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  1. Predator on Keyan isn't the best move IMO. You want Keyan to stress to activate his ability,me that basically means Opportunist or PTL. Lastly, tarn, although great end game isn't likely to get targeted anyway with Corran and Keyan sitting there. You might as well put another juicy target down to hope to either entice your opponents or to deal heavy damage while it's being ignored.
  2. I'd rather have too little money to spend on too many awesome products, than too much money with no good games to spend it on... Wait... What am I saying, no I would take way too much money and just buy happiness.. 'Mercia!
  3. Blaster turrets are only 1-2
  4. I'll get more feelers out. I had one fall through, still working it.
  5. Yea, predator would have a field day against that list.
  6. Pm with email being sent (To your gmail)
  7. I've leant out my cards to players to gap fill at tournaments, no biggie, you should be able to find someone willing to lend them to you. Swarm is good because biggs can shoot one last time if he's about to die, VI on garven is good so he retains it after Craken dies and doesn't have to stay in Formation. This game, in my experience, is still more about damage than control.
  8. My first tournament (store championships in Jan) I ran, Vader, Soontir, Mauler and Dark Curse I think. No PTL on Soontir as I didn't own it nor did I know it existed. I got last , winning a free set of dice for getting last. Man, oh, man was it a bloodbath.
  9. And that's still 11 attack dice . Craken could just take swarm tactics too instead of R2 and VI on Garven
  10. To tweak your current list: Craken Garven R2D6 VI Biggs R2F2 stealth device Blue Squadron w/ Crew slot and Jan Ors. Biggs R2F2 action, Craken shoots, gives biggs a focus (which he turns into an evade), Garven shoots, gives biggs his focus token then biggs is even more buffed up and now with 4/5 defense, an evade and a focus. And you have a B wing for late game instead of a HWK.
  11. Yea, I'll bet Friday is full up too.
  12. I like the combo of Howlrunner with Push the limit and a black squadron with wingman on it to strip the stress. Howl with a focus and an evade is tough to kill.
  13. I would argue the F/A18 is more widely used than the F16 across different services. I would say: Y wing - F4 B wing - F14 X wing - F/A18 A wing - F16 E wing - F22 or F35 Z95 - A10 (for size and age really) And helicopters?! Now those things are just cool. H60 is a Yt1300, baby .
  14. It's the best solution I've found.
  15. R3A2 on Wes to stress whisper so she can't recloak after attacking. That's two points. Then a Hull on Biggs to just keep him alive that last round. I would also start calling that your Kayne West build if I were you...
  16. Ultra Pro PRO-Binder, 4-Pocket, Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094J1PJ8/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_xmBoub0XVBNEG This is what I use for upgrade cards then I have a 3 pocked one for the full sized cards. It's not as weird as I thought it would be keeping them in different binders. I actually quite like it. I would advise against the 3 pocket for the minis, they're too many on a page and are prone to slipping out, hence why I bought this. Not bad for $11.
  17. Oooo. Lone wolf on N'Dru Suhlak! 19 point ship that has three attack, two agility and a reroll on each. Add a hull upgrade and you have yourself a 22 pt PS7 X Wing-eek ship. Not bad for being one more point than a rookie.
  18. A lot when you're trying to drop a falcon before it can shoot back...
  19. Ohhh shiny! You make these yourself? How?
  20. Keep 'em up! They're great reads and one stop shops for specific mechanics. I've favorited a few of them for re reference.
  21. You can get that for cheaper with opportunist on mithel if constructed correctly without the agility loss.
  22. Against super agile lists, I tried just rolling in very slowly. One banks followed by one forwards after gets your opponent to telegraph their flanking position before they go. Just before getting into range turn in that direction then focus fire. I'll have to fly against some more agile lists multiple times to really see how it works. The previous discussion on using R3A2 on Wes would devastate an interceptor the following round by denying actions.
  23. I wasn't trying to say that. So miscommunication/misinterpretation there, I was just polling the community on specific counters to this list. It seemed to me to stand up pretty well against Falcons (wedge is a good 3p0 killer) as well as phantoms with Wes firing first and at 99 points giving a chance that wedge does to. The counters offered were the same answers that are the answes to everything 'Falcons or phantoms', but I was looking for something that perhaps I didn't think of (which is why I asked) and something potentially outside the realm of the current meta. I completely agree that it has its weaknesses. No ability to boost or barrel roll leaves it weak if fields of fire are misjudged. There are workarounds to that, staying at range For as long as possible and corralling, but I recognize that's a weakness. I suppose the point was to derive a list that stood up well against both the fat falcon and the phantom, but was neither. Any ideas?
  24. I crushed a dual falcon list (Han Chewie) with this last night. Lost biggs only. I'm aware that its not meta defining. However, the rock, paper, scissors of: Swarm beats falcon, falcon beats phantoms, phantoms beat swarms grows tiresome. I'm looking for a list that is robust enough to hang with all three, but not be one of them this exposing yourself to the same weaknesses. Builds are builds, player skill has a lot to do with how things go. I would hold that the best players with the worst lists would consistently win against more inexperienced players with the more mainstream lists. Just trying to stir the pot a bit. Because if nobody does, then we'll all be stuck flying the exact same variants of the exact same three concepts...
  25. I haven't had many problems with phantoms with this, just make them come to me to ensure they're in arc.
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