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  1. That is why I am wondering if it is a Force Vision. Could it be Kylo who is the one seeing it?
  2. That is one of the leading theories. Of course the question is who's vision is it? Rey's or Kylo's? Another one is it is a clone body that the Emperor's has taken over. Just as a theory I am going throw out there is we see them do Bastila's turn and redemption in KOTOR.
  3. Jumping onto the Generation debate. There really isn't a solid standard on it, but really comes down to who is making the measurement. Obiwan's comment isn't about an actual number, but impressing on Luke the Lineage of the Jedi Order. You can view Generations in different ways. 25 years is a solid reference and easy to follow when looking at history. The real issue is where do you begin that syncs up. 20 years is a common quick guide for Generations based on birth years. Often when referencing groups like Millennials and Generation X, but there are a few issues there. Like what are the Generation start and stop dates. Some of them don't hold exactly to 20 years with variations based on Events. When you talk Sports, Generation is often much shorter time span. 4 years being the low end as that is a fairly normal High-school / College Span. In a more professional capacity the use of 5-10 years is referenced in a Generational timeline between difference teams in the same franchise. While at other times they remark it by events like playoff runs or championships. So I would question what is the definition of a Jedi Generation. It is based on a Youngling Clans? As each Generation is the time from when a Clan is formed and advances to Padawans. As the path to Knight and Master are individual challenges.
  4. That is the reason why I said a bit, because even I don't want that!
  5. I really liked it as it will give me more of what I wanted from Kanan's story in a New Dawn. I am hoping for a bit of a Force Unleashed feel, but it will be interesting to see how they play it out. Also, I am assuming that is an inquisitor in the trailer. So it begs to question which one and will we get more on that group.
  6. So I have an idea about the title. It probably isn't anywhere on target, but a thought. Would Rise of Skywalker be them referencing the title Ozyly-esehembo the Cheunh word for Force Sensitives which translated in to basic as Skywalker? I can see them running with the idea there are no more "Jedi", but the Legacy left behind is what found the "Skywalker Order" by Rey.
  7. I would say it was more than just accelerated the crisis, but they manufactured a Galaxy wide Crisis from a number of smaller ones. Those Smaller Crises by themselves wouldn't be more than the Jedi and Republic Judicial Department could handle. What disenfranchised the various systems is when they would be addressed. What was needed was an overwhelming Crisis that demanded the reestablishment of the Republic Military Forces. Sidious was the mastermind behind the disenfranchisement of necessary worlds in order to create the power base for the Separatist Movement. Using both his public and secret personas to target and manipulate Crises to push the plan forward. This allowed Tyranus to be the face of the Separatist movement. Being a Disenfranchised Former member of the Jedi as well as his family background. He easily was able to bring those disenfranchised by the Republic together in a way that might not have happened organically. Many of those groups wouldn't have come to the table otherwise. If anything Accelerated the time frame of the Clones Wars, I would say it was Naboo. The no confidence vote would have happened and Senator Palpatine would have been made Chancellor, but it would have taken a lot longer. The actions in the Phantom Menace were too effective in settling the situation and the unexpected introduction of Anakin would causing Sidious to accelerate his plans.
  8. That is true and I wouldn't be surprised if they already drew from teams that have done the Marvel Netflix series.
  9. Just as long as Scott Buck isn't involved. I point to Inhumans and Iron Fist Season 1 for why he needs to stay away from Star Wars. I didn't forget about Dexter, but that really just makes things oddly confusing. We didn't get the best of Scott Buck from Dexter in Iron Fist and there was no hint of that Scott Buck anywhere near Inhumans.
  10. Blade Runner, Hot Tub Time Machine, Chronicles of Riddick, all got sequels because of the Home Video Sales even though they are considered Box Office Failures. Those don't even have the Merchandise like Solo has. So I wouldn't be surprised if Solo ends up making Disney plenty of Money in the long haul.
  11. If they bring Triocculus, I think it might be part of the Darkside Cult that was collecting Vader Artifacts we met in the Aftermath series. Which would make the "Palpatine's Son" angle an interesting play for him trying to gain control of smaller factions. I don't see him being anything more than a troublesome annoyance to the surviving Imperials. When it comes to the Yuuzhan Vong.. That is something I think they have already hinted at with the references to a great threat in the unknown regions, but they will end up being handled very different than in legends. Still an Invading Army with Bio-technology, but the force "immunity" being dropped. I see them being utilized more like the Zerg, White Walkers, or Orcs & Goblins. Something that will bring Whatever might be the opposing factions at the time together in a temporary Alliance. With the Chiss being one of the major factors holding them back for now.
  12. One of the things I really liked in the movie has to do with Han's Blaster. the DL-44. How Beckett broke it down from a rifle configuration to the pistol form. Which gives context to how the DR-45 Dragoon converts. Then we have L3 being merged into the Falcon's Nav-computer. For me it adds to the Falcon's mystique. Which ties into the Legendary Kessel Run. I think they did a great job in handling that explanation.
  13. I loved the music. Very Western feel. Reminds me of Firefly.
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