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  1. They've done this exact thing with adding debris. You have to own the decimator and outrider to get all of those.
  2. Modifications are a huge part of the game. Most lists have at least one. EVERY ship is eligible for them. More than I can say about secondary weapons (a crit that seems to rarely cripple players). I'm not saying to revamp the damage deck every wave... But modifications in the least now go untouched. Same with illicit upgrades once they're released...
  3. In addition to upgrade cards, like changing the asteroids by adding debris, they could pad the damage deck too. There are so many additions to the game mechanics since the core set that go unpunished with crits. Off the top of my head, a crit that addressed losing your modification would be a game changer. Falcons losing their engine upgrade, phantoms losing their ACD, you get the picture. Any other areas that crits don't address?
  4. I don't understand why you didn't use Isard that much. Once you lost all your shields and have one damage, at the start of the combat phase, you can get a free evade action from her. You keep using her. EI can only be used during the activation phase and you had nothing to use it with. Expose with EI, I should have taken TL for my action, waited till the combat phase, used Isard, tripped EI then received a stress. Again, I said I misplayed it
  5. Just thought of it too! RAdm Chinchilla (yup, that's what I call him) Determination Ysane Isard Moff 'Show Me the Money ' Jerry McGuireJod Intel Agent (Mof Fodder) Vessery VI HLC Stealth
  6. Lone wolf with recon spec is so good, get those blanks to at least focuses for a much heartier Firespray.
  7. I just watched that vassal game posted online that showed how you could box dash in by causing a Oicunn bump with a shuttle behind blocking any possibly movement. Dash would then die a slow death of Oicunn shenanigans. Genius.
  8. Excellent write up! I played my first game with the decimator the other day against super dash. Chiraneau is a beast. I played: Chiraneau Issard Expose EI Vessery HLC VI I misplayed when to activate EI (after the start of the combat phase, duh) so I didn't even use Issard that much but it was still awesome. I think in the future though, that limited green dial with clearing that EI stress will handcuff me. I think next time possibly taking other upgrades. Maybe the new obstructing one and place vessery behind wih stealth giving him four dice?
  9. Proof that A - wings do indeed barrel roll. That's an aileron roll
  10. Edited cause I don't read real good sometimes. Trying to come up with a list to run my new shiny decimator the first time. Here it is: Rear Admiral Chiraneau Expose Intel agent Weapons Engineer Experimental Upgrade Colonel Vessery VI HLC 100 points 8-9 dice every round, but in only two attacks. That could drop a fat falcon pretty quickly. Any other fun decimator builds out there? What about the YT2400?
  11. I counted fr the day in Flight 2: I played against all Rebels, flew against 7 Falcons, 17 Z95s, 1 Hwk, 1 B, 1 X and one Y... I felt like saying "Headhunters (mutton) yesterday, headhunters (mutton) yesterday, and blimey if it doesn't like like headhunters (mutton) again termorrow" -The Hobbit
  12. Have an AA Vader from worlds, looking for a Lando, a Boba Fett or a Chewie. PM me plz.
  13. Edit: list correction: Han Solo Predator C3P0 R2D2 (yup, the crew member) Title EU Tala x3 100 points
  14. Our group almost always plays 60 min rounds as practice, as many tournaments are forced to make them 60 min for timing purposes.
  15. Black Squad Wingman is awesome. I'm loving a Howlie PTL and a BSP with wingman next to her. BSP shuttle, BSP Decimator, BSP phantom, so many uses!
  16. My six month old will be going as yoda, me as pilot Luke, my wife Leia (hey, pre empire strikes back nobody knew, right?) pictures to follow.
  17. I call my Bandit Squadron pilot 'Smokey' ask in Smokey and the Bandits. I always say Whisper in a whisper... And Echo echo echooo with an echo.
  18. Felswrath69

    Errata time

    Lone Wolf use to work as long as there were no friendly ships at Range 1-2, which makes it nonfunctional if you're friendly to yourself. Now it works as long as there are no other friendly ships at Range 1-2. What if you're an ally but just mean to yourself and not friendly? Find it silly they had to clarify lone wolf, did anyone really have any doubt what it meant by the title and text?
  19. Damage output will the the hard part in this list. Gotta get into range one with the A's to be effective, then it's tough to flank every round that way without barrel roll. That being said, try it and see how it goes! The As won't be targeted until biggs and garven are dead, so might be nice. Have you thought of Garven with VI and Biggs with R2F2 and stealth if you have the points?
  20. Hobbie is 25 points, put R4D6 and PTL, that's 29 points, or opportunist for 30 points. Good damage output for either. I suggest: Corran VI FCS Keyan PTL Hobbie R4D6 Opportunist Nobody is going to gun for Hobbie anyway, so you can put him up front and get in there. Corran now shoots at 10 and can react really well to phantoms with his barrel roll and shoots first over them. And Keyan is just a beast able to barrel roll TL every turn, then stress and shed it for a TL Focus Attack.
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