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  1. Don't think you can PTL after dauntless cause of the stress it causes before you push the limit.
  2. Do they stay in their pegs when picked up? Mine sure doesn't.
  3. It worked ok - a must with EI to allow you to TL or focus as well. I abandoned it for other lists because I found it too difficult to strip stress every round and stay in the fight (no green 1s on the dial). Others may have had greater success than I, though.
  4. Ultra Pro PRO-Binder, 4-Pocket, Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094J1PJ8/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_2DjNub1Y2Z94W This is why I use for my small cards.
  5. BSG - Yes please WWII Aerial and/or Navak Combat - Yes please Fantasy/Steampunk - Zepplins, dragons, gryphons, eagles and the like - Double Yes please.
  6. I bought a pill case from Amazon for $5 to handily keep focus, evade, shield, TL, Crit and Ion tokens handy. That helps keep things organized, Not sure if this was mentioned above - cook up a strategy on asteroid placement depending on your list (do you want them bunched up to draw your opponent through or spread out to suit your own needs) and practice your opening setup and moves. That has LOTS to do with advantage in the game before the dials are ever placed. Step 3: profit .
  7. Pick a list before the day of - something you know backward and forward, stick to that and don't second guess yourself Bring a small tray or cheap .50 cent bin to hold stuff in so you can quickly pack up and move tables Wear comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle (or two) and maybe a snack as down time is limited Have fun!
  8. I got Imperial Assault and will be buying myself Age of the Rebellion core Rulebook with my inevitable gift cards... I'm 30 and FFG makes me feel like I'm 12 again, excited for Xmas.
  9. Felswrath69

    E/Z Build

    If you're going to use Expose and EI, I would personally use FCS as well for that second attack. If you have a 3rd Z95 I cooked up: Corran PTL FCS R2D2 Craken Squad Leader Bandit Squadron Assault Missiles Munitions fail safe Bandit Squadron Homing missile Blount can be dropped allowing another Z95 with ordnance. On initial engagement Craken gives a focus TL to each of the bandits. That should get each missile off. Coupled with a Corran double tap that round you should be able to drop at least one ship gaining the upper hand early. Good luck!
  10. Control List - squad designed to deal stress and ions in the same turn
  11. Love that the community is coming together on this so quickly to answer the call!
  12. Fat Han - Han with a ton of upgrades, usually 3PO, Millennium Falcon Title, Gunner, Lando, R2D2, Engine Upgrade, etc. Space cow, space manatees etc - the Shuttle Fettigator - Boba Fett with Navigator Biggs Walks the Dogs - Biggs, two B wings (usually Dagger Squadron) and a rookie pilot TIE Swarm - 6-8 TIE Fighters, usually centered around Howlrunner Squints - TIE Interceptors (from the Xwing books) BSP - Black Squadron Pilot (TIe Fighter) OGP - Omnicron Group Pilot (shuttle) DTF - Draw their Fire (not the other thing, sickos) ACD - Advanced Cloaking Device
  13. Any thoughts on how the newly leaked Mangler Cannon will likely affect the Super Dash Corran lists? More points for Corran, if so, what?
  14. We had an epic tournament that lasted about a month. It felt empty as a mostly Imperial player not having a huge ship to go to against transports and tantives. I think the Raider will breathe some life into the Epic scene, and I hope FFG evens the score with the Rebels with a second huge ship soon .
  15. Vader with Squad leader and Accuracy Corrector would be nice. Gives Maarek a TL focus every round he needs it to use his ability. Spreads that second action around nicely.
  16. A guaranteed crit on the guy that's shooting at your target first... So a crit much more likely to be canceled by 3PO, evade tokens, or focus tokens turned into evades. I think it's sound.
  17. Here's a list: Soontir Fel PTL Stealth Auto thrusters Maarek Stele Swarm Tactics Title ATC OGP Advanced Sensors HLC EU That's 7-8 dice against a target prior to Maarek shooting - that should get that crit through.
  18. I am trying to think of a good way to put this... The more crits you have as a percentage of your total results the less each one matters because you are more likely to have one dodged. Like if you only get 2 results and both are crits (one from Marks and one from ATC) and your opponent dodges/tokens/3POs one you just wasted X points spent to get a Crit over a regular hitThat's why I wrote about Maarek needing to shoot LAST so those crits get through shields, evade tokens, focus tokens and 3P0 uses. Vessery HLC is a prime example (hence why it's in my list of potential pairings with Maarek) of hits chewing threw those defensive layers to get those crits through. Also why Vader ATC isn't the end all be all. In the order of shooting, he's going neigh first "wasting" that crit on shields and the like. Decoy has to be worked in his list somewhere to make that crit go through nicely. Although, for a point added to Vader, his dual ability and a guaranteed hit is very very nice. Not cause of the crit though IMO.
  19. I like maarek firing last in your list. Either with decoy or just a three ship high Ps list, Mr. Stele's job is to get that crit through. I wouldn't pair him with Vader but other high PS ships that strip shields and/or tokens to set it up for Maarek. Pilots that would do this well that come to mind are: Vessery VI HLC Whisper Echo Soontir (especially with auto thruster sexiness) Carnor (see above) Chireaneau So that. I'm going to make sure Maarek shoots last using PS, Swarm tactics or Decoy. I also like the idea of Marksmanship plus EI on him but it's likely too costly. That would be savage to have two crits to drop on your opponent. Double direct hit anybody?
  20. I hope Ozzel's ability has something to do with movement. Thematically Ozzel died for coming out of light speed too close to the planet, alerting the rebels of the attack. Maybe something like an extra dice or free focus if you reveal your maneuver dial to your opponent at the start of the activation phase?
  21. In the spoiler picture the crew members shown first is pretty clearly ol' Palpy? That looks like Admiral Ozzel next to him, no? Cool!
  22. Want: AA Lando Acrylic Focus Tokens Have: AA Vader AA Chewie AA Luke AA Han AA Biggs Acrylic Shield Tokens
  23. Probably poking the nest here, but might want to check your CQ facts on the F35. It can, and has landed on the Nimitz a couple of months ago... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=STVAM85y3i0 .. Now back to Xwing!
  24. Luke thought the Falcon was a piece of junk as well... I think it's safe to say off camera he apologized to Han admitting how terribly, terribly wrong he was. Saw one take off the other day. So.freaking.cool.
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