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  1. ROLE: Game Master LOOKING FOR: Group TYPE OF GAME: Face to face SESSION SPECIFICS: Classic table top pen&paper RPG Session: dice, character sheets, books, miniatures, pizza & soft drinks optional. Sessions to be held twice monthly at local gaming store. REGION: US, California (Los Angeles) SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: Evenings after 6pm PST, or weekends GAME STYLE: Quality. As in a Quality production worthy of the Emperor's Finest. Narrative style game with a balance between combat, action, problem solving. Massive battle with Planet Saving or Exterminatus hanging in the Balance. We'll use miniatures where available as scenic props (tho not necessary). I think it's more fun to explore as many of the game options as possible, so don't plan on being stuck in low rank for long. GAME SPECIFICS: Tempting as Dark Heresy 2nd ed may be this game will be dedicated to Deathwatch. If & when DW 2nd end is released we'll make the jump. No need to wait. There's plenty of great content waiting to be explored. We'll advance through a few of the more basic missions before adventuring into the "Ark of Lost Souls"! Good times. COMMENTS: Hope to see some revitalized interest in Deathwatch following GW's new DW Overkill release. Come up with a character concept, grab some dice & roll-up a Space Marine from your favorite chapter. For the Emperor! Send a PM if you're interested.
  2. ROLE: Player or GM LOOKING FOR: Looking for more Players or GM TYPE OF GAME: Face to Face SESSION SPECIFICS: Weekly to Bi-Weekly sessions to be held at local game shop, Game Kastle. REGION: Game Kastle in San Jose, CA SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: An agreed upon Weekday Evening or Weekend Day time, PST. GAME STYLE: Combat Heavy with good character progression. Consistent on-going campaign encompassing multiple Missions. GAME SPECIFICS: All Deathwatch rulebooks, possibly adding material from other 40K RPG sources that fit with the Ordo Xenos. COMMENTS: I'm an avid reader of Black Library and Forgeworld. Master Mini-painter. I'm happy to either run or participate in an on-going Deathwatch game.
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