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  1. I think I see your point. I was actually with part of my campaign group as I read your post, and we all agreed that the best way to deal with it is to have the party find creative way to take down larger opponents, work in cohesion, and know when to and when not to fight. Thank you very much for your advice!
  2. Haha, we actually brought that up! My friend was like: "By the time our party gets to late-game I'm just going to max out my dodge skill and start going for agility boosts!
  3. Force fields can only get you so far though, plus they will always have a chance of overloading. Even getting a best quality refractor field puts the acquistion test to a -40 penalty to obtain it. As for cover, I'll put it this way. Using the Destroyer example I used last time, Gauss weaponry can pierce Adamantine, with a pen of 10. Even hiding behind a steel wall will only block maybe one shot before that cover is obliterated and even then, that's only if the attack hits the part of the body being concealed. As for surprise rounds, even the books state that there are very few combats where the enemy is surprised. Still using the Destroyer example, they have to destroy the Destroyer (Irony!) within that surprise round. What I'm saying is that at late game, you pretty much have to have a force field, Terminator Armour (Which comes with a force field granted), amazing cover, make a gamble on a surprise round, or spec heavily into protective psychic powers. Those can help give players an edge in the combat sure, but overall it still doesn't take away from the leathality of said monsters. There are far, far scarier enemies than the Necron Destroyer.
  4. Hi there, new BC GM here and had a simple question. So a friend and I were talking about BC and were looking through the bestiary and saw the profiles for many powerful creatures such as Canoptek Spyders and Greater Daemons which caused us to beg the question: "How am I supposed to implement these monsters into a campaign without having them one shot even a late-game party? We discussed the fact that purchasing the talent "Sound Constitution" is the only way to increase your wounds and even then you can only raise up to your toughness bonus, which means that even a Chaos Space Marine Chosen with 21 wounds and 50- 59 toughnes would only be able to buy enough to raise him up to 30 wounds. A Necron Destroyer equipped witha Heavy Gauss Cannon hits for a maximum of 50 damage before mitigation and even then, it has penetration 10 which means that only Terminator Armour could stand up against it with it's AP of 14. If the Destroyer rolled a 9 on all four dice (therefore not generating Zealous Hatred), it would still deal 46 damage before mitigation to a Chaos Space Marine and since it has a penetration of 10, their Power Armour would mean zip. All they would get would be a toughness reduction of 9 since they have 50-59 toughness and would bring the damage down to 37, which would instantly put him in critical condition. These mobs are really interesting and would make for awesome battles, but my friend and I were trying to figure out how even a full party of Chaos Space Marines could stand against something that can put them in critical condition in one hit. What do you guys think?
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