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  1. Three green fwd, I forgot about that, my bad. And totally forgot patrol leader needs an EPT slot for this to work (duh). In which case Kenkirk would be best. If you use Oicunn to ram, you need dauntless for an action, thus you can't PTL to Isard or boost cause of that stress. I understand your question now, so no offense taken. I have tried arc dodging with the decimator, where's what I found: In order to successfully arc dodge, the tighter the turn the better. Much more difficult to dodge at range three than one (which I'm sure you know, not trying to insult intelligence here). With the only green tuns being a two bank, followed by a boost bank 1) with a large ship that arc is huge, which is not great with asteroids. I have found (which is why I recommended it) using the full dial for arc dodging, two turn or one bank followed by a boost does the trick better. Another method of avoiding shots is to get out of range. Given enough maneuvering space, a three forward followed by a PTL boost bank would do it to all but the fastest pursuits. Kenkirk with that is great, now you have a super tank is great with two defense dice at range three now. The one hard counter to this is dash, cause he loves range three HLC shots. 4vs.0 vice 3vs3 gives advantage dash all day.
  2. Whisper could eat this list up. Lots of firepower, but only two dice at a time. That being said, I played against an 8 Bandit squad once and it worked. Make sure you get initiative with this though. Against other twos u need to move everyone first and let them take actions. You can block the heck out of other PS two with that number of ships.
  3. Will work first round you aren't stressed, but you'll be telegraphing every maneuver after with the only greens being two forward and banks. You're now relegated to three maneuvers every round, highly predictable, especially in an asteroid field. Sounds like your opinion is set, which is why I'm confused on why you asked for differing. That being said, with your logic, patrol leader would be the best point efficiency. Oicunn might want dauntless making him 44 points, a mere two points fewer than chireaneau. Kenkirk would work too. If you're going to focus every round anyway, don't bother using chireaneau IMO. Argument for using TLs on decimators: you're never using he focus for defense, might as well TL in hopes for keeping it for subsequent rounds, giving you a TL and focus super attack next round.
  4. You want Chiraneau to TL not focus, cause he already has a mini focus. So: Chiraneau Predator Captive Isard EU Whisper VI FCS ACD 99 points for initiative, chireaneau doesn't have to clear stress every round (something the Decimator doesn't do very well with no one greens), and your action you can take every round is just the boost with your predator reroll being innate. Buzz saw whisper really doesn't buy much in the current meta if everyone running dash and decimator, you're likely to get hits in with those guys anyway, IMO. True, you don't boost after high PS has moved, but at PS 8 Chiraneau is higher then Dash and any of the other decimator pilots, which everyone is running now anyways. My two credits.
  5. Meh.. At least there probably won't be any Y wings in it (ducks).
  6. You guys see astromechs back there in the x wing, right?
  7. I recognize this list . It's certainly has served me well. Luke I such a beast. And Wedge Predator? Amazing.
  8. Cause predator is one more point and gets you something very similar (better if with low pilot skill) and doesn't have the range restriction...
  9. They should just do a mini version of the Dreadnaught... Same size as Tantive, call it good. Maybe call it the Dreadmaybe.
  10. Chiraneau Determination Isard Jerrold Intel agent Vessery VI HLC Stealth Device Or: Chiraneau Expose Isard EI Vessery VI HLC
  11. Seismic charges and Proton Bombs don't use actions. Only prox mines do.
  12. Love this. 'X wing needs a little nudge' - love that recognition. 'We want to avoid power creep at all costs' Their heads are in the right places for sure! Also, Sable, thanks for the Maarek Steele in the Defender question. Needed to be asked.
  13. Seriously, great points and well put. You stop fighting and they've already won.
  14. I thought it was "When you play the game of X-wing, you win or you die"... Or was that another saga?...
  15. Felswrath69

    wave 5

    'I can quit at anytime' is what I tell myself. 'At least I'm not addicted to drugs' is what I tell my wife.
  16. If you haven't already, try typing 'do a barrel roll' into the Google search page. Now if only it could boost into range one...
  17. I think I played right next to you after this round . Two rules of warfare, never start a land war in Asia and never play a kid on TV... This is gospel.
  18. I've said it before. I think it would be awesome to have a rebel space shuttle Tyderium. Or at least a scenario where you have to sneak by to the forest moon of endor . They'll fix the advanced in imp aces II, they already kind of showed their hand on that with releasing the worlds AA Vader card (IMO).
  19. The ships that are most prone to criticals are the large ships with low agility but high hull values (falcon, decimator, shuttle to a lesser extent). Those ships all have crew slots... Something not in game design when the damage deck was made. Lots of those ships do take crew members to become effective. Many of those ships take modifications as well (fat han engine upgrade to arc dodge). Injured pilot, sure would hurt Han plenty.. But there are only two of them in the deck. I understand the decreased odds of drawing cards in probability better than most, that doesn't change the fact that the crit deck being 'just fine' is something that a game designed should accept. There is a huge difference between a game being 'fine' and being 'awesome' and I doubt the game designers are shooting for mediocrity. I do completely agree that if done, it needs to be handled very, very carefully... But it's of my opinion that adding damage to fully encompass all aspects of the game is worth the hassle of changing.
  20. Not necessilary, just at the time it was designed it covered disabling all areas of the game this far. Now there have been so many new additions, some to many of them go unaddressed in the current damage deck.
  21. Biggs. Kenyans got a gigantic red target painted oh his head. Although wih the prototypes they don't fly in formation so well so maybe not depends f on how you want to fly it. FYI, Keyan with enhanced scopes is good, guaranteed you get to move without bumping and this take actions to stress.
  22. Fair enough, but you could sell the update separately, for way cheap. What tournament player wouldn't spend $5.00 on an updated damage deck? I suppose there would be a massive amount of grumbling and complaining, but the drive would be for game betterment. With that logic of never improving, why do we keep releasing new ships then? I totally understand the counterpoint, I'm just of the opinion that the game could further be enriched with addressing the damage deck because new ships and more importantly new abilities have been released.
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