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  1. CroOrc

    Runes balance?

    Anybody found a way to balance runes for rune wars scenario? Imho Tact and diplomacy rune (+3 total strength during a battle or siege) is way overpowered vs other runes and player lucky enought to get that rune wins almost always. Other runes are not bad if you are not noob. But Speed and stealth and death and decay rune are rly bad, no mather how you play they just cant beat other runes even if you are pro. Any house rules for hot fixing runes like: Tact and diplomacy -> +2 total str instead of 3 Wrath and vengeance -> you can use it when attacking other players home realm but you must destroy 2 cards from hand to activate Pain and sacrifice -> deal 1 dmg to home realm, reveal top 2 cards. Draw 1 to your hand and discard OR DESTROY other. Wealth and industry -> when you spend a gold card OR INFLUENCE (from stronghold card) exhaust this card to temporarily increase gold or influence value by 1. That gold card or stronghold card is destroyed at the end of spend gold/influence action Death and decay -> same effect but you can destroy more than one card to deal more than one dmg to home realm Speed and stealth -> can be activated when other players attack your home realm but you must successfully defend it to use its effect. And it should deal 2 dmg to enemy players home realm For now on... We play this scenario without runes. Its much peaceful game then
  2. Thank you for this clarification 2x battle cry + pikemans work great too then. Page 2 of FAQ was confusing for me… Q: Are the “Naga” and “Demon” only able to trigger their effects once due to the “once per card per round” rule of abilities? A: No. The “once per card per round” rule only applies to abilities with the When Played, Resolution, End of Combat and Action keywords That sounded like you can use battle cry (and cards like it) once per fight… Thats why I thought combo isn't possible
  3. To simplify my question… Is it possible to gain double effects from battle cry or resolution abilities like dark knight's? Or you can get only one effect per card? 2 battle cry and 1 reanimate = 3 or 2?
  4. Am I playing this right? For example… I play 2 dark knights, 2 battle cry cards and 2 reanimates. I count it like this: 2x Dark knight = 6 strength 2x Reanimate = 2 strength 2x Battle Cry = 4 units * 2x Battle Cry abilitiy = 8 strength 2x Dark Knight ability = 3 units (not including that dark knight) * 2x dark knight ability = 6 strength SUM TOTAL: 22 strength If this is true… I think Unded are OP… Please quick answer… Unded is pwning us
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