unicorn, and Scorpion respectively, where do the Hare fit in? And I bet at least one of those books has a new Minor Clan instead. Maybe we do still end up with a Minor Clan book? If each Great Clan book is only going to have one Minor Clan, AND they're going to add new Minor Clans, there's going to be a few left over. Badger, Hare, and Sparrow, at least. Maybe Boar?
  2. Do your players know about the advantages and disadvantages associated with high and low Honor and Glory scores? Check out page 302 for the table on when Honor mechanics kick in and 304 for the one on Glory. If that's not enough, maybe introduce something like the Honor rolls from previous editions? Let players reroll an action if they stake an amount of honor. Or have a Mjolnir-type katana that can only be wielded by the worthy. Or give everyone Warrior's Resolve or Courtier's Resolve for free. But I guess I'd say if the entire group doesn't seem that interested in Honor and Glory mechanics, maybe it's okay to just not worry about them too much.
  3. I just finished. Thank you for the recommendation. There's sooooo much inspiration for the next L5R game I run.
  4. These are awesome. I don't think any of them are necessarily overpowered, but I might tweak a couple. What if the Hotei one had to be triggered by something that removed at least three strife? I think that might make it a little more flavorful, and it prevents Hotei from making you a better duelist, which feels a little weird.
  5. Thank you so much for posting all of this. This is great! I knew the general idea of the Unicorn leaving, of course, but it's nice to have all of these details filled in.
  6. A little off-topic, but I just finished Marco Polo. Season 1 has a slow start, but I loved that show. Gave me lots of inspiration for a Unicorn game.
  7. Oh wow! Thank you. I think my top picks would be: The Ujik and the Moto, A Journey Out of Nowhere, and By Sword and By Book. I'm also happy to defer to what you think the most interesting tidbits in there are. I just bought the pdf, so I'll be reading the story soon.
  8. I definitely want to read this. Thank you. Do you know any legal way to get the lore pages from the end?
  9. Oh, right on! Have you read Across the Burning Sands? Is it any good? Does any of it take place in Khanbulak?
  10. Just to make sure I'm understanding correctly, your group thinks the action that doesn't require a roll has to be the second one. Is that right? Being able to attack and then move but not move and then attack seems a little odd to me. I've never heard of someone interpreting it that way, so I'm not sure you're going to find an official response. I'm pretty sure the reason the wording is different on the character sheet is because they have a finite amount of space to cram everything in (it's the longest stance description as it is). I guess you could contact FFG though?
  11. I read Rule from Horseback, and I really enjoyed it. I'd love to run a game in Khanbulak. It seems like it's replacing Bugaisha from earlier editions. I just had a few questions about the lore that might make it easier. In the story, it says, "The city straddled the border of Rokugan, a border marked by li after li of cairns." Is any part of the city not within Rokugan? This makes it sound like that's the case (which makes one wonder what the implications of that are). Does this mean the Khol Wall doesn't exist in this edition? Or is it just not at the border? Or just not this part of the border?
  12. This is awesome! It's probably more advanced than I'm looking for in my game, but it's lots of good inspiration. I'm looking for something more like this. Maybe down the road we'll get to bajozutsu. Thanks!
  13. Has anyone created homebrew rules for fire lances or any other early eastern firearms? One of my players got her hands on "some powder meant for fireworks" that she used to make a bomb. I sense she'd like more opportunities to use it.
  14. Great title. Not a perfect comparison, but L5R has the chakai (Tea Ceremony) and chaji (Formal Tea Ceremony) as two separate techniques, even though mechanically one of them is just a stronger-powered version of the other. That makes me think the designers might do the same thing here. That said, I guess you can summon Zombie Peasants or Zombie Warriors with the same Maho, with the difference being the expenditure of opportunity instead of an increased TN. If you go the TN route, I agree that 4 or 5 seems right. I'd probably go 4.
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