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    Takeshi84 reacted to Nytwyng in The Rise of Skywalker D23 Special Look   
    You sure do use a lot of sexual and fetishist terminology when discussing a comic you claim not to like.
    Methinks thou doth protest too much. ūüėú
    Someone on Twitter suggested Snap Wexley¬†uploaded Mr Bones‚Äô personality matrix into Threepio. (Similar to events in the Poe Dameron comic.) Chuck Wendig accepted the headcanon. ūü§£
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    Takeshi84 reacted to Dafydd in The Rise of Skywalker D23 Special Look   
    Just gonna leave these here...
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    Takeshi84 reacted to Donovan Morningfire in The Rise of Skywalker D23 Special Look   
    That's not so much a sign of being old as it is a sign of simply being rational.
    Trailers are simply there to build interest and anticipation, from the earliest days of Hollywood up through today.  While there are some studios that pretty spoil several if not all the major beats of a movie in the trailers, or include scenes that aren't in the final film, or even structure the trailer in a way to mislead the viewer, at the end of the day the only thing a trailer is meant to do is say "hey, here's this new thing coming soon, maybe you want to go check it out?"
    Sadly, too many people get hung up on their pet fan theories and build something up in their heads to unrealistic levels of expectation that they turn around and blame the franchise for not being able to meet their personally-established unrealistic level of expectation, when the core of the problem is sitting in the very chair that alleged "fan" has their butt parked in.
    And  I've seen it not just with Star Wars (the prequels got slammed with this HARD), but also Star Trek (well before the JJ Abrams films, and even for the films featuring the original cast), Harry Potter (good lord some of the crazy fan theories that cropped up about events in the later part of the books), Game of Thrones (not so bad for the book readers, as we just want the next freaking book in the series), and even the Lord of the Rings films (book readers already knew the general theme of how things were going to shake out, but those who hadn't read the books came up with some frankly hilarious endgame scenarios), just to name a few.
    I might indulge in some fan theories of my own of how things might shake out, but I don't cling to them and treat them as what they really are: idle speculation based on very limited information, to be easily discarded once the actual product is released.
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    Takeshi84 reacted to OddballE8 in The Rise of Skywalker D23 Special Look   
    You know, the Mad Max movies are ostensibly about Max Rockatansky, but he's not the only protagonist in those movies.

    Look at Fury road. 
    Furiosa was just as much of a protagonist as Max, if not more!

    It's very possible that Rey isn't of the Skywalker line, and that she's just the catalyst in Kylo's transformation from bad to good.
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    Takeshi84 reacted to DanteRotterdam in The Rise of Skywalker D23 Special Look   
    ‚ÄúIs required‚ÄĚ, ‚Äúhas¬†always been‚ÄĚ, ‚Äúneeds to be‚ÄĚ... seems to me that this is a pretty rigid mindset and you are setting yourself up for disappointment.
    Also there is a lot of reasoning I cannot follow you in. Calling Anakin the protagonist of the prequels seems to be wishful thinking seeing how he isn’t even in half of the first movie, Obi Wan is the obvious protagonist of Revenge of the Sith, and the Star Wars OT era basically had three protagonists only two of which were Skywalkers. 
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    Takeshi84 got a reaction from Jegergryte in The Rise of Skywalker D23 Special Look   
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    Takeshi84 reacted to KungFuFerret in The Rise of Skywalker D23 Special Look   
    Possibly, I see them going 2 ways with this, one is more likely than the other in my opinion.
    1. The Rise of Skywalker, is referring to Kylo being redeemed, and he will be redeemed, by switching places with Rey.  That she will succumb to her flaws, and embrace the Dark, and Kylo, having already marinated in the Dark, and finding it does nothing but tear him up, goes back to the Light, and we are seeing Evil Rey, as she is about to confront him.  I find this route unlikely, as there just hasn't been enough precedent in this series to have Rey do such a sudden Face/Heel turn.  Also, it is contrary to the shot we've seen, of them in their classic outfits, fighting.  So it would be weird for them to have a costume change right at the end, just to match up with the shot we see.  Also, my above mentioned point of "and when did she find time to make a Switchblade Sithsaber Staff while doing all the other stuff in the film?"  
    2.  Either Kylo or Rey is having a Force vision in "a cave", and this is what they see.  I suspect it will be Kylo having the vision, simply because he's the Skywalker, and it would make sense, that him seeing someone he cares about, going bad, and becoming everything opposite of what he cared about from her, would be the catalyst to have him reject the Dark and go to the Light.   It could also be Rey, but that would be pretty repetitious with how Luke's scene went.  But, the Star Wars franchise is all about recycling the same plot elements and hooks from previous installments, so I can't rule it out completely.   I think this is the most likely scenario, as again, she looks digitally altered in the shot.  Like they photoshopped her appearance to make her look more gaunt and corrupted.  Which doesn't happen right away.
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    Takeshi84 got a reaction from Vestij Jai Galaar in The Rise of Skywalker D23 Special Look   
    That is one of  the leading theories. Of course the question is who's vision is it? Rey's or Kylo's? 
    Another one is it is a clone body that the Emperor's has taken over. 
    Just as a theory I am going throw out there is we see them do Bastila's turn and redemption in KOTOR. 
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    Takeshi84 got a reaction from Tramp Graphics in The Rise of Skywalker D23 Special Look   
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    Takeshi84 got a reaction from GroggyGolem in The Rise of Skywalker D23 Special Look   
    That is one of  the leading theories. Of course the question is who's vision is it? Rey's or Kylo's? 
    Another one is it is a clone body that the Emperor's has taken over. 
    Just as a theory I am going throw out there is we see them do Bastila's turn and redemption in KOTOR. 
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    Takeshi84 reacted to WolfRider in The Mandalorian   
    Is it possible that the Firefly ship was a nod to Star Wars and the Mandalorian ship is a nod back to Firefly ? I din't see all Firefly show, but in what I saw I remember an obvious influence from Star Wars, starting with its main character played the guy who played Castle and who plays now a rookie cop in LAPD. There's a lot of Han Solo in his Firefly's character.
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    Takeshi84 reacted to whafrog in The Mandalorian   
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    Takeshi84 reacted to Varlie in The Mandalorian   
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    Takeshi84 reacted to whafrog in The Mandalorian   
    Good grief, what a tiresome bout of chest-pounding. ¬†If nerds actually had chests, that is. ¬†If you're still arguing over "PT vs OT", then you've missed the point of both, plus, you're effectively "old"¬†ūüíĬ† Amusingly,¬†I'm probably the oldest person on these boards (saw E4 in 1977 at age 14),¬†but you guys sound "get off my lawn" old. ¬†Enjoy your early fossilization! ¬†ūüėĀ
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    Takeshi84 reacted to kaosoe in The Mandalorian   
    [Citation Needed]
    Weird. I'm a millennial and nearly all my friends are. Most of us love Star Wars and feel pretty meh about the prequels. But then again, anecdotal evidence is an oxymoron.
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    Takeshi84 reacted to Ghostofman in TIE/ln is now TIE/in?   
    I actually don't think so, at least not in the way you seem to be defining it. 
    I'm sure that events, locations, and people are canon. But I doubt LFL/Dis gives a rats about minor technical details like the exact, never spoken on screen, technical designation of a specific make and model of TIE fighter.
    The reset was about dumping the EU storyline and making room for the new films to operate, and new audiences to not have to read 1,000 (mostly awful) novels to know what's going on. The Story group was established to ensure that Luke Skywalker doesn't have to be in two places at once.
    I'm pretty sure neither have anything to do with a Nubican Type-6 Hyperdrive manifold having 5 fusal riventments on the plasma convertor.
    Honestly the TIE/ln vs TIE/in sounds like the kind of thing that some otaku will bring up to some panel or something, and get a response of  "ummm..... there's two makes, the /ln and the /in, with the difference being minor technical details I don't want to go into here and totally didn't just make up on the spot just to get you to shut up."
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    Takeshi84 got a reaction from kaosoe in Jedi Order, 6000 years old?   
    Jumping onto the Generation debate.  There really isn't a solid standard on it, but really comes down to who is making the measurement.  Obiwan's comment isn't about an actual number, but impressing on Luke the Lineage of the Jedi Order. 
               You can view Generations in different ways.
    25 years is a solid reference and easy to follow when looking at history. The real issue is where do you begin that syncs up.  20 years is a common quick guide for Generations based on birth years. Often when referencing groups like Millennials and Generation X, but there are a few issues there. Like what are the Generation start and stop dates. Some of them don't hold exactly to 20 years with variations based on Events.  When you talk Sports, Generation is often much shorter time span.  4 years being the low end as that is a fairly normal High-school / College Span.  In a more professional capacity the use of 5-10 years is referenced in a Generational timeline between difference teams in the same franchise. While at other times they remark it by events like playoff runs or championships.  So I would question what is the definition of a Jedi Generation.  It is based on a Youngling Clans? As each Generation is the time from when a Clan is formed and advances to Padawans.  As the path to Knight and Master are individual challenges. 
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    Takeshi84 reacted to Kyla in Jedi Order, 6000 years old?   
    I really like this idea, that the Jedi Order was birthed by multiple masters or schools of Jedi through coming together under a single Master in a manner similar to the  the Chin Woo Athletic Association being responsible for the establishment of a single school with Masters from the various styles instead of schools representing one discipline with one Master. This eventually led to the reclassification of all Kung Fu styles becoming Wushu, and the movement away from multiple disciplines each existing in vacuum.

    This would easily support Obi-Wan's statement about the history of the Jedi, with the unspoken implication that the Jedi Knights, like the Lord serving Samurai and wandering Ronin in Japanese culture, existed long before there was a rigid Order to control or direct them, and the "Prime Jedi" was, like Huo Yuanjia, a person that influenced the unification of the various Jedi into a single Order and philosophy.  
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    Takeshi84 reacted to HappyDaze in Jedi Order, 6000 years old?   
    Oh,  so the most recent version of the Jedi Order is 6000 years old then...
    Much like the most recent version of the Republic (the one Palpatine killed) was only 1000 years old. 
    Neither were necessarily the only versions of those organizations. 
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    Takeshi84 reacted to Nytwyng in The Mandalorian   
    Did he?
    Or did people who’d gotten 16 years older in that span of time expect to feel that same sense of first-time wonder that they did years earlier?
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    Takeshi84 reacted to Rozial in Fallen Order trailer   
    The writer for the game is Chris Avellone. He wrote Knights of the Old Republic II Sith Lords and Fallout: New Vegas. If they let him do his thing this could be great.
  22. Haha
    Takeshi84 reacted to GM Fred in Star Wars IX Teaser... Don't screw this up Disney.   
    I guess he could have picked them up right before the start of Episode 6 when they went back to Tatooine in order to free Han...
    That would also explain his new Force Powers in RotJ, he got the XP from finally finishing the Power Converter Quest which he started at the beginning of the campaign.... ūü§Ē
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    Takeshi84 reacted to HappyDaze in Fallen Order trailer   
    Why stop there?  Pull a Thanos  and pull a moon down; it's only a few more Strength Upgrades...
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    Takeshi84 got a reaction from DurosSpacer in Star Wars IX Teaser... Don't screw this up Disney.   
    So I have an idea about the title.   It probably isn't anywhere on target, but a thought. 
    Would Rise of Skywalker be them referencing the title Ozyly-esehembo the Cheunh word for Force Sensitives which translated in to basic as Skywalker?    I can see them running with  the idea there are no more "Jedi", but the Legacy left behind is what found the "Skywalker Order" by Rey.  
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    Takeshi84 got a reaction from kaosoe in Fallen Order trailer   
    I really liked it as it will give me more of what I wanted from Kanan's story in a New Dawn.  I am hoping for a bit of a Force Unleashed feel, but it will be interesting to see how they play it out. Also, I am assuming that is an inquisitor in the trailer. So it begs to question which one and will we get more on that group. 
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